Sunday, February 28, 2010

A surprise going away party for Dave of My Year on the Grill!

Cheers and Good Luck, Dave! I'm toasting you with a simple cold and relaxing Vodka and White Grapefruit drink with frozen fruit thrown in to keep it nice and cold, with a twist and a slice of pink grapefruit! I love drinking this in the summer while sitting on the porch! I also do vodka and tonic without the grapefruit and a slice and twist of lime--refreshing!
You can also infuse your vodka with mint -ummmmm!

There's a name for this drink, even though I never knew that until today . . . It's called a Greyhound! In this case, it's a Tropical Greyhound - add tropical fruits, sit on the beach(real or virtual) and think of Dave with his toes in the sand! :)

It's about 2 oz of vodka and 4 oz of white grapefruit (I use the all natural no sugar added so it's not so sweet)- shake shake shake with some ice and pour into a pretty glass - add frozen fruit, add a slice and/or twist, and enjoy!

This is the email I received: "Dave, of My Year on the Grill, is a weekly contributor to Our Krazy Kitchen. You may know that he's left the snow in Kansas where it belongs, and is moving to the Virgin Islands!

In honor of Dave & Jackie's move to the tropics, us girls at Our Krazy Kitchen decided to throw him a SURPRISE "Beachwarming" party, and we'd like you all to participate."


Friday, February 26, 2010


Yes, today it's all about ME - and any other person who has a birthday today...nope, just about me me - who cares about anyone else today --just ME.....

I am shameless - yes, I am shameless about touting my Birthday.

Now, being a Pisces, I don't want gifts because I am not that way... but, I do want everyone to know I AM SPECIAL BECAUSE TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY AND I'M A PISCES! .....

Happy birthday to me

happy birthday to me

happy birthday dear me

happy birthday to meeeeeeeeeeeee

me me me me

At 53 - omg I'm 53~! I'm a Granny Kat - oh! But! At 52 I had my debut novel, TG, out and became C0-Editor Publisher of an online journal (Rose & Thorn), and my first biological grandchild, little Norah Kathryn was born. Now at 53, I'll have my second book, Secret Graces, out!

And being a 53 year old Granny Kat - I did a nekkid reading! And it did it with atrophied upper body muscles due to my injury - haven't been able to work out for going on 6 weeks now -oh dear! How Brave I am! My beautiful (almost) Michelle Obama arms gone to flab....haw!

So, what's next in this year besides novels and editorial do dahs? Well, I don't know, but I'm ready.

Happy birthday to meeeee - it's all about me m e me - oh me me me -- and a big side of ME.....

Now, since I am quite the healthful eater, for my birthday I am eating something BAD. Although I just had my b'fast of plain brown cow greek yogurt with fruit and granola. But later? Yes, later I eat something like french fries! and cake! whoop whoop!

Happy Birrtthhdayyyy toooo meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ME ME MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!


Now, folks - one bit of business today and then it is off to do whatever I want for ME ME ME -- birthday ME: I've been on blog tour - yesterday I was at Sharla's Place - did a porch reading, with clothes on this time *laugh*- and I hope you stopped by and said "kat sent me" *smiling* -- I've put my blog tour stops on a Page - yes, blogger has pages now, like a website - you can see them above-there's Home, there's Video/trailer page, and there's Blog Tour Page . . . I hope you'll stop by those places who hosted me on blog tour and say a big hello: I'm grateful for their support. I'll be stopping elsewhere, too and more on what I'll be doing and where and how I'll be doing virtual book readings, and on the contest with Gumbo Writer later -- because today IS MY BIRTHDAY AND IT'S ALL ABOUT me me memMEMEMEMMEME!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Critter Calling Porch Reading; Blog Tour at Sharla Scroggs Place

Hi Y'all! I'm not here - I'm over at Sharla's Place. I did a reading sittin' on my porch with a cup of Deep Creek (fully clothed this time *laughing*) ... my dogs are there, the birds singing, and if you listen in the beginning and then a little way in, you can hear a critter calling. I tell a little about our mountains, do a little reading and tell about my wolf's head arrowhead necklace . . .

Hope you'll stop by and see me there; thank you all for all your support. I'll be back later with a report on the contest/reader suggestions. *muwah*

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Secret Acts of Kindness or Grace . . . next on list...

Hi Y'all!

