Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Wishes - What you Pined for as a child . . .

Oh Christmas! It's almost here. Remember how when we were kids how long it took before Christmas arrived? Forever and ever and ever. Now, it seems to come round so quickly.

There was a time when I was a child when there wasn't much money at all. When I lived with my biomom in West Virginia, there was really no money - I don't remember christmas at all then. But when we moved to live with my adoptive mom and my bio dad, my adoptive mom always found a way to make Christmas wonderful, even when there was very little money. We didn't have stockings, but instead she'd fill paper lunch bags, with our names written in her beautiful penmanship, with whatever she could afford - many times fruit and nuts, and when times weren't as bad, candy, too. So, yes, it's true about that "All I got was an orange" thing - to some extent *laugh*

When I was a little girl, all I wanted was a doll. Seems a manageable request, but I didn't have one until I was an older little girl. My Maw Maw once came over and gave me a beautiful doll, but it was so fancy, I wasn't allowed to play with it - oh the torture! I'd sometimes dream I had a doll in my arms, only to awaken empty-armed and sad. All together now: AWWWWWW! *laugh* - well, eventually I did receive dolls and other toys, so all turned out well. I remember my first-ever Barbie when I was about in first grade - she came with a ski-outfit -ohhhhh!

Another present I wished for I never did receive: A horse - particularly either a Black Stallion, or a beautiful Bay, or maybe an Arabian - wish wish wish my little heart would WISH. Every Christmas I'd think, "maybe this year," but of course, it never happened. Not all dreams can come true. Not all wishes can be granted. And sometimes that is a good thing. Where would we have put our horse? As much as we moved, it just wasn't practical. And it is expensive and time-consuming: blah blah blah! All those reasons I know as an adult, but as a young girl I just didn't understand. I still pine for a horse, but now I am the Grown Up who must refuse myself my wish. All together now: AWWWWWW! *teeheehee*

So, what is a Christmas Wish you wished for as a child and DID receive, and what was a Christmas Wish you wished for as a child and NEVER have received?

Merry Christmas!

stallion pic
blood bay


Ms. Marsha said...

Oh, childhood dreams. I am sorry to say that we lived in horse country and I got a pair of ponies for my 4th birthday, so I never really had that unfulfilled dream.

I don't remember anything from childhood because my mom and dad did their best to fill our list, though we didn't always have the money. Mom grew up dirt poor, and all she ever got was an orange, literally, for christmas. And that was from one of her aunts who gave all the kids one. So they did their best to fulfill our christmas dreams. I am not saying it was extravagant, but we had one or two things we "really" wanted and that was enough.

Bonnie said...

I had secret wishes as a child - but I knew they would never manifest under a tree, as my family did not celebrate Christmas. However, my mother was kind (in spite of her rigid beliefs) for in the after-xmas sales she would buy me a doll or other toy so that I would not feel too left out.

Now out of that sect, I celebrate Christmas like a crazy child making up for the xmasless childhood. Many of my friends seem quite fatigued and jaded about this festival of lights that they have celebrated all their lives. But not me - I'm making up for lost time and loving it! And I'm NOT talking about presents but about togetherness, festivities, sparkle, light, etc. etc.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

demery bader-saye said...

Hmmmnnnn... loved my Strawberry Sizzler bike (around 8 years old I think!) and never got those diamond stud earrings (STILL WAITING!!!) Love the story of your adoptive mom being so intentional about making Christmas special no matter what the financial circumstances. Hope you get your pony one day, and a barn to go with him :) Merry Christmas to you!!

john bord said...

Yesteryear had its dreams, today has dreams and in this world dreams become real in the thoughts. Searching in nook and corner of the mind a played game of fantasy.
Parents answer as they can.

2girlsonabench said...

Always wanted that damn Barbie dream house with the elevator, didn't get it, then we got so mad at Barbie in college that we did a performance art piece about her! But we were lucky and got lots of other stuff we wanted over the years, and now we've made peace with Barbie so all is well with the world. Happy Holidays!

rosaria said...

We all have such stories, of wishes unfulffilled, of hopes shattered and of beautiful surprises too. Too many to recount here, but a beautiful thought to wrap ourselves around during this magical time.

Stephanie Faris said...

I remember getting a stereo when I was 12 and thinking it was the coolest thing ever. We were lucky in the sense that we always had money growing up, from the time I was 8 or so (before that we were at poverty level)...but the trade-off was that the man my mom married was abusive. I learned very young that having money was definitely not everything.

Suldog said...

When somebody asks this or similar, I feel as though I must be backwards in some way. I can honestly say that I don't recall ever wishing for anything significant, nor do I recall being disappointed that I didn't receive some special thing or another. I remember always being happy with whatever I was given.

I guess the greatest gift I've received was the ability to receive most anything with a smile and a "Thank you!" to the giver, as well as a singular lack of covetousness.

Merry Christmas, my friend. I hope you get your horse someday! :-)

Anonymous said...

Dolls were too girlie, and horses too big and scary, so I can honestly say I never wanted either. (My mom, who grew up poor, always wanted (but never had) a doll of her own as a child. She tried buying me dolls, poor soul, and I the Ungrateful never, ever played with them.

I wanted a train set and a tent. I never got a train set, and my parents got me a mosquito netting for my bed--hoping it would be "tent-like" enough for me. (They also weren't eager for me to go camping in the woods.)

I'll be happy to buy my daughter a tent (or a train set) if she asks for either ... but, when she's old enough to ask for things, she'll probably end up asking for a doll. Or a horse. :-)


Doreen said...

we were poor also, I never had a Barbie or the fancy toys other kids had. So I am sure I wanted a Barbie or something similar to her. I was thinking about this the other day, what I did get, I was always so glad and happy after opening the presents. Christmas was always fun. I would get little gifts, like puzzles, mittens, or etc.

Eryl said...

What a lovely adoptive mom you had.

The only thing I can remember wanting desperately as a child was a Barbie with dark hair. I got a blond one which felt worse than not getting one at all, but I knew my dad would have tried his best to get the right one so felt guilty for not feeling grateful. Ye gads, who'd be a child!

Julie Musil said...

I remember this well: I was maybe 12 years old, and the family didn't have much money (dad had just had a stroke).

I really wanted this beautiful yellow sweater at the mall. My older sister had a job at the time, and I remember she went back to the mall and bought that yellow sweater for me. Opening that on Christmas morning was a feeling I'll never forget.

Thanks for sharing your memories, and I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas.

Debra said...

When I was in the 3rd grade, I longed for a book I had saw in a little shop around the corner from us. I so desperatly wanted this book. It was Hans Brinker (Silver Skates).There was a picture of Hans & Gretel on the front cover ice skating. I had visions of being there and skating along with them! I begged my Momma for it, but it never came.

A few years ago, at the ripe old age of 55, my daughter got it for me for Christmas. I just love it!

It's amazing the amount of comfort books provide for those of us who love them so!

Marguerite said...

My brother and I were very fortunate and always got everything on our wish list for Christmas. But when I was a teenager, and started driving, I wanted a red convertible, but didn't get one until I was 30 and bought it myself. Joyeaux Noel, cher!

T. Clear said...

I too always asked for a horse/pony, but as the sixth of seven children and a widowed mom, this was out of the question. Still, for years I checked the back yard Christmas morning....

The year before my mom died (age 85) I told her about checking the yard Christmas morning, and she began to cry: "I never knew!"
Well, she did, she'd just forgotten. Ha!

When I ask my husband, now, for a pony, he just rolls his eyes.

Oh well. Life is good in spite of living pony-deprived!