Monday, August 17, 2009

Hello? helloooooo? Where am I? . . . I'm right over there!

Gosh, yesterday when I said I would be back "tomorrow" with a post about dangling participles (I love that 'dangling participles,' teehee)...I meant tomorrow as in Tuesday, not Monday...and when I said I would be blog walking yesterday, I missed a few blogs, so will be around this evening. (Update on Maggie! - she is getting healthier every day...what a joy she is; we just love her.)

For, today I am over at helluo librorum, Teresa's blog about writers, writing, and all things written. It is a small community of writers communicating through our various blogs for support and information about the publishing industry.

I am there talking about A few words on submitting your work to a zine . . . and here is a 'teaser' . . .

So, you’ve written your story and are ready to find a place for it. Where to begin when there are a gazillion places to submit to? Your brain fizzles and pops, then shuts down. You take your beautiful story and file it under, “I have no idea where to submit this piece and who wants it anyway? I’m sadder than sad, bluer than blue. I think I’ll go eat worms.”
I’ve been there, my friend. I wish I had a magic answer for you, one that would make all your literary dreams come true. If I knew this, I’d bottle it and sell it for nineteen ninety-five (But wait! There’s more! Buy one All Your Literary Dreams Come True and receive another one free!).. . . for the rest of the article, visit helluo librorum

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Barry said...

I'll have to go read that. I made my first foray into submitting an article to a magazine about a month ago and, beyond receiving an acknowledgment of my submission, I've heard nothing back from them.

After a month, I'm wondering at what point silence becomes a "no thank you, as editors of a National magazine we don't know what we're doing and have foolishly decided not to publish your submission".