Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Shoot Out that didn't happen...and "God Bless the Child Who Has a Home" discussions, etcetera!

The photo is my beautiful mother Ruth Virginia who adopted me, and my two brothers. How young she looks! How hopeful for the future she has no knowledge of, but she did not turn away. She is holding my younger brother.

I will be late with my Friday Shoot out (which is outdoor food: something that will be difficult for me to photograph - but, I will use my imagination if I have to: I encourage you to visit the other Friday Shoot Outers, though!). As I am late with telling my Vegas Trip Tales. As I am late with telling of my Book Club Tales. As I am late with . . . so much more!

I have really good reasons.

First, I became interested in the post discussions below, about Mothers giving up their children; and do Father's get a pass? And what about Fathers who want a bigger role in their children's lives and are not given that opportunity, and what about Father's who do take that role of mother and father, etc etc. I hope you will join in. Of course, this is a theme I am interested in for personal reasons, and for Tender Graces reasons, and, just because I see how much passion it brings out in people, particularly women, as not many men have responded: Barry and Gary have (Gary on Facebook-where my blog posts also go and the discussion is there, as well).

I also want to direct you to Angie Gumbo Writer's space. She is asking a question about literary mags/zines, and this is something we both are interested in knowing the answer to . . . Visit here at Gumbo Writer and throw in your two cents, or a dime, whatever you can afford *smiling*

Tonight is the author's reception at Osondu; tomorrow is the Book Fair. Hope to see you there, those of you who can attend.

(PS - Missy has started this at her book nook , supporting local authors, and I think it's a great idea, and no, not just because she featured TG first *laugh*....)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

God bless the child who's got a home, redux

I want to talk more about these book clubs and the women I met and admired. I aslo wanted to continue the Vegas stories, but the post below about Mother's who give up their children, Father's who take them (or father's who get a "pass" because they are men), is generating some interesting comments. All this came from an article I stumbled across on MSN - and since it is timely to a theme in Tender Graces, I pounced on it. So, I'll leave you with yesterday's post, below, for now..

See post AND the comments below, or click here and here is the original article I saw in Today Parenting: So, mothers? fathers? stepmothers? adoptive mothers? what do you have to say on the subject? What about the mothers who take the "given away" children? do they get the respect they deserve? One of the bookclub members the other night said something that struck me, for I never thought my book would have that impact on that subject of "stepmothers," but she said after reading Tender Graces, she had a new appreciation for her own father's wife, her stepmother - that she saw her from an entirely different perspective--anytime your book helps someone to think or work out something, well, it's a feeling like no other. Many of my themes in TG and in my writing are about PLACE, BELONGING, HOME, MOTHERS & DAUGHTERS, FATHERS & DAUGHTERS... we not all want a place where we belong? where we are wanted? Where we are SAFE? . . . read below and read the articles from the link and leave your comments here or below...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Momma may give, Papa may take, but god bless the child who . . . has a home

photo from

Hello All - just a quick stop in -

Last night I had a wonderful evening with the All Genre All Gender Book club - photos later....

This morning I met with Gary Carden and then he introduced me to City Lights Bookstore owner, Joyce Moore, whom I spoke with for a time in her lovely bookstore.

Then while looking at something online, I see this article on how Mom's are revealing why they gave up their children - and there's all these articles linking to it; I haven't delved into it all yet -- but, this is one of the themes in Tender Graces; a mother giving up her children. This is still seen as something "bad" for a mother, right? (Father's get a pass, right?)--- anyone who is a mother knows the bond of a mother and child and even if there is a mother who does not feel that bond, she would not want to admit it, would she? This was on the Today show "Parenting and Family" website.

How timely that I had breakfast with Gary Carden, whose own mother gave him up so long ago, when he was a very young lad, and he's 74 now - he still wonders about his mother doing this. (We have this "mother giving us up" in common, though our circumstances aren't exactly the same).

I also find this timely to my book - but it must be a timeless issue. And it makes me wonder about these mom's "Coming out of the closet" so to speak and talking about how they "could possibly give up their children." The articles of what I've read so far make it sound like something new-when it is not. As a daughter who was given up by her own mother, and as an author who writes about this theme, I am interested in seeing what these "modern" mothers have to say. I was given up in the 60's . . . I suppose it wasn't talked about much then, our mother giving up my two brothers and me, to our father.

