Thursday, June 11, 2009

You say hello and I say hello ...hello hello!

Random Things:

We didn't know it until we saw the credits, but GMR may have had a voice-over character on one of the series (I think it is part 4): Appalachia, A History of Mountains & People.

Last night I used this new thing I bought were you put a pad on the circular majiggee and then it vibrates and you run it over your face. Then, I put a green mud mask on my face and let it "harden." I rinsed it off. I put on moisturizer. I felt spa-ish.

While watching King of the Hill, I had a sudden crush on Hank Hill. I am weird.

Early in the evening, there was the dreaded sound of chainsaws and the horrific crash of tree against ground. My stomach whorled and spun. This morning, I was relieved to see it was only a poor dead tree someone had to cut down. Alas, poor tree - I knew it well. It will serve someone as firewood, though - its life not quite done. Ashes to ashes.

It is softly raining, right now.

At this moment, the name Annie comes to mind. Who knows why, or who Annie is or why she comes to mind. There is a dog named Annie we see sometimes on our Lake Junaluska walk. Maybe I am thinking of that Annie.

There was a bear on our road the other day, sleeping. I didn't see it, someone else did.

Right at this moment, someone is laughing.

I love the moon.

Here is a recipe that is easy for everyone: Take two pieces of bread. Put two pieces of cheese between it. Put that into a buttered skillet. Brown both sides, get the cheese gooey. Put it on a plate. Serve with it tomato soup that has added black pepper. You will feel happy and comforted. Add slices of apple and you will feel even better.

I wonder if someone is reading Tender Graces right at this moment. I wonder if someone has just finished her, and I wonder if someone has just begun her, and I wonder if someone is looking at her wondering if they should purchase her, and I wonder if someone is missing Virginia Kate right now. I am, so I will get to work on her . . . right . . . now . . .

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Sandra Leigh said...

It sounds as if you are in the perfect state of mind to write, Kathryn - somewhere between here and there, drifting - The CBC had a contest a few weeks ago for the best grilled cheese sandwich recipe. It's amazing what people will do to fancify such a simple, glorious thing.

Carol @ TheWritersPorch said... a mess! A good mess, but still a mess!! :D

smiles4u said...

I loved reading your little bit of this and a little bit of that. I have missed visiting here. I hope that it works for me to catch up here soon but I wanted to stop by and say I still think of you. I keep looking for your book but I think I am going to have to order it on-line. I will read your book before the summer is over...that is my goal. hugs, Lori

Angie Ledbetter said...

I married Hank, as you know, so whenever you need a fix...come on down. :)

Your grilled cheese sandwich and soup (including pepper) is exactly how I eat it. The perfect comfort food. Have you tried grilled PBJ yet? mm mmm goodness.

Hope the signing goes great! Hugs