Monday, June 13, 2011

Three Videos: Mountain Storm, Whale Back Rock, Nekkid Reading

Mountain Storm taken from my porch

Whale Back Rock short (I'm going to do a reading there this summer, maybe nekkid *teeheehee*) Whale Back Rock, if you don't know, is taken from my SWEETIE novel.

Recorded before I re-achieved my (almost) "Michelle Obama Arms"of course haw! :-D

And in general:

I've also been here at Amy Nathan's blog: women's fiction writers: no heroes. no zombies. no high heels. well, maybe high heels. Stop by and check out her blog.

and will be here later for Diana Estrella's Micro-Ficion Muse (lawd!)

See you all on Wednesday with my regular Wednesday posting. Wednesday happens to be the last day of the Sunshine Deals on Amazon - TENDER GRACES is $2.99 until then, then it reverts to its regular pricing. I like passing on the savings, however, who wants some author hollering about her book -y'all know I am funny about that - see y'all later and have a good great day! :-D


Anonymous said...

You are a courageous! I like how the chimes rang during your storm video. Natures music with mans mixed in.

john bord said...

The life daily has its moments as time travels. You capture them in simple eloquence and deliver the moments in a fanciful fashion.

May your weeks journey continue on and be as enjoyable.

thanks for the words.... not sure to think of google and comments

Talli Roland said...

Wow! Great videos - I love the storm and the chimes.

Karen said...

Loved the videos. I could listen to the rain all day. We are begging for water here in FL!

Stephanie Faris said...

Nothing like a summer storm!

Barbara Forte Abate said...

A perfect storm AND a nekkid reading! Mondays have rarely been so memorable :-0

I have to tell you that your reading gave me chills (no pun intended, considering the lack of clothes...). I was most profoundly struck by the sense that you remind me of Scout Finch narrating her story in To Kill a Mockingbird -- my all time favorite movie. Perfectly lovely.

Eryl said...

That is some storm, gosh! I used to love storms like that until I moved to a place where it rains all the time.