Anyway, just found it interesting I stumbled on that after meeting with Carden, and after writing the book, and after some other conversations this week.

The article:
From left, Marie Claire editor-in-chief Joanna Coles, clinical psychologist Judith Sills and noncustodial mom Rebekah Spicuglia discuss the growing trend of mothers relinguishing custody of their children with Meredith Vieira.

But, what are your thoughts on this? About mothers giving up custody of their children to the fathers . . . or have you done this? What do you think of mothers who do this? What did you think of how Katie Ivene gave up her three children (in Tender Graces - if you've read it) that what made her an unsympathetic character? or was she sympathetic? or what? Do Fathers "get a pass" on these things, when they leave their children behind and remarry and have more children - and do they 'get a pass' because mother's should have that Bond?

All my years I never much thought about my own mother's motivations and whether she was a "bad mother" or not for giving up her children (or did I? hmmm, okay how could I have not?) all this Media about it -- I'm curious where it will lead, and after I get some work done, later, I want to explore these articles.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bark woof bark bark bark, woof woof, awoooo awooooo (dog speak for the music title today)

My good old girl, Fat Dog as she was known when I wrote about her on my MSN blog (where I wrote about when Kayla was sick and then died Here and Here - some of it pretty raw, this was before I had my TG blog), but Kayla was her name. Someone at the Christmas Party we had one year had a good old time putting reindeer horns on the old girl, but she didn't care, as long as she had that treat in her mouth. The photo in the snow is me all bundled up, Kayla and Jake with me (Fat Dog and Not Quite Fat Dog)....then, In my Google Home Page, I have a rotating collage of Wolf photos and this one so looked like my old girl, I had to save it. Today I release her ashes. She was a good old girl. I think people have to get through "first anniversaries" of things and then we move it on as we do (but don't ever forget).

The Planet Hollywood and the water fountain photos are a taste of what I want to talk about on my trip to Vegas with Tommy. I had meant to do that yesterday and today, but just wasn't in the mood for it. So, tomorrow and the next day I want to begin again with my stories of the Vegas Trip. Including: the food of Vegas, and the Water in Vegas.
PS - Barry of An Explorer's Life made me smile this morning - he has displayed the pieces of my mountain on his blog - thank you Barry
PPS - tonight I will be meeting with the All-Genre, All-Gender fiction book club at Osondu's Booksellers in Waynesville NC at 7PM - anyone is invited. The will be discussing Tender Graces and asking me questions, and ect....come if you can.

Monday, July 27, 2009

sadder than sad, bluer than blue...

Isn't this glass beautiful? I forgot the name of the hotel/casino it was in, but I just thought it interesting. Again, hard to take photos because of position and perspective, but I did want to capture these glass flowers on the ceiling.

No stories today - I will be back later this week maybe with a Vegas story and photos.
I may as well say it: I'm having a sad day. On top of something I feel sad about, is another layer -- I'm just missing my old girl Kayla. Tomorrow she'll have been gone a year. Okay, so, she's "just a dog" but she was a good and faithful friend and I sure do miss her. Tomorrow I must release her ashes in her favorite places around the cove on my mountain. I thought sure I'd have done that by now, but I didn't. Tomorrow is when I will do it. I never was one of those dog-lovers who takes their dog everywhere they go, who dresses them in clothing, who lets them sleep in her bed (too big and too hairy *smiling*), who made them into miniature humans: I always wanted to respect that she was a canine, an animal, who she was and who I am were not the same in so many ways even though we understood each other in our ways, and by respecting that, I respected her. She was a dog. I am a human. However, our bond, the bonds with our animal friends and with the critters of the earth, is a strong one....very strong. She was special and beautiful and my friend. A good old girl; a good good friend....

I am just sadder than sad today.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I'll be coming round to visit when I come . . .

(Photo from Cesar's Palace outside of Augustus Cafe)
I'm not hanging round here this morning! I'm blog-visiting to catch up on as much as I can of what I missed while in Texas & Vegas. See you soon . . . (PS - Still can't see my followers list and still can't see YOUR followers list and can't find the problem. Apparently other bloggers had this problem and it was resolved; so far, mine has not been . . . boo ...the ...hoo.)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Summer trip to vegas

click on the photos to enlarge them if you want!

