Wednesday, March 2, 2011

First signs of spring in Haywood County; woodprints; rocks; Nova scienceNow, etc

Today is Random photo/video/links day. I thought I'd share with you some photos I snapped at random of first signs of spring, of some "knotholes" in our new porch extension, and some of my favorite rocks around my little log house. I am looking at buying a new camera and I want a GOOD camera. My little sony cybershot has been great, but it no longer fits my needs. I want something that doesn't delay when I snap the photo, and telescopic lens, and will take night photos. I'm salivating over the thought of a really really nice camera (although I'm going to have to suck up the price - lawd!).

Since I have my head buried in VK III, I invite you to direct me, and others, to any links and/or videos that you've come across you'd like to share. Unless you are a "spammer," in which case you will be deleted . . . :-D . They don't have to be writing-book related - whatever you'd like to share that you enjoyed.

But here are a couple:

I will be attending the Gulf Coast Association of Creative Writing Teachers, along with Gumbo Writer Angie. We'll be there on behalf of our Rose & Thorn. Of course I also go as an author. If you are in the area, please come to the conference so we can meet. As you'll see, it's not expensive at all. Also, our Rose & Thorn Blog has some wonderful posts - please check it out and subscribe!

I do invite you to "friend" me on Facebook if you are so inclined or into that. Sometimes I share things on there that I forget to share here.

I LOVE Nova scienceNOW, especially dear wonderful Neil deGrasse Tyson. If you don't watch - think about doing so!

This video on Yosemite's Frazil Ice is beautiful.

See you all on Friday.



Carolyn V said...

I've decided that I need a really good camera! I love the pics.

Thanks for the link! <3

Deb Shucka said...

Wonderful photos! I love my Nikon Coolpix. I don't know about night shooting (haven't tried yet), but it meets all your other criteria, and it fits in my pocket easily so I can take it everywhere easily. Happy shopping!

I sure wish I could stop by and see you and Angie at the conference. Someday!

Kerry said...

I will be interested to see what camera you pick out! My husband has a fantastic through-the-lens/digital camera, a Nikon, which I almost never borrow because it isn't too user-friendly and I'm intimidated by it. So I stick to my little Canon, which has a lot of manual options that I am still learning about.

Aren't the pbs sites cool? I am lovin' the Arts Blog:
It has a good combo of art, poetry, photography, and film.

Titus said...

Ooh great knots! That second one keeps flipping from a gnu's head to a lion's nose. The predation knot.

This is, surely, the best website for writers ever:

Stacy Post said...

That little green sprig in the top photo is catnip for this winter-weary soul. Thank you for posting it! The grass around here is hinting at I'm optimistic that winter will be gone soon!

Hanny said...

Wonderful pictures like always:) I can't believe how fast this year's going by!

Marguerite said...

Great pics! So happy that you're starting to see signs of Spring. Spring has already sprung in South Louisiana! Have fun with Angie!