Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ice Walk at Killian Knob + Video Whale Back Rock & VK's Saga

Looks like barbed wire, doesn't it?

A brief glimpse of Whale Back Rock:

turtle head rock near whale back rock

dogs head rock before whale back rock

and Melissa & Sweetie's Whale Back Rock

The Saga of Virginia Kate (yes I've posted this, but I'm doing it again, for Michael :-D ) and because I am hard at work on VK III - the final in the Graces Trilogy - it's coming together completely different than I thought it would, and in the process, I'm having to delete thousands and thousands of words - because Virginia Kate stomped her ornery foot. Now I'm feeling the excitement, because I have Let Go of what I thought I was supposed to do or should do and now I'm just letting Virginia Kate take over and tell the story how she wants.

You'uns have a wonderful day and I'll see you Friday.


Diane said...

Those ice pictures almost do look pretty! Great shots. :O)

Susan R. Mills said...

As usual... amazing pictures!

Deb Shucka said...

Some of your best pictures ever!

So glad to hear VK got her way and you're with the program now. :-)

rosaria said...

Yes! That's how it feels right, when a story evolves the way it wants to evolve. I like that statement coming from you. Why? Because I'm a struggling writer, trying to create, and the only thing I know to be TRUE is that a story wants to be told a certain way.

Ugh! I'm so glad somebody else feels that way.

Sheila Deeth said...

Amazing pictures. Sounds like VK has quite a tale to tell.

Carolyn V said...

They do look like barbed wire. So cool and beautiful.

Kerry said...

What beautiful ice crystals! Love it.

It's pretty cool how a character can spring from your head and take on a life and will of her own. That you can give VK a voice like that is amazing.

K.M. Weiland said...

Amazing pictures! Ice crystals are incredible. We were blessed to get icing for Christmas. It was a beautiful white Christmas - but without the walks to scoop!

michiko said...

The bardwire (Ice crystals),
it would be a beautiful in under the moon light....
and all other pictures are fantastic to look at them.
Whale Back Rock video are not working.