When we weren't walking along the vegas stp (more on that later), or trying to find something to eat (more on that later, too), Tommy and I spent some time at the pool. I had my "fake tan" from Jergens natural glow lotion - and I found out something about that "tan" whilst at the pool. I was a nice "tan" color when we left our room in our pool clothes (I didn't wear a bathing suit, since I was going to mostly sit in the shade and work on VK2 manuscript - see the photos where I'm working ....teehee), I had a "tan" - however, once I applied sunscreen and then dangled my feet in the pool (and splashed water on myself - it was over 100 degrees there!), the "tan" went away -POOF! just like that it was gone! *laughing* - Tommy said I was the only person he knew who went to the pool with a tan and left it without one....haw!

There were many sculptures in Vegas and especially at Cesar's Palace (more photos, etc, later), and the pool was no exception. However, the frustrating thing about taking photos in Vegas is perspective - it was most difficult to find a good shot - either things were so HUGE or I couldn't get in the right spot, or there were so many people around (more on that later) or there were buildings or other sculptures in the way -- Vegas is all about Excess - that was hard for me. For example, I had a quest to find coffee and water that didn't make my wallet groan: can you imagine? Did you know there are no drinking water fountains there- at least the places we went. They want you to purchase every little thing, and water, along with everything else is expensive (more on expensive later!); more on water in there later, too. I'll have to tell you about the coffee search and story, too. So much to tell.

TThe pool was a nice place, as long as I could find some shade to work in. However, some people didn't want shade and they were cooking their skin like turkey's basting at Thanksgiving. Lawdy be! the tans! The bodies that were burnt! The bodies that basted, slathered with oil! There was music playing at the pool (more on music too - I know I keep saying that, but there seems to be something that had me going "wow - huhn - look at that - listen to that - dang!" at every turn). Tommy and I bought a drink there once and I ordered a mojito - it was $12 for this small cup that was mostly filled with ice! eek. However, if you gam bled, they gave you free drinks that were so strong you had to be careful (more on that later, too *laughing*). Another day I was so hot while working, I went to the bar and ordered some water: That'll be $5! Okay, from then on Tommy and I filled our bottles with hotel water and put them in ice- it didn't taste very good, but $5 water...erk. Plus all those plastic bottles - erk, that bothered me - but I digress, more on Vegas and Water later.

I was surprised I was able to work on the manuscript whilst at the pool, but I did get some work done. I relaxed into a "work zone" and scribbled away. I wouldn't have been able to write new material with all that stimuli, but editing went fine (at least for a time).

Below you can see a photo of a tent looking thing - you could rent those for starting at $50 for half a day - yup, $50 for HALF a day. We didn't rent one, but thought about it one day when it was 111 degrees; however, we didn't spend a lot of time at the pool, so we nixed that idea; besides, we just couldn't bring ourselves to spend the money on that. You could rent these huge couch things too to loll about on - three or four people could fit on them! It was like being at a Roman Bath House -which is their whole idea. You could also rent smaller lounge couches. Excess Excess Excess!

I'll leave you with these pool photos - such as they are. My frustration at getting shots had to be put aside and I instead just snapped away best I could. Have a great weekend! Tomorrow I will be blog walking and catching up - although I still can't see my followers so that means I won't be able to see yours to "follow you" - Sigh. perhaps I'll try changing my format to see if that works - huhn.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Shoot Outs: Reflections & Surprise! This isn't your Room!

The reflection of light off the Las Vegas streets; the reflection of Valentino Dresses and the man who patiently (or impatiently?) waited in a chair, my reflection in the hotel bathroom mirror, the people walking through a mall with their twin reflections following in the floor's shine, my brother reflected in the hotel's window with bits of vegas light peeking, the view from our room with the room reflecting upon it. Click on them if you want to enlarge the photo.

Yesterday I told the tale of the mistaken identity (teeheehee) is Friday Shoot Outs and the theme is Reflections. Since I want to post a series of happenings and photos from the strange land of Las Vegas, I'll use some of my Vegas photos for my Friday Shoot Outs, as I did above.