So, someone made this and sent it to me *laughing me aarrrrrrrse off*

Anyway, so far on our calendar, I have: March, April, May, August, October, December, one person needs to repick her month, and then whatever month I choose, so that's eight months so far! Only four more people to go, and I hope I haven't missed anyone. May is Titus, April is LIC, March is Deb, October is Glynis, December is Angie, August is Suldog, Jane TBA, and I'll take whatever month is left over at the end. If I missed you, email me! I also am asking if you want to add a quote to your image - your own quote, or a favorite one you like - - it can be whatever you like.

So working on down the list - I have done my nekkid reading and that's here. I have contacted Pop Secret, who said they weren't with General Mills anymore and to contact another company so I guess I have to do that! I contacted Secret Deodorant. I am working on the calendar. And, I'm looking at the others. I need to find a bullhorn, and wait for a bit warmer day to do my "drive by reading." I am still taking suggestions over at Gumbo Writer's Place, or here in the comments section. The "Rules" of the Contest are listed HERE. Yes, this is a contest. It started out that Gumbo Writer would offer a copy of Secret Graces to the best "promo" idea . . . I took it a step further and said I'd try to do every idea suggested (gulp) and would expand the contest (posts below explain everything): The top three "most successful" ideas that I can bring to completion would win a copy of SG straight off the press, with the Top One also receiving a gift basket.

Next on the list I'll tackle is below. She is suggesting a contest, but I'm not sure how to evaluate Good Deeds. But, I do think it would be nice to post the nicest thing you ever did in secret. If anyone can think of a way to make this a contest, I would do that, but again, I don't know how to put a value on Kindness and Goodness and Grace, but Jeannie - this is a wonderful suggestion.... so folks, either post about it and link in the comments so we can go read it, or you can leave it in the comments here! Let's hear it!

Jeannie Campbell, LMFT said... about a blog contest where you write the nicest thing you ever did for someone (showing grace) IN PRIVATE (secrecy). secret grace. get it?

Monday, February 22, 2010

I need Vict-uh, Volunteers for Calendar & next on Blog Tour

On my blog tour, I visited Deb at Ranch Girl Ramblings on Friday - please go by and give her a hello - we chatted a bit and had a great ole time.

What I still need is ten writers/poets to make the calendar we can "auction off" -- you do not have to be nekkid! Be creative - send me a photo to use and tell me what month you want to be. April is taken by the one who suggested it. Once I have the other ten months, I'll figure out how to make a calendar - then we can have an "auction" (I'll figure out the details as I go, I guess!), and the money can go to a good cause. Again, be creative, have fun - be brave! *grin*

NOTE: Calendar isn't a "Secret Graces" (or Tender Graces) calendar -but a writers'/poets' calendar - don't take image of you reading TG or SG for the calendar (though I may or may not do that for my own image, of course!) Be creative, have fun, and show your personality :) But hurry, slots are going - you do not have to send an image first, just email me your month choice.

As well, you do not have to be published -just have a joy of writing, the language, and words!

I'm working through the other suggestions and checking for more at Gumbo Writers (see post below if you don't know what I'm talking about).

Now, y'all go have a good great day -- and do something fun and carefree --

HAHA! I have another volunteer (stop almost saying victim, kat!) ....Our own Angie Gumbo Writer is going to be December! yayyy! So, we have April and December -- I haven't chosen a month - I'll wait to take what's left.

Come on y'all!

A Pee Ess: I'm not restricting this to women - men can volunteer, too - this is all in fun, and while we are at it, may as well make it for a good cause too boot -- that "good cause" we can determine together some way; as I said, the details will iron out as I figure all this out *laugh*... So far I have April from "Lives in Cave," and December for Angie Gumbo Writer, and a poet has contacted me and she is interested and only has to pick her Month. Suldog? You still interested? If so, you'll be our first Guy! :-) -- As I'm figuring this out as I go along, so far, just contact me and pick a month - then think of a creative photograph of yourself-doesn't have to be nekkid and then send that photo to me - I'd think in a good JPEG so when I find a creator or printer to make the calendar, the image is clear enough.

We're doing this! This is from the "contest/promo Kat's gone nuts" thingee Gumbo Writer started and I tweaked - and the calendar is Lives in Cave's suggestion.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

From Nekkid Readings to Writer's Calendars to Bullhorns to . . . I'm skeered.

