Monday, February 14, 2011

The dreaded: "What's your novel about?"

Below is a short excerpt from my archives, and if you want to read the rest just click on the link. Although, now when I'm asked that question about The Graces Sagas I usually say, "It's an Appalachian family saga" and if the person expresses more interest, then I tell a little more. With Sweetie, I haven't settled into my one sentence blurb yet because I don't always follow my own advice from this archived post, I could do a lot better . . . teeheehee :-D. Seeing this post from about two years ago and how I would be able to tell people what my books are "about" in a one to three sentence blurb is STILL difficult for me. Dang.

What about you? I dare you to tell me what your book is about in one to three sentences - ha! (I bet some of you can and will and do!)

From the Archives:

"What is your novel about?"

Oh. Oh! Oh, how I hated it when someone would ask me that. For this is what would happen:

Me: Deer in the headlights look, shuffling feet. Then, "Um, well, it's about this woman and she goes back home - yeah, it's about home and family and stuff, and she spreads her momma's ashes, and stuff happens and stuff, and it's like stuff abounds and all manner of stuffity stuff stuff and then, well, it's got this mountain, see, and did I say it was about this woman and family and home and belonging and stuff happens and stuff?"

Them: now they have a deer in the headlights look, followed by a slow blink. They quickly recover and ask: "So~! What's the title?"

Me: Oh crap. "Um, well, see, it's not titled yet...well, it is but the title is temporary, haha, I mean, haha, you know those publishers - I mean, when I get a publisher (for this was before I signed with BelleBooks) they'll change it anyway - and well, anyway, the title I have for it, just temp mind you - not really the title, haha, ah, er, the temporary title, and it kind of sucks, so remember it will change, is [really bad title here]." FOR REST OF POST, CLICK HERE


Susan R. Mills said...

This is really hard for me. It's something I'm working on though.

KarenG said...

It's like coming up with a me in 30 seconds for your book.

Farm Girl is a coming of age story about a girl growing up on a 1920's Nebraska farm.

House of Diamonds is the story of two sisters, one facing tragedy the other opportunity. Can their bond endure?

Uncut Diamonds? I still struggle with this even tho it's been out for 2 years LOL.

Linda said...

Okay, I'll play along. It's likely to change by tomorrow, but here's today's brief description.

The Brevity of Roses is the story of Jalal Vaziri, a man who runs when life gets difficult. A perfect life with an older woman gives him roots—for a while. Jalal’s a broken man, on the run again, when he encounters a younger, and headstrong, woman who challenges him to give life—and love—one more chance.

rosaria said...

K, I'll summarize it for you when I get it in the mail.
As for what I wrote and what it is about, here is my attempt at summarizing my memoir (yes, I've written a whole book!):

"This is the story of a young girl leaving her entire family in search of a better life in America."

Come to thing of it, it says absolutely nothing about her, nor about her family. Even less about the America she found.


Liza said...

Ahh. The dreaded "Elevator Statement." It's just as lousy when you have to use it to network for a job. When I have a book to sell though, I've promised myself I'll get my statement down cold!

Gaston Studio said...

IF I had a book it would be titled "From Within" and if I were asked that question, I would say: It's story about a psychological problem induced by a physiological cause."... which is probably why it was never published.

Angie Ledbetter said...

Here's your log line for Sweetie: To Kill a Mockingbird meets Bastard of Carolina and Billy Collins. heheee

I'd describe my ms thusly: A crazy group of "fictional" women writers strive for authentic lives and voices.


Angie Ledbetter said...

PS Love the other ladies' descriptions!

~JarieLyn~ said...

If I wrote a book it would be titled, Letters to P. My one sentence to describe what it's about: The Affair That Never Was

Debbie said...

I hate it when anyone expects me to give them a synopsis of some very important part of my life. I can't even recite my grocery list in less than 5 minutes!