Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Shoot Out that didn't happen...and "God Bless the Child Who Has a Home" discussions, etcetera!

The photo is my beautiful mother Ruth Virginia who adopted me, and my two brothers. How young she looks! How hopeful for the future she has no knowledge of, but she did not turn away. She is holding my younger brother.

I will be late with my Friday Shoot out (which is outdoor food: something that will be difficult for me to photograph - but, I will use my imagination if I have to: I encourage you to visit the other Friday Shoot Outers, though!). As I am late with telling my Vegas Trip Tales. As I am late with telling of my Book Club Tales. As I am late with . . . so much more!

I have really good reasons.

First, I became interested in the post discussions below, about Mothers giving up their children; and do Father's get a pass? And what about Fathers who want a bigger role in their children's lives and are not given that opportunity, and what about Father's who do take that role of mother and father, etc etc. I hope you will join in. Of course, this is a theme I am interested in for personal reasons, and for Tender Graces reasons, and, just because I see how much passion it brings out in people, particularly women, as not many men have responded: Barry and Gary have (Gary on Facebook-where my blog posts also go and the discussion is there, as well).

I also want to direct you to Angie Gumbo Writer's space. She is asking a question about literary mags/zines, and this is something we both are interested in knowing the answer to . . . Visit here at Gumbo Writer and throw in your two cents, or a dime, whatever you can afford *smiling*

Tonight is the author's reception at Osondu; tomorrow is the Book Fair. Hope to see you there, those of you who can attend.

(PS - Missy has started this at her book nook , supporting local authors, and I think it's a great idea, and no, not just because she featured TG first *laugh*....)


Missy said...
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Missy said...

Big Hug!!!

Angie Ledbetter said...

That is a gorgeous photo. Look at those lovely hands of Mom!

My friend, you need a clone. :)

Barry said...

What a wonderful photo of you and your mom.

Can't wait to see what Kat plus imagination comes up with for the Friday Shoot out.

Barbara said...

Kathryn, Congrats on the publishing of your first book. I watched the trailer and it made me choke up. Powerful. I'm going to go find it and read it. And on the anniversary of your sweet Fat Dog, my heart goes out to you. I still mourn the loss of my Noah, a golden who was my writing pal I lost almost ten years ago. Sometimes, I think he still visits me. Hugs to you. Barbara

Analisa said...

Great picture of your Mom. Love how the shadows play across her face. The lovely dress. I wonder sometimes how they did it. Looking so put together with kids at their feet.

Jessica said...

I LOVE that picture.