I hopped over to Gumbo Writer's Place and picked up the suggestions and am placing them here, as new ones come in, I'll post them as well. Time to start working on the ones I can work on *laughing* - dear gawd. For this reclusive writer, this is taking me way out of my comfort zone; however, a part of me is goading the other part of me on . . . and, I have to say, that since I did the Nekkid Reading, it's real hard to keep taking all this seriously! Now, I do have to say I take my work and my writing very seriously - it's my Life, my Blood, the Marrow of my Bones - but, all the other trappings of being a published author were pressing into me, pulling me down, and causing anxiety to cover the joy in all this: realizing a life's dream!

But . . . oh dear, what have I done? *laughing* If you are just stopping by,
THIS and THIS is what started this whole crazy arse thing! And for anyone who knows me well, they know how reclusive, and even shy, I can be. But, for the Hart Theater people, they also know how once I break out of that hard outer shell and let my fun daring side out - - well, . . . that's why I keep it under a shell *laughing*

All rightee then: this is the list of suggestions so far that I have to at least attempt to do, within reason of course, and et cetera.

I am going to get started on a Writer's Calendar . . . I need, let's see, ten more Brave Souls - I have Lives in Cave, who gave the suggestion, who said she'd be April (and too late to back out now LIC! ha! hahaha!) . . . and I will of course have to do one . . . so, folks, I need ten brave writers who want to be in the Writer's Calendar that I have no idea how to do but I'll do my best to make at least one *laugh* THEN HEY! Maybe we can auction it off! And the proceeds go to Libraries, or Haiti or something? What say you? For a good cause?

I deleted most everything in the comment but the suggestion it self since this is getting to be a longer, gulp, list . . .

Karen said...
How about donating a few to a pregnancy center or a club and try to get a bit of publicity? Whoo Hoo, number 2!

Suldog said...
Any way you could get a promotional tie-in with the manufacturers of 'Secret' deodorant for women? A discount on the book when you buy the deodorant, or vice-versa? Or maybe 'Pop Secret' microwaveable popcorn? Save your boxtops and get a wonderful book to read!

Titus said...
Every novel way of promoting the novel involves getting naked (should that be "butt-naked") in my pea-brain at the moment

Deb/RGRumblings said...
I’m still stuck on the idea that hearing passages of SG in Kat’s voice would be an excellent way to promote and sell the book. I’m guessing that a suggestion of doing a ton of radio interviews would be considered too much along “the beaten promotion path” to qualify for this contest. Sooo, I’m going to have to suggest that Kat pick up a bullhorn, a vehicle with a sunroof, and set out on a road tour. I can picture it now - Kat leaning out through the sunroof, wind in her hair, gripping SG in one hand and the bullhorn in the other, and reading passages from SG. The driver of the vehicle, (GMR?), steering with one hand, and selling copious copies of SG through the window…

Terri Tiffany said...
Have you thought about events in libraries where they bring in writers for a week to do conferences? (ours does) or maybe sign up to teach some writing course at a small conference?

Jessica said...

Maybe something to do with secrets? Or with Grace?

Jeannie Campbell, LMFT said...
as for the marketing about a blog contest where you write the nicest thing you ever did for someone (showing grace) IN PRIVATE (secrecy). secret grace. get it?

Carrie said...
Have people tweet the promo tweet for a chance to win a spot in the R&T newsletter, or an ARC if you have any, or a copy of the actual production book.

Create a blog badge/facebook badge that fans can use.

Teresa said...
Can you donate some copies of Secret Graces to a real place (like a resturant) you featured in Secret Graces? Would it be possible to visit and read a few paragraphs from a resturant or library featured in Secret Graces? Then you'll be giving them exposure too and they'll probably return the favor.

You could also give a brief press release that you'll be donating X copies of Secret Graces to whatever establishment you choose and why. Maybe between your efforts and the establishment you choose, you can squeeze a little TV time.

t i m said...
A promotional tour in Europe obviously, well the UK to precise.

You have a growing fanbase on these shores, plus I know the Queen... kinda :)

colbymarshall said...
heehee-- if Kat borrowed my nekkid kitteh and read nekkid, she could be kat reading nekkid with a nekkid cat!

