Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hello book-lovers my old friends, I hope to see you at the fair....

I will be at Haywood County Book Mania today - signing books and on a panel called, "Women Writing Fiction."

I'll be back later and I hope to still have my Friday Shoot Outs, even if they are "Almost on Friday Shoot outs" - teehee - but that's the beauty of it: it's fun and carefree and no one beats you up if you interpret things your way or miss one or do it on another day.

I had a strange dream before arising of a woman in a terrible accident - I won't recall the details here, but I can picture her face so clearly. When her husband walked up, he cried out, for the details of the accident were gruesome to him, of course. She saw him and began struggling, crying out to him - she wanted to say goodbye. She had on a print dress. There was a truck. A part of me thinks the woman in the dream is someone else and not in an accident, but struggling in some other way to get a message to someone because I immediately woke up and thought of a woman's name. Strange. I still see her face.
Well, on that note *laughing* -- erk.... have a great Saturday. I will be back later, or tomorrow, to visit and to post my Friday Shootouts, and etc.
Wish me luck on the Panel! My first ever panel discussion. I'll be at a table signing books, too - oh the terror! I hope I don't sit there and no one comes by...eek!

By the way, the author's reception was fun. I want to talk about that - there is something that struck me as I sat with a published poet, a published author, and two as yet unplublished writers . . . and the subject of another author came up as well when "a reader" joined us. I want to talk about this, so this note will remind me.

Now, go do the day, and if you are in the Waynesville, NC area, please come by and support all us authors at the Book Mania!
And, I hope you will join in on the discussions below about "Mother's Giving Up Their Children, etc"....


DebraLSchubert said...

Kat, Rock the writers panel! And, I hope you're bringing a body guard to keep the hordes of fans wanting your autograph at bay.;-)

(I've always wanted to use the word "hordes" in a sentence. It kind of makes me giggle. Thanks, now I can cross it off my "to do" list.)

Carol @ TheWritersPorch said...

Hope you and Vicki have fun! :)

Waterfall said...

I hope the panel discussion went well! I didn't get to make it to Waynesville in time--had to put in a few hours of work here in Macon County first. But I did enjoy chatting with you this afternoon and look forward to reading "Tender Graces"!

~ Nina

Cathy said...

Too far for me to travel - I'm in NJ. I hope everything went well!

Natalie W said...

How did your signing go? Wish i could have come!! Coming to Spokane sometime?? :)
Hope your week goes well.