Friday, December 10, 2010

Random Photos of Ice While in the Woods & Pumpkin Bread Morning & Toys for Tots!

I took a walk in the woods along the creek yesterday morning. The temps were in the 20's and it seemed rather nice--when compared to the teens and single digits we've had! Little Cutie Psycho Girl and Not Quite Fat Dog were with me, sniffing away. I snapped photos of "ice sculptures" and roots of trees, mostly. Click on individual photos to make larger if you like.

look at the bent over trees -they're not dead but alive -nature finds a way

trunk looks like it has legs and walking across the forest floor :)

Ah, this is a secret sacred place I won't tell anyone where it is and only a few may know if it. It made it into the Sweetie Novel.

These are of my pumpkin bread morning (from post below). Ah, it turned out lovely. In the recipe, I added pecans, and I also added orange zest, just a touch of lemon zest, and used orange juice in place of the water, and I also added more spices--used fresh nutmeg, and a little cloves and a teeny bit of allspice. This recipe is well-loved and well-used, for years I've had it and it always turns out delicious. I made two batches, and this year I put some Kentucky honey bourbon in one of the batches - ohhhhhh! Thank you to dear Kimmi, author of Unbreakable Child, for that lovely smooth sweet bourbon from her state.

The numbers/letters are worn from this stove already! It's only about 5ish years old! The other side is worse *laugh*

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Yesterday I did the Toys for Tots drive, mailed some packages, and did a little last minute christmas shopping for GMR (shhhhhh!). We just do a few little things for each other and that makes it more fun.

I hope you will remember those in need, especially at Christmas time. If you know of a family in need (and sometimes they are too proud to ask), then reach out to them, or maybe there's a charity in your area that you trust. Toys for Tots is one of my favorites. I'd planned on picking up only a couple of toys, but by time I went to the cash register, well, there were more than a couple in my basket *laughing* -- I had dolls, and trucks, and a musical book, and Play Doh, and games, and a thing that makes art from clay, and I bought an Easy Bake Oven because I never had one so some girl or boy will -teeheehee, and, . . . well, I felt like a big ole kid, I did. Only about twoish weeks until Christmas - can you believe it?

Y'all are the best - thank you for all your comments and support-my Blog Friends are WONDERFUL!

Today, I am going to listen to Christmas music while tidying up the little log house. What's your day look like?


Janna Qualman said...

You see the best things in nature!

Toys for Tots and all those charities who help kids and families at Christmastime are so worthwhile. We should all help in some way.

I've got some tidying, too, and lots of work!

Bronson and Pepper said...

What beautiful pictures! Thanks so much for sharing them with us. As far as my day goes, it's full of list making and nursing the beginning of a cold. Other than that I plan to play a couple games with the pups(hide-and-go-seek-food edition for one) and just generally indulge in some good old-fashioned laziness!

Lori said...

You are an angel. Bless you as you tidy up your sanctuary today. XX

Masia Mum said...

I really agree that you don't have to spend a fortune on presents. It really distresses me when I see people maxing out credit cards and potentially building up yet more debt. At Chanukah which has just finished we may a point of only giving presents to the young children and then small gifts only. One gift to be open after the lighting of the candles on each of the 8 nights. They love the whole ceremony and don't nag for bigger or better gifts.

Also the school my granchildren go to asks each child to fill a shoe box with gifts for a child who might not otherwise receive a present. They all take delight in decorating the box to finish the gift off in style. You are never too young to learn to give not just receive.

Carolyn V. said...

Oh! That sounds like so much fun!!! I'm still doing homework. I'm trying to get as much done before the kids are out of school for the holidays.

I love your pictures! They are amazing. =D

demery bader-saye said...

Lovely photos! So sweet, your toys for tots spree. I'm packing up the family for a lovely weekend on a friend's farm... hay rides, hot coco & cider and a warm fire. Feeling blessed.

lakeviewer said...

Those forest pictures are stunning! Appreciated the recipe too. Now, I must move on and get this Christmas started, a tree, some presents, some errands.

Let's all enjoy the little things that warm our hearts.

Marguerite said...

Great pics, but ice? Yikes! We're warming up to the 70's tomorrow! And your foodie pics and recipe are fab! The pumpkin bread looks scrumptious, especially with the bourbon it it! I have contributed to Toys for Tots, too, and our local food drive.It's a good feeling to give. Getting ready for a fun weekend, here! Cheers, cher!

Susan R. Mills said...

Great photos! When you're done tidying up at your house, will you come tidy up mine??????

Karen said...

Kathryn, I love your photos, but the green leaves with the icy squiggles is great! And some of those do lend to excellent writing fodder!! Love it. Your recipe looks wonderful.

Hanny said...

I always love your great nature photos. You see the beautiful intricacies of Nature everywhere you go. You and I are like-minded in this sense.

Doreen said...

my weekend is getting ready for Christmas. putting up the tree and cleaning the house for our family Christmas. plus getting the shopping done!!

getting ready for the new year also. 2011!! WOW!!

Stacy Post said...

I can smell the pumpkin bread all the way up here in Indiana. Yum! I love the ice pictures...isn't it amazing what you can find when you slow down and notice the small things? Lovely post, Kat!

Kittie Howard said...

Beaautiful pics...Sweetie's place has a hint of mystery...can smell the pumpkin bread, yum!

My hub's a retired Marine...told him about your donations and shout-out for Toys for Tots...he sends you a big hug.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Kat .. I love the pictures and the secret place .. the mushroom .. etc

While the pumpkin bread recipe looks interesting and the taste thought is a little much! Delicious!

cheers Hilary

Jill of All Trades said...

I love the snapshots and the pumpkin bread, I'm drooling.

Rachel Cotterill said...

I love ice formations - we've had some beautiful ones recently, too.

kim said...

Love Toys for Tots!

Yay on the pumpkin bread, sounds yummers. Ya know, we dip, roll, and lace everything in bourbon here. =) smoooch