Anonymous said...
ok, oh brave one, here's one for yer contest:
let's start national SG book clubs--one in every different fan location. book signings, discussions, guest speakers--all done in the nekkid!
take photos and send them in!
can see SG nekkid calendar market and all your fan applications. LOL being one of the original devotees, i guess i'm obligated to volunteer for mz. april. *snicker*.
write on,

Carol at the Writer's Porch
Who knew that a New Orleans win in the Super Bowl would cause fans to go crazy and read nekid?? I think you should superimpose you and Drew Brees reading it together????

Brian said... do you top that one? Now all we need to do is find a blank billboard in the mountains of NC (preferably on a busy road)and a picture of Kat with nothing but her bear skin rug on.

There you have them, folks - so far. I will do my best to do those I can . . . the "rules" of the contest are that I have to be able to successfully do them, then the top three receive a copy of Secret Graces right off the press, with the Top One also receiving a gift basket. Of course, the words "within reason" and "I'm only human" and "You have to be kidding me" are important here *laughing* . . . now, I'm going to go throw up a little as I am, as I said, Waaay out of my reclusive comfort zone. *pant pant pant*

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Nekkid Reading of Secret Graces: so let it be written, so let it be done!

So far on Angie's contest I spoke about here, and on Angie's blog here and here, I have done two things: create a Facebook badge and put it on my blog (it's to the left-the cover of SG) AND, Good Lawd!, a nekkid reading of Secret Graces. I did my promised two paragraphs . . . ha! Done!
So - here you are folks: Nekkid Reading of Secret Graces by kat Magendie

As you can see, thongs, I mean, throngs of readers are getting in on the act . . . yes . . . *laughing*

Now, my friends - my next two stops on my blog tour, where I will be fully clothed (laugh), will be at Deb's Place and then Sharla's Place.

Kat reading SG . . . Nekkid?

Okay folks, maybe my brain partially froze while walking in the cove at Killian Knob this morning, but I had an idea and it wouldn't let me go . . . and since I am mostly insane, as I am coming to believe right at this moment, I am going to say here on my blog that I'm doing it; before I chicken out.

On Angie's Gumbo Writer blog she interviewed me and I did a Secret Graces reading by the fire and put it on Youtube. She also has a contest where she's asked for "promo" ideas for Secret Graces and the winner gets a signed copy of the first books to come off the press.

My pea-head-half-frozen brain whirled a bit too whirley this morning, when after reading the great ideas already there, I thought, "Why not try them all? Why not try them and see what works?"

So, this is what I am going to do: Every idea suggested I am going to attempt to accomplish, and the top three most successful ideas that I can carry through to completion and are successful, receives a copy of Secret Graces - and the Top One will also receive a gift basket from my mountain along with their copy of SG.

Now - notice I say "attempt and successful" -- obviously if someone asks me to read on top of Mount Hood, it ain't gonna happen. Or if someone says, "Read to Oprah Winfrey while wearing a boa and six inch heels;" or "Read while dancing the can can on stage on the Ellen Show;" - while those things would be awesome and embarrassing, the probability of them happening is purdy danged slim; or "read barefoot in the snow...." while I can do that, I don't know how long and how successful.

My rules are: I have to read at least two paragraphs of Secret Graces and follow through on the entire suggestion. The time frame is from Today until April 1st (SG is due out in April). That's about it other than what I said above.

One of the first ones I'll be doing is Titus's suggestion of reading while Nekkid (that's Naked for you non-suth'ners) . . . of course, I'll use a little decorum, but, yes, I'm going to do it - going to read nekkid, then make it into a YouTube and post it here.

The reading SG into a bullhorn out of a moon/sun roof is also doable - I'll need to find a bullhorn...!

There are others over there and I'll start working on them one at a time . . . good lawd! omg omg....I am insane! *LAUGHING* but, this could be fun - *she says now and later she will probably regret she EVER did this omg*

etch a sketch image etchasketchist --go by and check out this site! This is unbelievable what he does with the etchasketch!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Next on the Blog Tour: Angie Gumbo Writer's Place!

Hello everyone!

I'm not here - today I'm Blog Touring for Secret Graces, at Angie Ledbetter/Gumbo Writer's Place. I even did a YouTube vid of a reading of Secret Graces--first time I've done that! She's also created a contest with it, so that was fun to see!

Stop by, say hello - she has some other "writerly wednesday" happenings up there, as well.
Next stop: Deb's Place and Sharla's Place!

