Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Work-Out Writer: How Bad Do You Want This?

I climbed on the treadmill today with less energy than I wanted. Since at least Monday, I’ve had a dull headache and that weird “impending doom” feeling. GMR teases me about it, but I usually say “Something’s coming,” when I feel this way. That something’s usually geological or atmospheric or combo. I’ve been "right," but maybe as well there are times I’ve been wrong and just didn’t note it—all could be a coincidence. I’m still feeling it today, and danged if some weird thought didn't bomp me in my head: “under the sea,” and now I’m feeling foolish and where was I on this post? I sure need to talk about "distraction" don't I?

Oh yes . . . treadmill, no energy - the old "I don't know if I can do this today" come calling . . .

You think this snail worries about how long it'll take it to cross the road? Does it pause to consider how sucky it is?

During my jog, I wanted to stop multiple times. I didn’t want to challenge myself. I wanted Easy. To go along at this slow steady pace, or better yet, walk, or better yet, jump off and go do something else. I became so frustrated with myself, that I yelled in my head, like a red-faced coach, “HOW BAD DO YOU WANT THIS? HUH? HOW BAD DO YOU WANT THIS?” And all of a sudden, I wanted it BAD! I was fired up! I was ready to work. I bumped up the speed and tore off on the treadmill.

During one particular song, I pushed off on my leg and hovered in the air before slamming down, and did it again and again. As I hovered there, it felt as if I were suspended about a foot in the air, when in reality, I probably only came up a few inches—but the Perception was I felt myself higher. Does it really matter if I only came up a few inches? Or is the Perception of what I felt I accomplished a just-as-important reality? I like to think the latter, for it inspired me to take it further/farther, to run stronger, to push myself past the point of what I thought, or what I told myself (and this is an important insight), was my limit.


Take what I said above and apply it to your writing life, or your musical life, or your artistic life, or your work life, your home life, your Life. How bad do we want what we think we want the most? How hard are we willing to work for it? How often are we willing to feel uncomfortable? How often are we able to face disappointment and still go on? And how much are we willing to push ourselves past the point where we think we must stop?

And when we push off, hovering in the air, feeling powerful and strong, do we let that wonderful perception spur us on to do more and better and stronger? Or do we say, “Eh, I was really only inches off the ground. No big deal. Other people can jump higher. Eh.” How bad do you want this? Bad enough to sweat and push and sprint and, as well, sometimes to feel pain and set-backs and exhaustion but pick yourself up and do it again. And again. And again. And again. Once again.

I’ll tell you what giving up or giving in gives you: Not a danged thing but regret. And the flipside of that is this: you can work your ass off and still not reach all of your goals, but I can guarantee you’ll have accomplished more than you ever dreamed you could if you do not give in to negativity and fear and doubt, and note I said "not give in to it" not that you'll never feel those things.

You’ll have jumped up, hovered higher than you ever thought you could soar, grow stronger, faster, more determined. Note the accomplishments and savor them, for even the smallest goal reached is A Goal Reached. Why do we disregard even the smallest of goals? They weren’t so small when we were arching towards them, were they?

How bad do you want this?

Photos by kat . . .


KarenG said...

I can't even tell you how many times I've given up on exercise, usually because there's something else I want more that involves sedentary behavior. Sigh.

Jennifer said...

And you now know that your headache was predicting the earthquake later that day. Hope your feeling better!

Susan R. Mills said...

Thanks for the inspiration. I get headaches because of atmosphere changes, too. I've had one all week just like you. Weird.

Eddie Bluelights said...

Gee Girl!! With positive vibes like that you can walk on water! Incredible attitude and yes I do want it badly so I might just get my running kit out again!
Your determination reminds me that people like you can overcome this saying (below) with sheer effort:

!Aim at the stars and you might reach the ceiling. Aim at the ceiling and you'll never get off the ground!" Gravity is a mean foe.

Your Saturn V is fantastic. AQnd of course one of Granny's sayings springs to mind, "A healthy body leads to a healthy mind". Cheers ~ Eddie

Eddie Bluelights said...

Oh and you might just be a barometer as well LOL

Titus said...

Nice reminder, coach. Sometimes it really is hard.

And wow. You can predict earthquakes! Hope all's well.

Barbara Forte Abate said...

Funny how just a few words convey so much. For me it's always been a three word prayer that I utter at every bump, uncertainty, and slam-dunk smack in the face: "Faith, Trust, Believe", which actually comes pretty close to "How much do you want this?" Because, really truly, but I do want "it" very much, abundantly so...and thus I do keep moving (forcefully when necessary). On foot, in head, and on keyboard!

Carolyn V said...

Oh. I love this! We were just talking about this very thing yesterday at my crit group. It's so true!