Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Coon pic yesterday in my little cove; Coon leg eatin' in South Louisiana - LAWD!

yes it is a coon leg - GAAAAACK!
folks, while I'm trying to decide what to do about my blogging schedule, I have, however, decided that at least until I make my deadline for this novel, starting next week I will write a post only once a week on Wednesday and the other two days I will only post a video or photo(s) without words. For now, some of you may remember these -- Enjoy from Fest For All last year 2010 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Lawd be.  

our visiting coon - which we will not be eating thank you very much South Louisiana! :-D laughing

Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Chaos . . . Have you ever forgotten to put on your pants?

my Kindle - pants on maybe

I finally downloaded some books on Kindle, and began reading one last night. I never thought I'd like it as much as I do, but, I will also say there is a quality missing from it that only print books give me. I will continue to buy print books, of course. Still . . . it's kind of cool . . . ungh . . . dang.

What about you all? Have a Kindle yet? What do you think about it?

my AH LAWD face

This morning I almost walked out of my house without pants on. Yep. I have been so distracted and discombobulated that I thought I put on my pants and went to open the door to go on my cove walk and something felt wrong - haw haw! Um, Kat! Put on your danged ole pants. If I don't get this book written soon, I may exit the house Nekkid!

My pea-headed brain thinks it may be time to cut back this blog to once or twice a week. I know how saturated we all can feel with blogs and facebook and twitter, and, doesn't seem fair if I keep churning out posts and want you to come read when I can hardly ever get me arse over to your blogs anymore!

What about y'all? You thinking of cutting back? Or have you? Would you "forget" a blog that only posts once or twice a week, or would that help you with your own time and visiting?

new coon that's come visiting - he's dark with silver - never had one quite this color, purrrrrdy-he's not wearing pants

walking on Riddle Cove Road sorta down behind us-but with pants on :-D haw!

What I really don't want to do, unless you all tell me you'd like me to, is to write "Writer's Advice" or "How to . . . " because I see so many others doing a much better job at it than I could. There's enough advice out there without me chiming in, right? But if my chaos is boring or uninteresting, I want to make a change - so  . . .
Am I boring you all? Would you like to see a change? Or do you think my chaos is just fine? Do you wonder if I'm wearing pants right now? (yes I am -haw haw!)
view from porch-with pants on
One quick thing you should read if you are a writer, or even if you are not: I had a big old laugh over this article (lifted from Nathan Bransford's blog who lifted it from Lisa Brackmann) - Author Promoting Book Gives It Her All Whether It's Just 3 People Or A Crowd Of 9 People. Haw! I'm still laughing at it!

I love Calving & Hobbes - isn't this just how we wish we could be? this confident? Sometimes we have to fake it to make it, as the cliche goes, right? Sometimes we just need to feel this danged good about ourselves. Let's start our own "WE RAWK" club.

wish I had an old typewriter like this! Writing, with pants on

Now that I've shared my Monday Chaos, I'm off to sit on the porch--with pants on--and work on VK III.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday still means Working for The Glamorous Life of the Writer (snickity!)

Glamorous life of the writer
Ah, friends, my head/heart/brain/arms/hands/everything is completely overtaken now to finish VKIII/Final Graces novel. Yes, the Glamorous Life of the Writer is . . . well . . . huhn. It means even though many are taking a holiday weekend off - I will not be. Although, I will try to take a little time here and there . . . perhaps . . . to eat chocolate, maybe see a play, walk the cove. Still, BEST DANGED JOB IN THE WORLD!
Your comments and visits mean a lot to me, so thank you. I have been missing your blogs and appreciate your stopping by here even when I haven't been by your place in a while (dang me). I will say, that's the beauty of Facebook - I can keep up with people and even see their blog posts there more easily and quickly. If you are on Facebook, come friend me so I can see what you are doing at a glance! I've had so many distractions with the writing of this novel and it has come down to me having to put blinders on and plow plow plow this danged field!

Oh, the glamour (:-D)
Now, I want to leave you with some images of Fairhope, Alabama. You've seen some photos of our Girl's Night Out, and etc, in the two posts below, and really I'd meant to do several write-ups about the Gulf Coast Creative Writing Teachers Association Conference (it was wonderful, and Angie Ledbetter and I were happy with our panel discussion), and more on the beautiful quaint city of Fairhope, and more on the shenanigans my friends and I doodled dee dahed - but, my responsibility is to finishing the novel and it's hard to concentrate on other things right now. I've backed myself (or events/distractions pushed me, too!) into the corner of "You better finish this danged book, Kathryn, or ELSE!" The "or ELSE" would mean having to contact my editor, Deb Smith, and say "Um, teehee, um, I didn't finish . . . teehee . . . didn't make my deadline, teeheehee . . ." which has never ever happened and I do not want it to happen this time, either. Lawd!

Fairhope, Alabama Trip . . .

a wonderful place to eat - Two Sisters - fresh made pastries & bread YUM a fave!
Managing Editor R&T Cyn Toups, Poetry Editor R&T Marilyn Shapley, Canvas on Rocks & Poet Alaine Benard
downtown Fairhope
the writers' messes
ringed moon

The paintings we did - Canvas on the Rocks by Alaine Benard - mine in middle - my first EVER painting! thanks to Canvas on the Rocks - she ROCKS

Have a wonderful weekend - enjoy your Good Friday, Easter, and/or whatever else you do and believe in and enjoy!

(all images are mine, Kat Magendie's photographs)