Monday, February 15, 2010

A Question: What is stopping you from realizing your dreams?

All along the mountain and in the valley and in the corners and nooks and crannies and odd little places no one has ever seen, except in passing barefoot while keeping the eye on a future that lurks somewhere around the corner, and in those places were rocks hide small creatures, and in the shaded areas which hold critters great and small, and in those high high tops where Hawk flies, and in the low places where the rodents run, in all those places, here and there on my mountain and in the hollers, there there there.

Good Morning Everyone . . . I just returned from a walk in the cove and snapped a few photos. Hope you enjoy!

My "Blog Tour" has been so much fun - if you want to a host, just email me. . . so far, I've been to Steph's Place, Meri's Place, and Kimmi's Place. Next stop is Gumbo Writer's Place, and then Deb's Place.
I was thinking, while walking through the snow, about our dreams, not the ones while sleeping, but the waking ones--the ones you daydream about . . . or perhaps you are already at work on your dream, or realizing it. What keeps you up at night, thinking and wishing and wanting, but not yet Having?

My question for you today is: What do you think is the biggest obstacle to obtaining your dream . . . or, getting started towards your dream? (and if you want - what is your Dream?)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Persona Versus Personality

There are two things at this moment that I am not showing to you. Two things that you’d never know by reading the posts below. Two things that you’d only know if you were sitting beside me right now and asking me how I really felt or seeing my face pinched with discomfort, and doubt.

The other day, my Baton Rouge NAWW sisters and I (National Association of Women Writers) talked a lot about personas—poet’s persona, artist’s persona, actors/writers/singer’s persona. But you don’t have to be in the arts to have a persona. Get up, have coffee, get dressed, and go to work—there is your Office Persona, or Stylist Persona, Cop Persona, Dog Groomer Persona—there are parts of yourself you must keep hidden while at your job. If my job is to greet people at the door with a smile, it doesn’t matter if I feel horrid or sad or mad: my job is to greet with a smile and that’s what I’ll do, but when I go home, I can let the smile slip if I so chose…or maybe smiling "in a fake way" created a Real Smile-lovely!

So, do I have a Writer’s Persona? Well yes and no. What you read/see here is truly who I am, for I don’t want to come across as anything other than who I am. I am not some “author who sits up on high” or whatever.

If you look at my "official author photo" versus the other photos on this page, you can see physically what I mean about "Persona Vs Personality" . . .

WhatI don’t always show are the doubts and the every day pressures and strains, and sometimes the physical pain. Because, as I told a friend: I don’t like showing my weaknesses. I want to stay positive. I want to be a Light, not a negative. I want to inspire. To make people smile or feel happy or even to think, "She did it, so I can to!"

When I first moved to this cove, it both amused and delighted me (I admit it) that people would talk about “that writer up there in the cove on the mountain” – – I felt a mystery, an enigma. But, I never tried to hide who I was, only that my reclusive side, my private side, is much stronger than my social side—this simply won’t do once you publish a book, for you must Get Out There, and you must Talk About Your Book, and Yourself. You must…*gasp* BRAG —and that my beautiful friends is one of the things I am not showing to you: this discomfort in tooting my horn. Before Tender Graces was published, I spent more time tooting other people's horns, spreading the word about other writers or artists, etc. I helped writers more before, too, when I had more time and no obligations/deadlines/expectations or rules from publishers.

Those posts below: “Oh! I feel so popular!” “Oh, go here and see my interview/review/guest blog/etc.” “Oh look what so and so said about my book, and about me!” “Me me me me me Pay Attention to ME!” . . . Mixed up in that is the hope that I won’t disappoint the people who are hosting or interviewing me: “what if no one goes by?” “what if no one makes a comment” “what if everyone ignores it?” Oh Dear.

Because, as well, when I guest blog or am interviewed, it is not just about ME – it is also about the person who asked me to guest, who interviewed me, who reviewed my book—the gratitude I have for them is immense, and I do not take that gratitude lightly. I want people to go by and support them, not just the ME; I don’t want to disappoint them. I want the time they took to be worth their while.

It’s against my Personality to toot my horn; however, it is a requirement of my Persona that I do this. Mixed up in that is the excitement, and even pride (I admit), that I have written not just one book, but more than one—my life’s dream. Persona and Personality cross--but yet again, many times my Persona and Personality are close together, one in the same, I yam who I yam. But, Persona never shows weakness-ever. Persona must always be ON, must be damned near perfect.

