Monday, February 1, 2010

Already Asking Myself, What's Next?

I finally fixed my follow me on twitter button and the subscribe to this blog button (on the sidebar to your left if you are interested!).

My trailer for Secret Graces is completed; all I am waiting for is the final approval stamp on the cover Bellebook's created. This cover is so very different from Tender Graces cover, and I'm anxious and excited for you all to see it. The color saturation, the images--it's mystical and wild, just as Virginia Kate is down in her innards.

Meanwhile, we are bracing ourselves for more sleet and freezing rain. I urge everyone in our area to be careful of ice - black ice - or if you are planning on visiting, please be sure to check carefully into road conditions. Don't count on the rental agencies always to know--I can't tell you how many times tourists have come up to our cove and gone out of control and into the 'ditch' - and luckily not over the side and down down into the woods and creek.

My mind is already on "What is Next" -- Virginia Kate Saga 1 and 2 are done (TG & SG). There is at least a planned third novel, but I wonder if we may have something come in between the third VK book. I do have a solid draft written of a third unrelated to VK novel, but am not sure if it's a go or not. There are plenty of short stories to do something with--make a novel, whatever. Yes, my friends, I don't want to just sit back and relax "now that I'm published."

Beyond trying to think of ways to get the word out about TG and SG (and I'm open to any suggestions! What do you think of "Blog Tours" or what do you think of readings or book clubs using Skype-I have Skype now and would love to know if any book clubs or any other venue would want to do a Skype reading/club/whatever...), I want to consider the next work. This is a long-time-coming dream and as long as they want to publish my work, I will provide books and/or collections for them to do it with. There's so much to work with, so many words, stories, characters--very exciting (and sometimes terrifying).

So, What's Next for you in your life or life-goals? What do you want to accomplish or to take further? Have you reached a goal and now are ready for the next goal? Or maybe you reached that goal and are happy right where you are. Tell me!

The photos are winter photos that I took in the cove yesterday and this morning. If you want to see them larger, just click on them. Including one of my little log house taken from the road above.

Have a good Monday and I'll see you on Wednesday, unless something comes up before then!


Janna Qualman said...

The photos are beautiful! And you're so inspiring, Kat. I can't believe I've followed you through two books now, and that you're working on what's next. You're awesome!

I just want to see progress with my writing. Yes that means completing one or two of my WIPs, but more than seeing them to publication, it's getting better. Getting a handle on who I am as a writer, honing my craft, moving forward.

Patience-please said...

I'm so off track in my writing. Never mind the track, I can't even seem to find the station.

You are my hero.

B.J. Anderson said...

First of all, beautiful pictures!! And I know all about pulling people out of ditches. I grew up in the middle of nowhere and people were always running off the road. Good luck with that!

As for goals, I'm plotting a new book, writing a sequel to another one, and querying. Life is grand. Also, I've been trying to spend much more time with my family, because I have to admit it, I've been neglecting them!

Susan R. Mills said...

Great pictures! My one and only goal is to just keep writing regardless of what it is. I'm sure whatever you choose to do next will be wonderful.

Deb@RGRamblings said...

Love the pictures, it looks much like that here today. Tackling my two revisions has led me to begin outlining a third... attempting a trilogy is probably not a great idea, but here I go...

If you do a blog tour I would love you to stop by my blog. Shoot me an e-mail if you decide to embark on that journey :)

Sharla said...

Most definitely if you decide to do a blog tour, I wanna play!!!! Would love to have you come chat at my little room.

I may be joining a book club in late March, and will recommend TG for sure. I'm trying really hard to finish my second book, but darn it life keeps pushing me back. If my husband and daughter would just be still for about two months so I wouldn't have to keep jumping here and there... LOL! I have a conference to go to in April, so I'm kinda getting panicky to get this one done.

I'm so proud of your success!
SO! When do we get SG? I want.

Titus said...

Wow! to those photographs.

Blog tours are very popular in my "blogging circle" - is that what you call it? - but that circle is mainly poets, not fiction writers. I find them fascinating reads (they usually take the form of 3 questions asked by the host) and quite often go on to buy the work being "toured". You've lost me on Skype - a technology currently beyond me, but sounds good too.

Huge congratulations on getting your second work this close to publication, if it was me I'd be having a six-month lie down. Admire your work ethic!

My aims? To get the house clean and tidy (hasn't been since the twins were born and they're 6 now!) and to write better. Simples!

t i m said...

“SG coming to a book store near you soon”. I’m excited.

My next goal is to become semi-fluent in Italian by the end of year as I [translation: my better ½] hope to escape rainy Manchester & relocate to sunny Tuscany one day. It’s not as easy as I thought it’d be, now that I’m taking evening classes, but little by little, I’m determined to get there.

Great winter photos by the way – mi piace. :)

Karen said...

Great pics, but they make me sooo cold! Congrats on the two books. I review for Blog Tour Books and enjoy it. I think that definitely should be one way to spread the word! Can't wait to read it!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Blog tours seem like fun and do spread the word around about you and your books. :O)

Carol@ Writers Porch/ Book House said...

Hey Mountain woman!Did you go to the gig with Gary the other night? Did you meet our Dot? I see you're her wonderful book! You have rentals in your cove? Did you get the "chuckle" I sent you? We are never too old to learn where some sayings come from!! XOXO

colbymarshall said...

my goal is to stop procrastinating and finish my revisions!!

Deb Shucka said...

What lovely photos, and what a great place to find yourself in. So many possibilities.

I'm trying to find my way into the next book - the story I thought I was telling with the first one, but missed by a mile. And excited about expanding our teaching of memoir writing.

Analisa said...

I couldn't say it any better than
Patience-please said it.... so all I can say is ditto

you are my hero and I am so ready to read the book.

Melinda said...

You must be so excited about your new book! Thank you for your email earlier ... I do know that I have to push through the fear and doubt. It helps to hear it from someone who has and is doing it!

My goal for 2010 is to finish 3 chapters of my nonfiction book and submit it at a writing conference (hopefully She Speaks, which I'm attending in August.) Praying!!

FREE FONT said...

hello! happy valentine 2010 *_*

Debbie said...

You are an inspiration to all of us with your energy and drive.
I like blog tours. I meet quite a few new authors and books that way.
And I am tired of winter now. Bye bye winter. Ready for spring.