Sunday, August 16, 2009

These blogs are made for walking, and that's just what I'll do....

Hello friends. Tomorrow I want to post more about "writing craft" (dangling participles for one). But this is Sunday and on Sunday's I like to Blog Walk. But I have to mention:

I received a very nice Kreative Blogger award from Ranch Girl Ramblings and, a few weeks ago, from Cathy, a Humane award. I have been very bad about following the "rules" when I receive an award, but it in no way lessens the joy and appreciation I feel at receiving the awards . . . thank you!

I also want to say thank fellow bloggers David Pereda (author of a book I can’t wait to buy at his signing at Osondu’s next month: Havana Top Secrets) – and Small Footprints (who’s green living tips are important and inspiring)- for supporting me at Malaprops last night. Both have kind and open expressions that match their personalities (she is lovely with a perfect "peaches and cream" complexion I envied, and he is handsome and distinquished); I am glad to know them now “in person.” It is such a delight for me to meet bloggers in person. Katsoup drove hours from her home to my Osondu author's reception and I am still amazed and grateful (she is a beautiful person with life bubbling out of her pores). I met Carol at the Writer's porch recently (and her photos do not do her justice - she's lovely and classy and full of fun-etic energy), and Debbie of Suburb Sanity (Not only is she a pretty woman, she is as intelligent and interesting as her posts are). In the past I've met other bloggers for whom I've enjoyed coming to know. We can't all meet in person, but it sure is fun when we do.

I want you all to know my appreciation is honest and true. I print out your reviews, comments, emails, and put them in my keepsake book. Thank you. My life has become busy and scattered, so if I forget something or someone, or I miss an email from you, please know that it isn't for lack of trying or respect.

I will do some blog walking, and then work on VK2, and then! Today is Roger’s birthday, so I am going to prepare homemade pizza tonight!

Below is Happy Birthday Roger! in WingDings font *laughing:

Happy Birthday Roger!


Analisa said...

Happy Birthday Roger!!!
I love birthdays!

Kat, glad you liked the blog. Paul is my one and only child. My sweetheart baby. :)

How is Maggie doing today?

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday to GMR....

Can't wait to find out what a dangling whatsy I do it all the time :)

Rick said...

Count me in for the homemade pizza if there's any left over!

Linda said...

Happy Birthday to GMR...and congrats to you on all that is happening in your life right now. I can't wait for VK2!

Sandra Leigh said...

Happy birthday to Roger - Pizza is perfect Birthday Food.

How did Malaprops go, Kathryn? I want all the details, please. Betcha you were awesome.

Barry said...

Happy Birthday Roger! You are obviously a good man!

I hope there was cake to go along with that pizza?

Small Footprints said...

Hi Kat! Happy Birthday to GMR! Mmm ... homemade pizza ... yummy!

I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to meet you, in person, over the weekend ... you are as sweet as I thought you'd be ... and far prettier than your pictures. And I'm so excited to finally get a copy of your book (which you graciously signed for me) ... I dove right into it the minute I got home and am having a hard time putting it down (much to the chagrin of my family ... and work ... hehe).

Thanks, again, Kat ... you're one in a million!

Small Footprints

Debbie said...

Does Roger share his birthday with my anniversary? I hope he had a great one.
Thanks for the very lovely things you said about me. Smooch!