I do have one story to tell this morning - one you may be interested in if you ever stay in hotels.

When my brother and I arrived at Cesar's Palace, it took forever to get up to the desk to get our room card keys. My brother told the desk clerk they needed more help. The clerk said, "Let me make it up to you by upgrading your room..." Um, okay! So, he spent quite a while, but finally handed us two card keys to an upgraded room. We hurried up, exhausted from the flight and the late hour and just ready to put up our stuff and walk around for a bit. Tommy pushed his card key into the room, opened the hotel room door, we walked in. I first spotted some snacks on a table and thought, "well, huhn, that's a strange welcome to a room, these snacks. . . " But as soon as I thought that, I began to be aware of other things in the room - and all at once my brother and I looked at each other and said, "OMG! This is someone else's room!" We high-tailed it out of there -luckily, no one was in the room. Good Lawd! Imagine if they'd been in there and we just marched right on in, both unaware. eek!

We went back down to the desk, to a different desk clerk, and told them what happened - so, they upgraded our room to an even better one - teeheehee....we had a view of the Bellagio and the Bellagio water show....whoopee! But, this made me wonder how many times this happens, or could happen. When you are in your room, double lock it so no one can enter. When you are not in your room, put up anything you do not want someone to see. It's very disconcerting to me that this happened. Luckily, Tommy and I are good honest people, as most people are - but, geez. Y'all be careful out there in hotel-land.

Enjoy all the Friday Shoot Outs across Blog Land. And, I hope when I come round to catch up on "Catch up to Blog Friends Sunday" I can see your "followers" - Yesterday when I blog-walked a bit, I could not see your Followers to be able to follow you, and today I checked and I still cannot see my own followers, so I'll assume I still can't see yours so that I can follow you. . . strange.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I already left las vegas . . . left it for good . . .

Photos: flying in to Vegas, starting with as we left the clouds, Hoover Dam, down into Vegas - then on board the shuttle bus to take us to the strip - lights! people! sound! Kat the reclusive is overwhelmed--and as my brother told me then, "You haven't seen anything yet . . . " he was right! more on that later . . .

Analisa guessed correctly that I was in Las Vegas - the last place I'd ever have expected to be. Go by and give Analisa a congrats for winning a signed copy of Tender Graces *smiling*
So, yes, I was in Las Vegas with my brother, Tommy. What a strange land LV is. I have some stories to tell.

I think I will get rid of this story first, since it is the puzzling one, perhaps some would say embarrasing one, but I have no shame; yet, the one that had me going, "huh? What? Good lord!" It had my brother laughing his arse off when I told him about it.

One morning, Tommy and I woke up a little later than usual and we rushed to get ready to go down to the buffet at Planet Hollywood. I adored the buffet at PH - and I'm not a buffet kind of person one bit, but more on the food of LV later. So, I hurridly dressed in a to-the-knee white skirt with a little "southwestern style" embroidery on the bottom (very understated), a blue tank-style top, white sandals that had little designs on them and were made by Dr. Scholls, and the only thing on my face was my sunglasses--no make up, no lipstick. My hair was a bit messy as I'm growing out the super-short haircut. So, all in all, I looked pretty conservative, I thought - neat, but nothing special.

After we ate at PH, Tommy headed back to the hotel to play some blackjack (he had a trade show to attend later) and I stayed behind to walk around the mall at Planet Hollywood. I stopped in an Aveda shop and bought some things where the cutest girl helped me (and I'm going to write her manager and brag on her) - she said, "You look chic," and that made me smile -- I then headed back to Cesars Palace (more on CP later).

I was just strolling along in my little skirt, my Aveda bag in my hand, when I noticed two gentlemen who looked to be in their sixties walking towards me. One of the men was pointing out things to the other man -- either he lives there or had been there before and the other gentleman had not and he was filling him in on Las Vegas. All of a sudden, as we passed each other, he points to me and he says . . . he says . . . ahem . . . he says to the other gentleman about me, "Look, that there is a Call Girl!..."

