Monday, September 5, 2011

Photos, Peanuts Comic, Video of breezy cove day . . . no words

summer issue of Rose & Thorn


Lyd said... "green" with envy is as green as it is on your mountain. Thanks for sharing the good stuff. :^)

Sandra Leigh said...

I love your video, Kat. It made me close my eyes and breathe deeply, and that has to be a good thing!

Titus said...

Is that a skunk!?

I have just allowed the youngest two (8 years old) to start reading my precious Peanuts books (nos 1 - 87, used to buy them at Liverpool Street Station every Friday on the way home from school) and to my amazement and horror I know every single strip off by heart. Including that one!

Carolyn V said...

Love it! The snail is pretty cool. =)

john bord said...

The life of a mountain gal, in pictures and essays.
Make a nice little book to dream with, reflect or travel hither and yon.

Anthology of Kat's Cove.

tipper said...

Loved the photos and the video! We are lucky to live here aren't we : )

Marguerite said...

Great photos and video! The last pic is my fave and I love the wind chimes, too!