Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lots-o-linkee love: Foodies & Snooties, What's in your Bag, Pajama Jeans, and even some writerly doodle-dee-dah!

Hurry spring!
Have lots-o-linkees for you all today, so I'll just get started. I am going to try the target="new" insert to see if I can get the links to open to a new page: here goes nuttin'.

At Rose & Thorn Blog, we have a new feature called "Back Story," where our writers, poets, and artists give us insight into the creative process - whether for the story we published, or some other "writerly endeavor." Today we have Ballpoint & Boredom by Eirik Gumeny where Eirik tells us of the old craggly voice in his head that gives him advice on how to win the girl, and how that came to be his submitted story to R&T. We hope you'll stop to read, subscribe, comment.

Sometimes something will just catch my eye when I'm doing research (sometimes "research" means "goofing off" -teeheehee). I came across this 'Foodies' Web Series To Ridicule Snooty Gastronomes Beginning March 9.

And from my MSN page: Four jobs everyone should have. How many did you have, if any? I had at least three, and in some fashion, all four.

And "What's in your Bag?" - a look at what's in the gigantic purses women carry. But, what also caught my eye is the photo with it - Don't you want to tell her to eat a sammich? Or have just a little pasta? Or a slice of cheesecake or a cookie? Something? Why do we women make ourselves into caricatures of ourselves? Into some kind of weird version of ourselves? Meh. Oh well, her body, her reasons, not for me to judge (so why do I feel I'm still judging in some fashion?).

Two Words: Pajama Jeans. Would you wear them? Have you ordered any? If so, tell us about it. If not, are you curious?

There's a wonderful blogsite for writers - Writer's Unboxed - and as well they have a Facebook group - come join in with us! Today there is a post up about all the digital phenom racing round the internet: "Brave New Whatever" by Anne Aguirre

From GalleyCat I pulled a link for the Read a Book for Ten Minutes & Save Publishing.

I loved this post by Toni McGee Causey "Where do you get your ideas" - such a wonderful unique insight/look into the writer and writing process. Loved it.

Nathan Bransford always has something interesting and informative on his blog. He weighs in on the "'Suddenly' Millionaire" Kindle writers. I love the title/cover for his book, not related to this post but I just wanted to show it to you, -there to the left.

Anthony Bourdain had a wonderful episode on the travel channel about New Orleans after Katrina. GMR is from New Orleans; his  family is from there; and I lived in Baton Rouge many years and came to know and love New Orleans. South Louisiana has taken quite a hit: Katrina and then the gulf oil spill. I hope, when you can, you all will support the Gulf states by considering gulf seafood products. While I'm at the Gulf Coast Creative Writing Teachers conference in the Alabama Gulf Coast, I'm going to eat all the gulf seafood I can!

Angie Ledbetter and I are both planning to eat at our Beloved Chef John Besh's restaurant next time I'm down that way and we can scoot over to New Orleans. We'll eat at other New Orlean's restaurants, as well - there's something for everyone. Let's support fresh wonderful Gulf Seafood when we can, and, as well and just as important, let's support our own local farmers and other local suppliers of produce, diary, seafood, and other products!

Now y'all grab some fists-full of the day! Hope you enjoy the links. If you come across anything interesting, please post it in the comments!


Diane said...

Pajama jeans.....eeeek!

Love the cover of Nathan's book too. Congrats to him. :O)

Kasie West said...

Thanks for all the fun links. I'm surprised that girl can carry that huge purse. She's tiny! And pajama jeans? I laugh at them every time I see that infomercial while secretly thinking, hmm, I should get myself a pair, it might be an upgrade from the sweats I take my kids to school in. I think they're going to be the next snuggie--teens buying them to make fun of them and then they actually become a fashion statement. Seriously.

Nina said...

I'll be in Louisiana for a week in April and will eat all the Louisiana seafood I can as my small way of support our seafood industry. That will be quite a sacrifice on my part! ;-)

Now, bring on them fried shrimp po-boys!!

Suldog said...

Lots of fun reading, I'm sure, and on my way to do some. I do have to say that I prefer my women to have some actual woman to them and not just bones.

rosaria said...

Traveling, meeting friends and eating at favorite restaurants are all great activities to stimulate creativity. Eh, with so much energy writers expand, these things are most necessary.

FIY, K, I'm back at my old blog. Thanks for checking up on me. In the meantime, I nourished myself by reading Sweetie and enjoyed the no pressure life of a retiree.

Now, did you really know a nonna?

Eryl said...

I was so curious about pyjama jeans I clicked on the link straight away. Never say never, but if I ever catch myself wearing them I'll rip them off and throw myself off a bridge, and I say that as someone who happily pops out for milk in actual pyjamas.

Looking forward to perusing the rest of your links in the next day or so.

Marguerite said...

Thanks for all the cool links! I just had a shrimp poboy for lunch! We're officially in Lent, now, and I'm giving up sweets, but never seafood. lol Have a bon ton, cher!

Julie Musil said...

Oh my, so much good stuff in just one post! Pajama jeans, no. Skinny girl, scary. She could fit in that purse. I carry a large purse, and it has bottled waters, a can of almonds, and a bag of lifesavers. Totally essential, I swear.

Michelle Teacress said...

I'm thinking that lady could probably fit in her purse, which could come in handy if she wanted to sneak to Hawaii in the storage bins above coach on a commercial airplane.

Hanny said...

Maybe that poor lady has her lunch in the bag, but hasn't been able to open it for a month. The things people do... But I guess it takes all kinds, huh?

Kerry said...

oh sweet jesus, I've had all 4 jobs.

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

Thanks for all the links. I like your tips for writing. We all need prompts to moltivate us to write. Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting my blog.

Suldog said...

Finally got around to reading some of this stuff :-)

I've never been a server, but the other three, for sure. Yup, the lessons are true, and lasting.