*WHAT!!!!!!!?????* Oh . . . my . . . Gawd! . . . *laughing* -- I didn't know what to think about that, so I just kept walking, but when I told my brother about it, he burst out laughing, and that became the joke of the days to follow. Everything was, "Well, sister, since you are a call girl, why don't you..." and "Tommy, since I'm a call girl, I should..." and etcetera. Perhaps I should have been insulted, but I was not. In a strange way, I guess I was a bit flattered, yes? *grin* At least I was a "call girl" and not ... not ... well anyway: more on that later, too
. . . Haw!! Can you imagine?

Well, I have some photos to share, some videos(not very good ones, but you'll get the idea), and stories to tell about the trip - I'll do that in the days to follow.

So, any of you ever mistaken for a Call Girl? Or, anything happen while on vacation, or otherwise, that had you blinking in the headlights saying, "what? huh?" Tell me all about it! *grin*
Now, go do the day, and go by and visit Analisa - she was having a bad day yesterday and I bet would loved to be cheered up. I'll soon be by to visit, but am feeling the crunch of Rose & Thorn work, my book signing stuff coming up, working on VK2, and general "I just arrived back home after 2 weeks" discombobulations . . .

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm back to the Souuunnds of Silence . . . Hello Mountain my old friend....glad to be near you again . . .

Ahhhhh. I am back on my mountain in my cove at Killian Knob! Oh, the air is cool and sweet. So quiet.

So far, no one has guessed correctly as to where I was with my brother. I flew to Texas, and then a couple of days later, flew with my brother to another city in another state. We didn't want him going alone, since he's had his health problems...although, he felt great and had a wonderful time.

So, what I have decided is: I am going to give a couple of hints and if no one guesses by tomorrow morning, then I will donate a copy of Tender Graces to a library. Which library? Hmmm - that I don't know yet -perhaps someone can name some libraries who have a small budget.

Here are some hints as to where I was with my brother:

There were a lot of people there.
It is a place you would never expect to see this reclusive writer, ever.
It is a place unlike any other yet it has elements that are like other places.

There are your hints!~ good luck. The first one to guess correctly gets a signed copy of Tender Graces.

I will be back tomorrow to post some photos and I have many stories to tell of my travels.
Oh, and before I go: if you are in the area (western North Carolina) - I will be at Osondu Booksellers on 7/28 for the Tuesday Fiction Book Club at 7PM - anyone is welcome to attend. They have read TG and will be asking me questions. Then August 1, I will be at the Haywood County Book Mania from 9AM to 5PM - there will be 46 or 47 other authors there. Then, August 15, at 7PM I will be at Malaprops Bookstore and Cafe for a reading and signing. Hope to see you there!

Now, try to guess where in the world was kat? I'll be coming by soon to visit you all to see what you've been up to - so much to catch up on and have missed you all....lawdy be!
PS - I hope you were able to get by Barbara at Serenity Gate -where I was her guest! Thank you Barbara! And Ami at Write Out Loud where she also asked questions about Tender Graces and the writing process! Thank you Ami!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Contest! She's leaving on another jet plane . . .But where is she?

By time you read this, I have already left Texas, hopped on another airplane, and headed to another location, where I am now. My brother Tommy and I are in . . .????????????
Figure out where I have gone with my brother and receive a copy of TENDER GRACES.

Now, if I have mentioned to you where I am going before, of course you know that you cannot play or that would be cheating! ha!

So, where am I? Can you take a wild guess? The first person to guess where I am will win a copy of Tender Graces. Guess once a day in the comments and name one place per comment. However NOTE--The one caveat is: I may not get back here to tell you who guessed correctly until I return to my mountain, so, someone could guess where I am and not know that they've guessed correctly-- but, I'll know from the dates/times on the comments who was first to correctly guess, so you will have to be patient with me until I get back.

Meanwhile, poor GMR is at home with Fat Labrador Jake...rocking on the porch and missing his chaotic wife....... well, we can assume he is missing his chaotic wife...haw! (I know he's going to read this and say "ohh, stop it...." HI GMR! MISS YOU!) teeheehee

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Obla dee obla dah life rolls on la la la lateedah

This made me laugh - yes, it's silly, but it still made me laugh!

