Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Reading the fine (and kind of ridiculous & funny) print . . .

short hair
I didn’t use a hairdryer for over 10 years, and in fact, I never brushed my hair for over ten years-not kidding. My hair stayed short to boy-short for those years or more. All of a sudden, I have hair that’s grown about chin length, and I figured I needed a decent hairdryer, and I even dug out a brush, ungh.

So I went to Sally Beauty Supply and bought this fancyish hairdryer with Ionic something another and ceramic doodly doo dah day, and molecule flippity floop doop, with tourmaline zippity do dah zip, and it wasn’t the most expensive, but more than I usually would think I'd pay for a hairdryer.

Last night I was reading the information sheet, and there were the usual, “Don’t put this in the water or around water or with water” while using or plugged in. Common knowledge, but I understand the need to tell people they shouldn’t be blow-drying their hair while bathing or showering--do they really? but well, okay, maybe someone doesn't know this yet. Maybe someone wants to do two things at once in this busy old time: bathe/shower and dry their hair.

But this one sentence made me laugh. I’m giggling now as I write this: Never use while sleeping.
hair growing out wily nilly before dryer - dang, I had to start brushing it as I obviously didn't do here

I kid you not. Never use while sleeping is one of the warnings/instructions in the information sheet of my new hair dryer. Haw!
my new hairdryer

Okay. Well. How did they come up with that one? Had someone been drying their hair in bed and fallen asleep and mayhem came calling? I’m shrugging.

Meanwhile, I will use my new hairdryer: not in the bathtub or shower. Not near any puddles of water. I won’t insert things into it. I will “keep my hair out of it” (yes, that’s another one: “Keep your hair out of it.” I won’t use with a voltage converter. I won’t use it outdoors. I won’t “direct hot air towards eyes or other heat-sensitive areas.”

And most of all! I will not use the hairdryer while sleeping.


VK III is humming along nicely. I’m pleased with my progress and will have no problem making my deadline. All that worry and angst and stressing over nothing—Virginia Kate pulled through for me: yay VK! This book, as I’ve said before, had to be ripped out of me, and part of that is because of some darker places I had to write about.

In other news, and I can’t remember if I mentioned this before. BB has sold foreign rights to a Russian Literary publisher, so Tender Graces and I think Secret Graces (not sure about Sweetie) will be in Russian! I can’t wait to see how that turns out.
not a firefly :-D

The Firefly Dance has had some delays, but soon as I know more about that anthology I will pass it on.

Now, y’all go have a good great day. And remember: Do Not, Ever Ever, Use Your Hairdryer While Sleeping!


Deb Shucka said...

This is so funny! I love reading the disclaimers that come with new appliances for that very reason.

It will be fun to see you with a new 'do.

Is there a good story behind the buttons on your shirt in that picture? :-)

Jessica Nelson said...

But I always use mine when I'm sleeping. :-P
Actually, I have long hair but I never blowdry it. IT takes too long and is a pain. LOL
Congrats on the Russian sale and woohoo on III! Can't wait to read it. I still need to read II but am putting it off because I know VK meets her love but from the first book, she's divorced, so I'm not looking forward to the no HEA. :-(( I know, I'm a whiner. *grin*

Kathleen Boston McCune said...

I understand that "pulling from dark places" since I am writing an autobiography at my publisher's request. Didn't feel old enough in the first place and after starting ...not all that excited in visiting those dark places either....I too am moving on and maybe we can call this therapy of a type!

john bord said...

On the stat map, one of the places my blog gets a lots of hits from is Russia. I have a feeling your books will do well in that foreign country. Maybe get a book tour for over there....yeah.

Sleeping with a hairdryer..... that would be a challenge..... believe I shall pass that challenge on.

Glynis said...

Lol, thanks for the info I will stop the nasty habit!

So your books are going to be in Russian? There is a large, no HUGE expat community of Russians here in Cyprus. I wonder if I will see a copy in a store somewhere. If I do I will take a piccy! Great news.

Eryl said...

Russian? Wow! Is this new, blow-dried and brushed, look to go with your growing status as über author?

In the information sheet for a camera, long since gone, we found the instruction: "Do not stand under a tree in a lightening storm." Not even do not use your camera under a tree in a lightening storm.

Marguerite said...

Hilarious! Guess some people don't have common sense. I don't use a hair dyer, since my hair is very long and the dryer makes it frizz up in the humidity. Great about the Russian connection to your books. The more, the merrier! :)


Thank God you reached me in the nick of time. I was preparing to dry my hair while I took a nap in a tub full of water. Whew. You saved me this time.
Who will be here the next time!!!
AT least with the pic of your dryer I'll recognize it if it slips up on me.
Still laughing.


Oh congrats on getting your book in Russian. How fun will that be to see it in print!

Hanny said...

If you waited ten more years you could have the latest iPhone dry and brush your hair.

Linda Hoye said...

Okay, first of all I LOVE that you didn't brush your hair for ten years. If only I could be so lucky. Thanks foe the tip about not using a hairdryer while sleeping. I have been contemplating doing that very thing. LOL!

Debra said...

Well that one takes the cake! I remember I used to dry my hair by going outside and hanging my head over the central air conditioning unit! Then blow dryers came along and ruined everything! Ha!

Eagerly awaiting VK III

Sharla Lovelace said...

the rebel in me feels the need to try this!!!! :P

Sharla Lovelace said...

the rebel in me feels the need to try this!!!! :P

Liza said...

Now kidding? Not while I am sleeping? Those darn safety police...they ruin all the fun.

Wendy said...

The baby formula we used when we had a newborn had pull-top lids. Embossed on those lids were pictoral symbols indicating how you open the can. Every time I opened a new can I thought, "If you need these directions to open this can how in the world are you going to figure out how to do all the other stuff you're supposed to do with your baby??" It was quite alarming.

Karen said...

Ha, so that's why my hair never turns out right! :P But where's the pic of your long hair after using said dyer?

Wow, Russian, cool!

Gaston Studio said...

Disclaimers; heavy stuff, especially when written by persons whose English is not their first language. Ha!

Eliza Evans said...

So I am, quite embarrassingly, admitting my bad reality TV habit, but on a show called Strange Addictions, there was a woman who slept all night long with a blow dryer in her bed and had been for more than a decade. She liked the white noise it provided and the warmth. She had scars up and down her arms! It was actually really sad.

So, there you go. It was all her fault.

Linda Leschak said...

I still have all the tags on all my mattresses and pillows because it says that removing them is some sort of crime.
Awesome news about VK going to Russia!