Monday, May 16, 2011

Video: Dog wants treats, owner teases, Godzilla, & Where I Hide To Write (photograph)

Morning Everyone!

A video for you - Thank you all for your patience with me by still stopping by to say hello while I am working to make my deadline for this fourth book (VK III) *muwah!*

Wait, had to share this one too - just makes me laugh -found it while writing something on Facebook about the Godzilla, Battra, Mothra remake I watched the other day - so silly, but makes me LAUGH!

My little log house in the cove at Killian Knob


Lynn said...

Tee hee! That poor pup! And lovely foliage around that cabin. Hope all is going well with the book.

Linda Leschak said...

The dog clip is the best! Makes me want to keep working with Sampson, my Boston. He's always talking to me but I can't understand a word he says!

Suldog said...

That's where you write? Really? Oh, man, if I had someplace like that to go to, I'd be writing a lot more often. Magnificent!

john bord said...

The attributes we give to animals is amazing, Disney made a fortune off humanized animals. They touch a part of us that plumbs the depths.

Neat little bungalow on the hillside. It hasn't been warm enough here yet for the trees to really leaf out. Most are still in the bud stage.

As the penmaster would say,"Write on young lady, write on."

Kerry said...

If I made movies they would be exactly like the godzilla one.

LOVE your log house in the woods!

Karen said...

That dog clip was hilarious! Loved it!

Wishes for good writing!

Hanny said...

The house looks perfect! I'll trade you all of my Star Wars stuff for it.