The second hidden thing you wouldn’t know unless you were sitting right by me this morning is that for the last week or more, I have been in physical pain that escalated to the point where I near gritted my teeth--it'll pass, but it's taking it's time this time. I, as we say, “wrenched” something in my upper spine and I will admit to you here that it is pretty damned painful—distracting—annoying---OW OW OW! But, I don’t want to show my weakness to you—don’t want to whine—don’t want to be…um, Human?

My Personality is physically in pain and is mentally cringing from tooting my own horn—from asking you to go read/see ME ME ME ME! But my persona requires it. I am a fallible human being who is surprised at how much she wants your approval, how much she wants you to like her, how much she wants you to follow along with her on her journey—oh yes, she does. My Persona sometimes gets on my nerves, but really, so does my Personality. This morning they are both at war for my attention, for your attention. And now, you have seen under my skin, just a little bit, as I sit here this morning, drinking my coffee, ignoring the discomfort, pulling out my Persona while my Personality deals with the yuck stuff.

Do you have a Persona that sometimes defies your Personality?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'm here, I'm there, I'm Yonder - Blog Touring is Fun! *smiling*

I'd talked about doing blog tours and it seems it is already beginning . . . what fun! I am so enjoying being over at your places, talking with you . . . thank you for hosting me!
Everyone - I hope you will go by and say hi - these blogs are fun, informative, energetic, interesting, and most of all, the women behind the blogs are beautiful spirits...
Now I'm REALLY feeling like the popular girl -

I'm over at
Kimmi's Place (The Unbreakable Child) talking about - Valentine's Day - and well, how I am NOT a romantic..huhn...what does that image have to do with Valentine's Day? .... ha!

And Mari has put up our Book Club Discussion questions on her blog - *smiling*

Yesterday I posted where I was, so I'm just pasting that up here . . .

I'm feeling like the queen of the prom or the woman who walks into the party and everyone shouts out "Kathryn! Hey, Kat's here!" teehee......

First, Steph Jordan interviewed me on her Living In Color blog. She asked such interesting questions and I had a great time. I hope you'll stop by her blog--not just because I am there, but on your regular blog visits. Always something interesting going on at Living In Color.

Then, before I was done smiling over that, I saw where Meri's Musings wrote about how her book club read Tender Graces - she had such nice things to say about TG and that made my morning bright bright. Stop by and tell her Kat sent you . . . *smiling* She will be posting more later on our talk we had about the book.

So, on this really cold snowy windy morning in the cove at Killian Knob-well, I'm feeling quite warmed.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Hi Y'all . . . Following the Followers -

Just poking my head in here a minute in between ice and snow and rain and sleet and little slivers of sun that don't stick around- I've been cleaning house a bit on my blog....If I accidentally unfollowed you, please let me know!
Also, if you are following me, I would love to return the favor - please leave me a comment. If you follow without commenting, I may not know you are there!

GO SAINTS GO SAINTS GO SAINTS! I am so excited about the Saints! whoop whoop.

That's all I needed to say for now - the posts below have plenty of links, trailer, whatever if you want to look about *smiling*
See you later . . .
oh! P.S. Kimmi (The Unbreakable Child) will be again hosting a Valentine's Week at her blog. I'll be a guest there, along with other writers. Today is William Haskins . . . stop by and say hi! I have some other places I'll be guesting - always fun to do that, and hope you'll come visit when that happens. *MUWAH*

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lots o' Links and more links!

Thought this cartoon was funny...teehee...I thought I'd post some links today, since it's been a while. Enjoy and happy clicking!

I stumbled on this while looking for something else:
bookscans vintage book covers and backcovers- they ask people to scan & send vintage book covers so they can keep a database. I thought it interesting to see what publishers thought would "sell books" through the years. So what did this author think of his cover when the publishers presented it? Was he/she excited? Happy? Did readers love it? hate it? Shrug it? I could write an entire post about book covers and authors and publishers and readers, but maybe another day. It's always interesting to read/hear reactions to authors bookcovers-both from the authors and from the readers!

LitChat is all books. All the time.We exist to bring readers and writers together for fun and fast 1-hour Twitter chats, M-W-F, 4 pm est. Join us. I "attended" a twitter lit chat last week and really enjoyed it. A supportive and fun group of writers and other literary folk.

helluo librorum lunch hour links for writers – Up now are posts on query letters; Teresa Frohock is very supportive of writers (and a good writer in her own right). Let's all support each other.

