Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Random, and not so random, Links, Videos, and Photos . . . Rose & Thorn & Handsome Men in Showers & et cetera

Today's links/videos/photos will be done lickity spit, because Angie Gumbo Writer, I, and our wonderful staff are working hard this week to ready the winter issue of The Rose & Thorn Journal and our newsletter. We hope you will stop by and say so long to the writers and poets from our fall issue. Send a note if you enjoy a story or poem or the art- or let us know what you think about R&T.

Our newsletter will go out to email inboxes on January 15, the day the issue goes live. If you haven't signed up, we hope you will--it's free and your emails are protected.

Also, our R&T Blog is chock full of gooey-good-stuff - about writing and writers and books and literature and people and places. Today R&T staffer Dr. Adnan Mahmutovic's (author of Thinner and [Refuge]e and more) review and interview of Jo Cannon’s Insignificant Gestures will be up at the R&T blog. We'll be posting Adnan's interviews and/or reviews about once a month. We'd love to have you subscribe to the blog while you are there! And I had to put that Dr. there in front of my friend's name - he worked so hard for that Ph.D. Go Adnan!

Because I love my publishers, Bellebooks//Bell Bridge Books and want to impress them with how hard I work and for them to think I am loved by multitudes, *laughing* I'll post this link again if y'all want to go check it out on BB's new blog and my first post with them . . . Bullies, Outcasts, Prejudice and SWEETIE

Though I am doing well on Kindle, I'd love to see more of my books in bookstores and in libraries, so I encourage you to ask for them in your local bookstores and libraries if you are so moved- my dream would be to have my books in every library - oh! I love libraries and librarians. Epecially when he talks about them:

Diane still has the week-long give-aways, and a signed copy of Tender Graces is still up for grabs last I looked.

[I still can't remember how to make the links open to a new page, so sorry. I am quite surprised blogspot doesn't have this feature included. I know somewhere we are to put a target="_blank" but danged if I can figure out where/how.]

Danged if this video doesn't make me laugh every time.  The look on Mrs. Lincoln's face as ole Abe takes his time . . . laughing!

That's it for now, folks. See you all Friday! Now I'm going to finish my coffee before a snowy walk in the cove.

target="_blank" . . . where oh where does this go? dang.

PS! I almost forgot - Small Footprints's Art Tist (click pic) painted this from one of my photos! Oh, I do love this:


Lori said...

Oh goodness your plate is full isn't it...hope you enjoyed your snowy walk...happy hump day dear lady. XX

Susan R. Mills said...

Thanks for the random links!

Carolyn V. said...

LOL! The Old Spice guy cracks me up. Love the library. =)

Eryl said...

I don't know how you fit everything in, I feel exhausted just reading about what you do.

Diane said...

Love those commercials! :O)

rosaria said...

Looking forward to the new issue.

Karen said...

Thanks, Kathryn, will check those links out.

Titus said...

Massive belly laugh for the Geico advert; obviously I've never seen it before as of little use on British television. Magnificent work by the two actors!
Have you ever seen Electric Six's 'Gay Bar'? Undoubtedly on Youtube, it is very rude but very funny and very Abe Lincoln.
And my second Ocean arrived yesterday - just brill!
Knocking yourself out as usual, I see - my hat off to you, as usual.

~JarieLyn~ said...

You are one busy woman, doing intersting things.

I like the Geico ad. Very funny.

Kittie Howard said...

Can I have a sliver of your energy???

Have to share that I've read Sweetie during the holidays, and OMG, what a delicious read, Kat! You painted such a beautiful picture of Western NC. Loved every word! And that tent revival scene was amazing! I've never been to a revival but have a friend whose husband's father was a revival preacher, from small Tennessee town to another. You captured the religious zeal Margaret talked about. I've never read a scene as accurate as yours.

Your characters linger...hope you have plans to update us!!!

Looking forward to the R&T!

Sophia the Writer said...

YES! I die each time over that Abe video as well. And I was going to DVR that "best commercials" special just because Old Spice guy was hosting...but I couldn't find it. Stupid DVR machine...

I loved your comment on Nathan Bransford's post about work-life balance and just had to come visit!