Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Another unflattering photo of me (haw) and linky love

Silly ole Kat at Petit Jean State Park
visit Petit Jean State Park's website

I wanted to write up about my brother's and my odyssey from Texas to North Carolina, taking the back roads, visiting State Parks, etc., but I'm still trying to catch up. I hope to have something written up next Wednesday, as I really want to talk about things we saw, and to talk up the State Parks, who need our support!

You know, I don't know how many unflattering photos of myself I have put out here on my blog, but one day I'm going to try to gather them up and post them all *laughing* - I mean, have I no vanity? I guess not  . . . haw. You can even see them in my gallery above  . . . teeheehee.

Today I'll leave you with some links, including the one for Petit Jean above.

Can't remember if I've ever mentioned LitStack, for the love of all things wordy.

And Friday Reads: Read Share Repeat.

Reader Unboxed: By Readers For Readers, and a sister of Writer Unboxed.

If you haven't already, and I think I have mentioned her before but she has a whole new thing on novel structure and etc for all you writers out there, then head to Kristen Lamb's blog. She talks a lot about social networking, too, and how to make it work for you better/smarter- and you don't have to be a writer to benefit from that - I have ordered her book about blogging so maybe I can derive some tips on how to spruce up this place, for it's feeling a little stale, ain't it folks? :-D.

OOPS50 - A sharing blog for women over 50 - just discovered this blog by visiting the Farmer's Market in Asheville.

Karen Elliott is having a "paint the writer's wagon" contest - signed copies of Tender Graces and Secret Graces are one of the prizes, but as well she has a gift card and the Hunger Grames books(not signed, but still), and those two prizes ain't nuttin to sneeze at so I danged ole promise it won't hurt my feelings if you choose one of those *grin*.

There has been a lot of talk and all about book lending on Amazon through Amazon Prime. I don't know what to think about it and as an author I sometimes have to just let all that flow around me and see "what will be," and as well, I trust my publishers, BelleBooks, to do what they must do to protect their authors and their business, and to sell books and etc etc. I do know BB has a temporary deal they had to fight tooth and claw to make sure we were protected and as far as I  know, Tender Graces and Sweetie are on that Amazon Prime program for what may be a limited time - and I say "may be" because seems some books, as I've read about on blogs, have been put there without permission - I don't know. I live in the Land of Confusion where many others live as we walk around with stunned expressions and go "ungh; ungh?" a lot.

Would I really like for my books to be in many many bookstores and libraries across the land? You bet I would! Are they in many many bookstores and libraries across the land? No. You can ask for them and they will order them, but they aren't readily there in some places, and sometimes people expect things to be There, Right Then. This is why Amazon becomes so powerful to/for/with small press publishers and their authors - because our books are physically there and digitally there and can go anywhere to anyone at a quick click. I have more to say on this, but I'll leave it at that for now.

Rose & Thorn's fall issue went live while I was in Texas. I hope you all will go by and take a look, read, let us and the authors know what you think. Our Guest Author is Daniel Wallace of Big Fish fame, and we have plenty more good stuff from writers and poets, and from our guest artist. We appreciate your support.

Almost forgot! GMR has art up at the Studio 86 in Waynesville. Including his "Red Dog" paintings (except he has Red Dog in French and I forgot what it is :-D). If you are in the area - stop by and see all the artists' works. October 19-November 12, 2011FREE. Artist Reception: November 4, 2011 from 6-9pm. Or if you like the Red Dog, he paints them with your fave team on the tag.

As always, visiting those vistors who leave a comment and a link is lovely. I know we are all busy, but I hope our blog community remains and grows. It can be such a wonderful source of information and contact with people all over the world. Yes, so can Facebook/Twitter, but our blogs take Our Selves just a little bit further.

That's enough for now. I once again want to thank you all for your support and love. To know of all these kind acts truly helped me through this, and my family as I shared with them your thoughts.


Glynis said...

I am so impressed by your pic. It is good to see another LoopyLoo in the world.

I am not sure about the lending library bit. It is all changing too fast for my liking. Gosh I have only just received a Kindle and working out how to buy. Borrowing is a whole different ball game! :D

Eddie Bluelights said...

Nice view Kat LOL. Well almost!! Seriously great to see you having a good time and again I am sorry for the recent sadness in your life. Hugs ~ Eddie

john bord said...

Crazy, goony, looney an a few other tunes floating over the cliffs of rock to cascade into thunderous guffaws.

Sometimes priorities in life get turned up side down by politicians and greedy self serving people.

State parks tend ti fall down to the lower rung of the money ladder, unless there is a big enough uproar. The uproar is usually about one park or two..... the others fall into obscurity.

Upside down priorities. We recently had a ballot imitative for increasing taxes to fund education. Not surprising it was turned down. Not a good time for new taxes. Then the governor comes out and says he slashing 89 million out of the education budget. The education of children just got thrown into the back seat by the political cronies.

There were numerous other cuts that could of happened.... but no. put a guilt trip on the people that voted no on a new tax.

Education just got bumped on to the low ring with state parks.

There are times I wish I could string the politicians up by their toe nails and let them hang for they way they treat the people.

Technology is changing things and also there is a bigger demand for free things. So many people any more want somebody else to buy things for them. The issue you address with the books is but one example. There are so many publications today that do not pay writers for stories because they can get them for free off an internet site.

Writing for a living is no t easy. Fitzgerald used to get $4000.00 or so for a magazine article in the 20's when he first started writing. Know any paying that kind of money today?

Keep the keyboard busy and have a good one.

Diane said...

Love that picture of you and thanks for all the great links! :O)

Karen S. Elliott said...

I think that photo is just fine. Like Kat's kicking up her heels! Lots of Linky Love - Like!

Titus said...

But why are you doing scissor kicks on a big rock?!

Adore le chien rouge. Ouah, ouah.

Sarah Allen said...

Awesome links! Thanks for sharing, this makes research so much easier.

And I love the photo :)

Sarah Allen
(my creative writing blog)

Sheila Deeth said...

We did the get-there-in-as-short-a-time-as-possible trip from California to Texas. A slower trip with more time to enjoy the scenery sounds good.