Living in Color with Steph Jordan and her other blog Divia City -- these blogs just make me smile - the colors, the artwork (like the one to the left), the energy and positive outlook. Living in Color is an interview blog, and Divia City is her personal blog. I've been visiting and enjoying her blogs, so was quite honored when she recently interviewed me (to be posted at a later date . . . up right now TLC host Mark Montano -My Big Ass Interview )

If you haven't been to the
Rose & Thorn Blog, head over there where there's author interviews, tips and tidbits, and other literary doo dahs - suscribe to receive the R&T blog (and newsletter) via email - it's quick, it's easy, spam free, and all free.

Bellebooks has a blog called "
Riding With The Top Down," and a recent post was a question posted to the publishers: why does it take so long to publish a book? It may open your eyes as to what publishers go through to get a book to print. TG and SG are with the imprint of Bellebooks-Bell Bridge Books.

This was something different I stumbled on:
The Impulsive Buy: They write: Putting the "ew" in Product Review *laugh*

I picked up this link from
Mike's Writing Workshop, where he was listed: 100 blogs that will improve your writing.

I love going to The Read on WNC - even if you aren't from 'round these parts, it's a great group of people: writers, poets, readers, playwrights.

For fun,
Free Will Astrology

WOW Women on Writing have a post up about Literary Agents Seeking Women's Fiction.

Our own Carol Murdock of the Writer's Porch has a new book blog, Book House Blog, and this post made my day where she talks about our area's beauty and authors - writing of Wayne Caldwell, and she included me. I was honored to be listed with Wayne--he is a gracious man and a gifted writer. Thank you Carol! Carol is another big supporter of writers, and adores books. I'll be her guest there soon...

And two agent blogs that I visit to to keep track of what's happening; they have different voices and takes on things in the publishing industry ...

From my msn page I saw this: 100 things that are getting better - I haven't clicked through them yet...but I'm all for looking at something positive!

So, there you go - plenty of links to click about and keep you busy, pick and choose or visit them all. Tell them Kat sent you, if you like. I'll try to provide links at least once a week.


Friday, February 5, 2010

Secret Graces Trailer: you can do one, too!


My little Secret Graces Trailer is ready to post. What fun! Whether people like trailers, or think they "work" (sell books) or not doesn't matter to me - I had such a good time making it and I'm a little proud of myself *laugh*

These two images here are two from the trailer. I love the bird woman.

If you want to make one: I went to royalty free sites that Bellebooks sent me, and searched and searched for images and short video - then I purchased them for a small fee (Bellebooks reimbursed me; thank you BB!), and they are now "mine" to use-with some restrictions. You have to be very mindful of copyright (for example, you shouldn't copy and use the images here unless you go to the site and purchase the right to do it). It's difficult finding "exact" images so you have to go more for a tone or a feel. For example, the women in the trailer aren't Virginia Kate, but they do tell a story of Virginia Kate - if that makes sense; hair, eyes, skintone, etc, aren't exact. When I had my royalty free images/video purchased, I saved/uploaded them to my files, and then used Windows Movie Maker to create the video or movie. After that was done, I uploaded it to YouTube.

Most of the images I found at, and the music I found at iStock, but there are others. Some photo images cost as little as $1 for the smallest size (a I used).

At the end of the trailer is an image of the cover for SG that BB's created - this isn't their final artwork image, but instead one that BB still has a little work to do on; however, unless something changes, this is the basic cover design--so tell me what you think of the cover. It's quite different from Tender Graces isn't it? So much more color saturation and . . . just so much more.

I'll try to embed the code for the trailer below. But, in case that doesn't work, I'm going to post it up above . . . hope you enjoy!

So, now I know how to do a simple book trailer - I won't quit my day job *laughing*

Have a great weekend everyone. If you watch football, Root for the SAINTS *teehee* - okay, root for whichever team you want to. Also, if you are expecting bad weather as we are, again!, then be careful.

