Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Busted flat in Baton Rouge, waiting out the snow....and I feeling mighty low-lalala

(Baton Rouge Skyline at dust)

There is snow in them thar mountains - so I can't get home to my cove at Killian Knob today; I am in Baton Rouge--still. Good Man Roger is standing on the porch, watching the snow fall, tasting the cold on his tongue, and I am sitting on a good friend's couch, dual laptops a goin' ...

I have at least completed The Rose & Thorn newsletter and after it is proofed, it'll go out to subscribers.

But, so much else is out of whack because of my travels. Need to be home...home...home.

I dreamed of the first book signing (At Osondu's) last night and in the dream everything was willy nilly and out of sorts. I was late for my own signing; I couldn't find books; the food congealed on tables...it was a bit funny in retrospect, teehee - luckily, I woke, and then I laughed.

I have dry Cheerios by my side; I have a cup of coffee that is not Deep Creek Blend; I have clothes in a suitcase that I grab from; I have not GMR or Fat Lazy Labrador or mountain view or cool clear mountain air or rushing creek -- once I get home again, I will never want to leave again (knowing there will have to be a certain amount of leaving for Tender Graces...)

Is anyone else away from home? Is anyone else missing something or someone? Is anyone else discombobulated?

(PS - To Angie Gumbo Writer so she don't kick my arse for seeming as if I'm dissing her beloved town-which I would NEVAH DO...laughing... --- Baton Rouge, South Louisiana, has wonderful things I will miss whilst on my mountain: My Friends. The architecture (so interesting). THE FOOD THE FOOD THE FOOD THE FOOD OMG THE FOOD! The granddaddy oaks with spilling from the draping limbs spanish moss. The stories. These things make South Louisiana unique and lovely....)


Jessica said...

Such a cute post! :-) I'm none of the above. Don't worry. Your booksignings will probably be a hit! :-)

Angie Ledbetter said...

Well, durn, you make B.R. sound like Purgatory. *hahahahawww* But, yeah, I know how it is to feel disconcerted and longing for your peace and calm. It can (and does) happen even when you're home sometimes. :)

Michelle H. said...

Discombobulated? I can barely say it, so I guess I'm not it. Sorry you're not home yet. The snow squalls have started where I live too. I might actually see a White Easter.

Debbie said...

I am feeling discombobulated but mostly because it is snowing on my beloved lilacs and that just isn't right. And I hate to tell you but it looks like there is a lot of snow up in them there hills.

Michelle said...

I feel discombobulated right here in my kitchen some days.

You will be home soon.

Oh to have wings :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome and enjoy the green and the traffic. Hope the stay is good while it lasts.

Sandra Leigh said...

I feel almost guilty. My little corner of the Great White North is experiencing Spring. It may not last long - I hear that winter isn't finished with us just yet - but right now it's absolutely beautiful here. I do hope you're able to get home tomorrow.

Terri Tiffany said...

I understand about missing home! Hope you get there soon but enjoy that state you are in!