Monday, April 4, 2011

When new socks change everything

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When I read this, I thought how it applies to the writing. When I change something, it can affect the entire novel. One little thing can cause a chain reaction to where next thing I know, I've cleaned and redecorated my entire manuscript! Weekend back? What about months back? *laughing*

I can only guess this has happened to you, right? In some way or another.

Friends, I missed my visiting this Sunday and I have such a good reason for my not getting around much on blogs, twitter, and Facebook. You may think I'm going to say I was so embroiled in the final Graces novel, but alas, no. I wish! It's rather a long story and later when I'm feeling better I will regale you with the vile details -- or at least an abbreviated version of them. I am keeping my fingers crossed that all will be resolved in time for my Gulf Coast Creative Writing Teachers Conference this weekend. My dentist says yes. My jaw and face say "We'll see." My positive strong self says, "I will be there!"

So, have you ever bought something new, or painted something, etc, that spurred off what Cathy did above?


Amy Sue Nathan said...

I actually LOVE when that happens! It spurs to to do things I put off or don't even think about. I bought a new painting. To hang it where I wanted, I had to move another painting. Which meant I then reconfigured a mantel so that I could place it there. With mantel decor on the floor, I figured it was time to rearrange the shelves.

Then I just stuck the leftovers in a box.

But my, if I don't love my new painting and my rearranged decor. I still have one print that I'd love to hang up - but I'm out of wall space and can't quite figure out how to get more of that. :)

And you're right -- this is JUST LIKE WRITING!

Diane said...

I don't like change so to have to go completely all out like that scares me at times. Having to completely remodel our house all the way to the studs one room at a time is enough for my poor nerves to take. I think the sounds of it are the worst! :O)

Terri Tiffany said...

I hope you get to feeling so much better and that you are awesome this weekend!

john bord said...

.................has tulip patch
on toes of bare goes toe tipping
ouch says heel, gingerly burr removed
to closet is tracked prints of feet
vacuum cleaner wheeled out
over rug rolls cleaner searching
burrs, hopefully removed to dirtbag
dogs go jumping at door
across burr patch the clamor reminded why there be burrs
on screen are blurbs
revision forthcoming

rosaria said...

Darn teeth! You'll be better than new when you go to your conference. Sorry to hear about your jaw/teeth problem. Never a dull day, eh?

Yes, just like writing. That's one reason I can't seem to finish anything. I get an idea to add this tiny thing that would enhance that image and connection there, and now I must reconfigure a whole lot of other stuff.

There ought to be programs that keep track of these changes; nay, can advise you to stop changing.

Titus said...

New rug or curtains nearly always mean, "Paint the room, husband. NOW."
He knows to keep me clear of carpet and cutain shops now.

Hope all does go fine.

Gaston Studio said...

LOL, perfect timing for your Cathy cartoon Kat. This morning, I started writing a future blog post and the next thing I know, I've got over 5,000 words written and I'm not finished. Obviously, this will NOT become a blog post, but am I having fun!

Mimi said...

Oh yes, I have!
And now, it slows me down a little in buying more stuff, cos I know it will involve reconfiguration!
I find the same with painting, you think you'll just touch up a room, and suddenly the rest of the house looks shabby. That's my summer sorted then!

Karen said...

Oh, yes, I've done that plenty. One good thing demands that I finish something else. sigh....

I hope you are all better!

Walker said...

This is why I don't wear socks, it only causes to much trouble especially with sandals on.

Stephanie Faris said...

I don't really do that...but every time I go through my ms., I see things I've missed. Little OBVIOUS things. My husband is the type who will stoop over to pick up a sock at 2 pm and, by 4 pm, he's reorganized the entire closet!

Anonymous said...

I was Kathy over the weekend, trying to de-clutter and get organized, along with starting to paint a bathroom...