Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday still means Working for The Glamorous Life of the Writer (snickity!)

Glamorous life of the writer
Ah, friends, my head/heart/brain/arms/hands/everything is completely overtaken now to finish VKIII/Final Graces novel. Yes, the Glamorous Life of the Writer is . . . well . . . huhn. It means even though many are taking a holiday weekend off - I will not be. Although, I will try to take a little time here and there . . . perhaps . . . to eat chocolate, maybe see a play, walk the cove. Still, BEST DANGED JOB IN THE WORLD!
Your comments and visits mean a lot to me, so thank you. I have been missing your blogs and appreciate your stopping by here even when I haven't been by your place in a while (dang me). I will say, that's the beauty of Facebook - I can keep up with people and even see their blog posts there more easily and quickly. If you are on Facebook, come friend me so I can see what you are doing at a glance! I've had so many distractions with the writing of this novel and it has come down to me having to put blinders on and plow plow plow this danged field!

Oh, the glamour (:-D)
Now, I want to leave you with some images of Fairhope, Alabama. You've seen some photos of our Girl's Night Out, and etc, in the two posts below, and really I'd meant to do several write-ups about the Gulf Coast Creative Writing Teachers Association Conference (it was wonderful, and Angie Ledbetter and I were happy with our panel discussion), and more on the beautiful quaint city of Fairhope, and more on the shenanigans my friends and I doodled dee dahed - but, my responsibility is to finishing the novel and it's hard to concentrate on other things right now. I've backed myself (or events/distractions pushed me, too!) into the corner of "You better finish this danged book, Kathryn, or ELSE!" The "or ELSE" would mean having to contact my editor, Deb Smith, and say "Um, teehee, um, I didn't finish . . . teehee . . . didn't make my deadline, teeheehee . . ." which has never ever happened and I do not want it to happen this time, either. Lawd!

Fairhope, Alabama Trip . . .

a wonderful place to eat - Two Sisters - fresh made pastries & bread YUM a fave!
Managing Editor R&T Cyn Toups, Poetry Editor R&T Marilyn Shapley, Canvas on Rocks & Poet Alaine Benard
downtown Fairhope
the writers' messes
ringed moon

The paintings we did - Canvas on the Rocks by Alaine Benard - mine in middle - my first EVER painting! thanks to Canvas on the Rocks - she ROCKS

Have a wonderful weekend - enjoy your Good Friday, Easter, and/or whatever else you do and believe in and enjoy!

(all images are mine, Kat Magendie's photographs)


Judith Mercado said...

(Glamorous life of a writer)+ (hair pulled out) +(published books) = fun

Dave King said...

Well, I have to say, it DOES look glamorous!

Vaughn Roycroft said...

I've been crackin' up about your glamour shots. First time I saw 'em on FB, I looked down at my unshowered self to find my hoodie all food-stained, my jeans worn to an almost-rip on one knee, and old slippers on my feet (at 4pm).
Happy Easter, Kathryn (and/or whatever you believe in ;-) ), and good luck making your deadline!

Anonymous said...

good luck with your deadline, writer-wady. but really, luck has nothing to do with it. just finding time and space to let the characters speak. and lead.
best part about fairhope was the quality AND writerly/arterly times together. thanx for that...and everything else. now hurry the hell up and finish VKIII so i have something hotdayumgood to read!
thanx for the plug, too.
write on~

Marguerite said...

Don't you just love deadlines? lol More wonderful pics! I love that moon and sunset! Have a Happy Easter, cher, and do take time to eat some chocolate!

Titus said...

Gotta echo Dave, it looks glamorous to me too! You don't have children to feed?! You change your jeans and shirt?!!

Best, best of luck with the remainder and Easter wishes to all.

Hanny said...

I've always loved people like you because you always seem to know how to enjoy every bit of life. I'm a hard-wired misanthrope, but I try to overcome with White Russians and Spongebob Squarepants.

Analisa said...

I tell you the pile of books you have written is getting bigger!!!!

I love the paintings. First one ever? That is awesome.

Kerry said...

Oh gosh, this makes me miss Alabama.

Good luck with your book! (hey whatchya doin' reading this comment...back to work with you!)

Deb Shucka said...

Love the pictures of the glam writer at work. :-)

I'm so excited that you're almost done with VKIII. I can hardly wait for it to be born.

michiko said...

Love the pictures of glamorous and the moon.
Happy Easter to you!

Mei said...

Sounds fun... The Glamorous life of the writer! Wish I can join in... just dreaming! LOL... thankyou for popping in and leave your kind word. I need that... Mei

Debbie said...

What a fun trip! My brother and sister in law live next to Fairhope and it is gorgeous down there. Except in the summer. We mountain gals wilt in the summer!

Texas Playwright Chick said...

ah, yes, the glamorous strife...uh, I mean life! tee hee! Love the writer's mess!!! So familiar to me!