Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Old Black Waters...Louisiana's Moon won'cha keep on shinin on my friends, keep shining that light...make everything all right

Baton Rouge - limbs resting - tree limbs reaching across to touch, like lovers...roots reaching down to where old ones lie forever sleeping

My two friends - one old, one just found - one pensive and one inquisitive

Boudreax & Thibodaux - downtown BR and Louie's Cafe - an institution near Louisiana State University

Big Water Birds perched on wintered limbs of the cypress

The oaks, oh the oaks!

Mystery tatooed upon tree

The dueling laptops of Cynthia and Kat (Kat's bright light in the mirror shining down upon her friend...)

Spanish moss like ancient-lived wise witch's hair

Houma's Hampton - Dance lessons (the Stanky Leg dance moves, the half-unpacked suitcases sprawled: shoes, pants, shirts, snacks, make-up.)

South Louisiana's canals - water is everywhere -So Louisiana is as a womb - sloshing, wet, warm

A-Bears - Fried shrimp sandwich and hot salty fries

swamps swamps and more swamps - a beauty appreciated in the day, feared in the dark night

Hurricanes have stripped to sticks the reaching tree

Oh Gumbo Writer, why do you hide your beautiful beloved face from me?

They played me Mountain Songs whilst in So La - oh, why didn't I get their names?
So Long South Louisiana: will see you again soon. I am on my way back to my cove at Killian Knob - to Good Man Roger, to Fat Lazy Lab Jake; but my tummy is full of good food, my heart full of good friends, my eyes full of So Louisiana's strangeling beauty.
Honk and wave if you see the BoopMobile (which by the way, on the way to South Louisiana, someone honked and waved like mad and in return I Waved and Grinned like mad - because I thought someone saw the Boopmobile and as I asked was waving at me! oh! ....but alas, dumb-arse me - it was someone waving to someone in their caravan *haw!!!* I just had to drive on past tee dah).


Debbie said...

I am happy to think about you headed back to your mountain cove. Bring warm weather with you.
And those people should have been waving at you! They don't know what they were missing.

Waterfall said...

I get homesick every time you post pictures like this!

I love your new background for your blog. You have excellent taste!

Lisa said...

what a busy girl you are- great pictures- i am travelling around the world here without ever leaving home !

Polly said...

Oh, those pictures!! They speak volumes, those trees! My brother lives in South Louisiana....he says, laughingly, "go all the way to the water and take a left". The pictures and your descriptions of them make this post a treasure.

Sandra Leigh said...

So glad you're able to go home, and that you made good use of the delay by taking pictures. I've never been to Louisiana, so I love the virtual tour.

Jessica said...

Great pics!
I love those trees. *sigh*

gram said...

some really beautiful shots, bet it's nice to be home tho!

Angie Ledbetter said...

Talk about a Face Hider! I have 10,428 pics of you...and ALL of them are half hidden or just a body part. LOL

I miss you already! Posted up more pics myself today.

Now, go rest, golldarnit!