I am posting this before I leave for my "secret" location - where I am going from Texas to . . . somewhere with my brother.
Stay tuned for a contest to win a copy of Tender Graces.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

the sun is up the sky is blue, Vk's beautiful and so are you

Artwork of "Spring Fever" by Lorelle Bacon
Micah and I ran outside. I knew how to open the side screen door so it wouldn’t make any noise. We eased out and sat on the steps. I studied Micah’s face to see what he felt, but he looked far off. His back went broomstick straight when Daddy slammed out of the front door and Momma threw something across the room. I wanted my brother to say everything was okay. Instead, he rubbed his hands on his legs as if they were sweaty, then let his arms hang down between them. I stared at the scabs on his knees.
He blinked, and he didn’t want me to see him cry, so he ran off.
I ran to my brothers’ closet, closed the door, shut my eyes, and rode away on Fionadala’s back. Her mane flew in my face while we climbed higher and higher. Sister mountain laughed when we tickled its sides. All I saw was misty clouds. All I felt was wind and horse hair pushing up against my face.


It had been hotter than a pancake griddle all day, and there was just a little relief from wind hurled in by the storm that was supposed to come in the early morning hours. Even with the wind, a clinging wet heat slicked my skin and made my clothes suck to my body. It made me itchy with cranky feelings. I wondered why Dylan chose a picnic in high summer in the dark, and with a storm coming. But he was wound up tight as my old clock when I turned the crank too many times. He kept a smile so wide his lips could fit around my head. His teeth shone one Mississippi, two Mississippi, all Mississippi. Virginia Kate Book 2 Draft

Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Shoot Outs: Textures


the bark of tree (yes, it is sideways - laughing - sorry!)

Mardi Gras beads in Baton Rouge after the Spanish Town mardi gras parade

a soft 'extra toe' cat's paw - one of my mom's rescue cats

I am actually posting this before I leave - I hope you'll look at the posts below and visit Barbara and Ami's places whilst I am away!
more later . . .

Thursday, July 9, 2009

On the road again, I just can't believe I'm on the road again . ..

By the time you read this, I will have hopped on a plane and flown to Texas to see my family. GMR is staying at the little log house with Fat Labrador Jake, and as I fly away, I'll watch the mountains recede. I always miss my mountains. It's hard living away from family and friends, for I want to see them, yet, I hate leaving my quiet cove! GMR rarely leaves . . . he simply rocks on the porch and waits for me to come home.

I will be gone for two weeks! I won't be in one place the entire time, but more on that later....there will be a contest about this later on . . .

Look! Up in the sky -- it's a bird - it's a plane; well, yeah, it is a plane! Wave, it could be me passing over you. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (Actually, I DETEST flying....erk eek, bleah.)
Now, if you didn't visit Barbara at Serenity Gate -go by where I was her guest! Thank you Barbara!
and Ami at Write Out Loud where she also asked questions about Tender Graces and the writing process! Thank you Ami!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ring around the rosies, pockets full of no'dosies

I will be sporadic in my posting for the next two weeks. More on that later. While I am busy with what I will be doing, I hope you will visit the two places below, where I am interviewed and where I yappity do dah day about Tender Graces . . .

Actually, I am three places at once - or will be . . . lawdy be!

For now, I hope you will go by Barbara at the Serenity Gate

These two wonderful people have me as guests at their places - asked me questions about Tender Graces and the writing process -- I hope you will stop by and say hello.

Now, off I go . . . where I stop . . . very few know. . .

Monday, July 6, 2009

Moan-day moanday, can you trust that day?

The moon shone across the muddy water and it was more mysterious than during the day. In daylight, that Mississippi water showed itself dirty, old, and cranky; and beneath, tough and wild and dangerous. But Moon brought a soft gleam and calmed the wild right up, but that calm was only on the surface. When the moon slipped behind a cloud, the water turned black and unreadable again. I imagined that River trying to sweet-talk me in, hungry for a Virginia Kate snack. Then moonbeams hid the danger and River became my friend. Just like people, that old water made changing moods to hide what it was thinking. Virginia Kate, book 2

Monday Morning. I used to call it Moan-day, for I found Mondays to be tiring and hectic and . . . well, sometimes downright unpleasant to consider. Mondays always had a different feel from the other days of the week; just as Fridays had a different vibe to it. Now that I work at home, I don't have those acute feelings about Mondays. I can't feel the "vibe" out there for a Monday through Friday work day. And you? How do your days feel different from the others? Or do they?