Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Random Linkages/Random Videos

These Old Spice Guy videos crack me up - and he's not hard to look at either. This one is for you Librarians out there!

For some reason I have bookmarked "10 Horrible Deep Sea Creatures" and have no memory of why - but, probably for research on something I may have wanted to write for Ocean Magazine; who knows. Also in my bookmarks (both listed under "writing research") I have "Moral Insanity: A Brief History" - huhn, who knows what I was looking for when I found that. Okay, well, Enjoy! *laugh*

I am trying to decide whether to do a 'trailer' for SWEETIE. I did one for Tender Graces and for Secret Graces. But, I'm just not sure if people look at them or if they are 'worth' doing or if they add anything to the process or enjoyment of my books, etc. They're fun to make, but they do take a bit of time. Bellebooks did TG for me, and I asked if I could do SG and that was my first attempt. I'm on the fence about doing one for Sweetie. What do you think? Any opinions/suggestions?

Also, speaking of SWEETIE - I have one review trade paperback sized copy left. If you are a book blogger/reviewer, I will send you this proof - it is an uncorrected galley proof (for those who don't know what that is - it means it's an early version printed out before all the errors are caught and fixed), and is for reviewers only. Contact me at my hotmail or gmail addresses (you can go to my website or look at my blogger profile to get an email) if you are interested in reviewing Sweetie. I only have one, so first one to email me I will send it on.

I will remind everyone that Bellebooks/Bell Bridge Books will be accepting new manuscripts for literary/women's fiction beginning November 1. They are growing and it's exciting!

I came across The Best Damn Creative Writing Blog "getting your literary life," and am exploring it, and enjoying it, thoroughly. Just scroll the front page and you'll see plenty of nuggets to click and read.

I'll miss the Cathy comic. I'm glad they will be having Cathy Classics, but still, I'd love to see where else her life leads her. Well, things have to end sometimes, don't they?

I've been enjoying "Blind Pig & The Acorn" blog - recipes, posts about Appalachia and its writers and people and music. Love it.

And as always, Teresa Frohock has written a thought-provoking blog.

The Return of Buffalo Horse. If you've read SG, you know there is a 'scene' where Virginia Kate opens replica of Ponokamita (or Pono-Kamita) - the Buffalo horse - from Miss Darla. It's one of my favorite scenes with so much symbolism and nature and power.

Tartitude bought a pen like mine! She fell in love with it just as I did - love love this pen. My son, Daniel, bought me one for Christmas and it's one of my prized possessions. I use it for signings, etc.

Y'all have a great day!


Glynis said...

LOL, I love the OS man.

I have bought a couple of books because I stumbled across their promo video. Not sure if that helps you or not but...*smile*

Thanks for sharing blog links, there are a few new ones for me to browse.

Jessica Nelson said...

Miss Darla was such a great character. :-)

Thanks for all the links!

As for a book trailer, if I see one it won't make me buy the book but it would make me look up the book to read the technically it could lead to sales. Good luck!

demery bader-saye said...

I loved the trailers - they gave me a taste of your wonderful writing and made me want to read more, more, more! So I'd say yes on the Sweetie trailer if you're up for it.

Cathy is one of my favorites! I recently bought a Cathy book (Abs of Steel, Buns of Cinnamon) so I can read little bits of her whenever I need a lift.

Happy to know about Bellebooks being open Nov. 1st!

Thanks for all your tidbits.

Deb Shucka said...

I love those OS commercials, too, and I'm not exactly sure why. They make me laugh every time.

I vote that you make the video for Sweetie. I think every little bit helps. I can hardly wait to have my hands on the final copy.

Thanks for the links. Off to check them out.

MT said...

I love the old spice commercials. Have you seen the spoof that BYU did? It's on my faves page on my blog if you'd like to check it out. Very funny!

About book trailers, I'm not too fond of them, but I can see how they'd be fun to make, for sure.

Have a great week!

Small Footprints said...

Thanks for all the great links ... there's a few that I'm headed for.

I really enjoyed both of the trailers on your books. It's like seeing a preview of a movie which you really want to see ... makes my mouth water!

Can't wait for Sweetie!

Karen said...

I like the trailers. But is there a way to calculate the traffic on them?

Thanks for all the links, will check them out!

Carolyn V. said...

LOL! I love those Old Spice commercials! They are so clever!
Thanks for the awesome links.

Aimee L Salter said...

I've heard trailers for books are only really useful in two ways: If you have a YA book 'cos the teens are really into them, or (more so) if there's something funny / interesting about your trailer that might send it viral.

Basically, unless there's a reason tons of people are going to be interested and sending to their friends, they're of limited value. Most readers / reviewers check out blurbs, etc over trailers.

Jan O'Hara (Tartitude) said...

Hey, thank you for the mention! I wondered why I was receiving hits from here. And I finally figured out how to get your through Networked Blogs. Yay.

As for the trailer question, the best one I've seen is Kristina Yosheda McMorris', and I think it works because it bonds reader to author rather than book. Also, the best *use* of a trailer IMHO is at a public event behind the author, to catch peoples' eyes without being intrusive.

Personally, I have never bought a book because of a trailer. So to answer your question, I'd do it if it calls to you, but I don't think they are expected or particularly valuable for your genre.

Debbie said...

Looks like the other commenters have already given you some good feedback on trailers.
I think that Old Spice guys is great. I'm not sure why those ads are so appealing but they sure are! I also think it is funny that the product my father used all my young life is the same one my teenage sons are using.