Saturday, July 25, 2009

Summer trip to vegas

click on the photos to enlarge them if you want!

When we weren't walking along the vegas stp (more on that later), or trying to find something to eat (more on that later, too), Tommy and I spent some time at the pool. I had my "fake tan" from Jergens natural glow lotion - and I found out something about that "tan" whilst at the pool. I was a nice "tan" color when we left our room in our pool clothes (I didn't wear a bathing suit, since I was going to mostly sit in the shade and work on VK2 manuscript - see the photos where I'm working ....teehee), I had a "tan" - however, once I applied sunscreen and then dangled my feet in the pool (and splashed water on myself - it was over 100 degrees there!), the "tan" went away -POOF! just like that it was gone! *laughing* - Tommy said I was the only person he knew who went to the pool with a tan and left it without one....haw!

There were many sculptures in Vegas and especially at Cesar's Palace (more photos, etc, later), and the pool was no exception. However, the frustrating thing about taking photos in Vegas is perspective - it was most difficult to find a good shot - either things were so HUGE or I couldn't get in the right spot, or there were so many people around (more on that later) or there were buildings or other sculptures in the way -- Vegas is all about Excess - that was hard for me. For example, I had a quest to find coffee and water that didn't make my wallet groan: can you imagine? Did you know there are no drinking water fountains there- at least the places we went. They want you to purchase every little thing, and water, along with everything else is expensive (more on expensive later!); more on water in there later, too. I'll have to tell you about the coffee search and story, too. So much to tell.

TThe pool was a nice place, as long as I could find some shade to work in. However, some people didn't want shade and they were cooking their skin like turkey's basting at Thanksgiving. Lawdy be! the tans! The bodies that were burnt! The bodies that basted, slathered with oil! There was music playing at the pool (more on music too - I know I keep saying that, but there seems to be something that had me going "wow - huhn - look at that - listen to that - dang!" at every turn). Tommy and I bought a drink there once and I ordered a mojito - it was $12 for this small cup that was mostly filled with ice! eek. However, if you gam bled, they gave you free drinks that were so strong you had to be careful (more on that later, too *laughing*). Another day I was so hot while working, I went to the bar and ordered some water: That'll be $5! Okay, from then on Tommy and I filled our bottles with hotel water and put them in ice- it didn't taste very good, but $5 water...erk. Plus all those plastic bottles - erk, that bothered me - but I digress, more on Vegas and Water later.

I was surprised I was able to work on the manuscript whilst at the pool, but I did get some work done. I relaxed into a "work zone" and scribbled away. I wouldn't have been able to write new material with all that stimuli, but editing went fine (at least for a time).

Below you can see a photo of a tent looking thing - you could rent those for starting at $50 for half a day - yup, $50 for HALF a day. We didn't rent one, but thought about it one day when it was 111 degrees; however, we didn't spend a lot of time at the pool, so we nixed that idea; besides, we just couldn't bring ourselves to spend the money on that. You could rent these huge couch things too to loll about on - three or four people could fit on them! It was like being at a Roman Bath House -which is their whole idea. You could also rent smaller lounge couches. Excess Excess Excess!

I'll leave you with these pool photos - such as they are. My frustration at getting shots had to be put aside and I instead just snapped away best I could. Have a great weekend! Tomorrow I will be blog walking and catching up - although I still can't see my followers so that means I won't be able to see yours to "follow you" - Sigh. perhaps I'll try changing my format to see if that works - huhn.


DebraLSchubert said...

Went to the pool WITH a tan and left WITHOUT one...bwahahahah!!! Great pics, Kat. Thanks for sharing.;-)

Analisa said...

Seems you are not the only one with follower issues. Don't know if this will help but here is a link that had some sugguestions.

Deb Shucka said...

Maybe you should have gambled a bit just to get a price break on things. :-) Great pictures. Great perspective all the way around.

GingerV said...

I went to Vegas once HATED IT. seen the real fountain in Rome with same problem to many people to get a good shot, also the sun was so bright and I didn't have filters so was pretty washed out. speaking of Rome - Coca Cola 6 euro thats about US$8.50

Jessica said...

You washed your tan away... LOL!

Sounds like this casino/hotel in the bahamas. I was prego, with hubby, and there were NO water fountains. They wanted us to buy stuff. Heh.

Glad you got some work done. :-)