Some of you expressed an interest in hosting a blog tour when the new book comes out - I think that would be fun! So let's talk about that.
Also, you can now subscribe to my blog if you wish to. I am loving the "subscribe to blog" buttons on your blogs--I like getting them in my email and seeing what's up at a glance.
It's cold, it's icy, it's snowy, it's dangerous out there where I am--but I'm snuggled under a throw . . .


teeheehee - testing one two three!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Message from Sun & a Great Gift from my son

is this not the coolest pen EVER? My son gave it to me for Christmas. He said, "for your booksignings, Mom." I was never so touched . . . and this pen will be a cherished item forever. I love the red (red being a favorite color) love the curve of it, love love the tin box it comes in with the old car and "highway of writing." I have never had a pen this nice before, ever. I snapped this photo of me signing my Secret Graces contract--the first item of business for this fine pen. It writes Perfectly!

Ah, beyond the clouds, just to my right, the sun is reaching to me, as if I have been ignoring Sun all morning, with my eyes turned inward and my head slightly bent to my work, and Sun is calling out on the wind, "Kathryn....Kat! Boop! Wolf-woman!"

And I did not hear, and so, Sun is reaching reaching into the room, and its beam has touched my arm, and I not only see it, but I feel it. Sun has laid its beam on my am, gently, telling me to stop ignoring what is outside, to lift my head and see and feel and be and enjoy--experience. For, Sun says, why should those characters get to feel it all? Why should they experience while you watch them, writing down their words and actions and thoughts...why, Sun says, are you not acknowledging me, for I am powerful, and beautiful, and I warm your face, and I help heat your log house, and I cause shimmers over the mountain, and glance off the bark of trees turning them silver, and I peek into shady areas to capture critters, and penetrate the creek water turning spashes into diamonds--have you not noticed me yet? For I'll be gone soon behind the clouds. And I do, now I do, for Sun has touched my arm, has entered my window, stretched its beam and laid upon my arm its warmth--it does not burn me, but we both know it could, if it desired, if it wanted.

There is a point of the beam where I can't look upon it...each time I try to look at it directly, my eyes burn and I have to look quickly away, and I wonder at that, how the Sun beam is on my arm and I can feel it and look upon it with comfort, yet, a mere foot or scant foot away lies the beam across the wood and I can't look on it, for it hurts my eyes.

What message do you think is Sun sending me?

It is quiet this morning, Sun makes no sound as it goes about its business. The silence calls me to listen.
What calls you today? Are you listening?

Monday, February 1, 2010

Already Asking Myself, What's Next?

I finally fixed my follow me on twitter button and the subscribe to this blog button (on the sidebar to your left if you are interested!).

My trailer for Secret Graces is completed; all I am waiting for is the final approval stamp on the cover Bellebook's created. This cover is so very different from Tender Graces cover, and I'm anxious and excited for you all to see it. The color saturation, the images--it's mystical and wild, just as Virginia Kate is down in her innards.

Meanwhile, we are bracing ourselves for more sleet and freezing rain. I urge everyone in our area to be careful of ice - black ice - or if you are planning on visiting, please be sure to check carefully into road conditions. Don't count on the rental agencies always to know--I can't tell you how many times tourists have come up to our cove and gone out of control and into the 'ditch' - and luckily not over the side and down down into the woods and creek.

My mind is already on "What is Next" -- Virginia Kate Saga 1 and 2 are done (TG & SG). There is at least a planned third novel, but I wonder if we may have something come in between the third VK book. I do have a solid draft written of a third unrelated to VK novel, but am not sure if it's a go or not. There are plenty of short stories to do something with--make a novel, whatever. Yes, my friends, I don't want to just sit back and relax "now that I'm published."

Beyond trying to think of ways to get the word out about TG and SG (and I'm open to any suggestions! What do you think of "Blog Tours" or what do you think of readings or book clubs using Skype-I have Skype now and would love to know if any book clubs or any other venue would want to do a Skype reading/club/whatever...), I want to consider the next work. This is a long-time-coming dream and as long as they want to publish my work, I will provide books and/or collections for them to do it with. There's so much to work with, so many words, stories, characters--very exciting (and sometimes terrifying).

So, What's Next for you in your life or life-goals? What do you want to accomplish or to take further? Have you reached a goal and now are ready for the next goal? Or maybe you reached that goal and are happy right where you are. Tell me!

The photos are winter photos that I took in the cove yesterday and this morning. If you want to see them larger, just click on them. Including one of my little log house taken from the road above.

Have a good Monday and I'll see you on Wednesday, unless something comes up before then!