Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Random Linkages for Writer Wednesday or Whatever Wednesday

Rosaria Williams of "Sixtyfivewhatnow" blog found my grammatical error below. I had a run-on sentence.

She said:
“You got a run-on there, pretty lady, right there, the sentence before you ask us to tell you if we saw any errors:  "I will surely admit it, you bet your by grammar gollies I will!"

And she is correct. Rosaria received a gift. If anyone finds another one, call me on it.

Received a bad review? A rejection? A scathing critique? Then go here and see what some reviews had to say about some of the “beloved classics” and maybe you’ll feel better!

Amazon reviewers think this masterpiece sucks

Love Calvin and Hobbes!
It’s your health network – I’m exploring this website now. Facebook friend Lisa has asked for support in helping to garner notice for this health site, and I’m happy to do it. Stop by and begin a healthier lifestyle!

Many of the writers/readers here are from our area; however, it is open to all who love writing, books, literature – Asheville Citizen Times Rob Neufeld is the owner founder. Sign up and join in on the conversation at The Read on WNC!

Some of these made me laugh -
100 Most Often Mispronounced Words and Phrases in English

There are no rules, by Jane Friedman (Writer’s Digest publisher/contributing editor) LOVE her bio (here’s an excerpt)

“I am a late-sleeping, bourbon-drinking editor, at least mostly sane. I live life forward, even though you can only understand it backward. I don’t have hobbies, unless drinking is a hobby. I write, I read, I edit, I teach, I speak.”
Did you know I am actually in a horror anthology-or one of my stories, that is.  Bump in the Night, by Drollerie Press. My story is tame next to some of the others. I wrote it years back and of course I now see what I would change about it -- too late! I am in Part III: Bien P’tit Gens - I think I will re-visit that story - change the ending, tweak it a bit.  But, there are some fine stories in this anthology. Drollerie Press is a small press that is quietly making its way out there. Go by and give them a look see.

That's enough for now. Now y'all go do the day!
PS - I received a few "Advanced Review Copies" of SWEETIE - uncorrected proofs - so it is so wonderful to hold the book in my hands, see the cover (which will look even better than it does now with the final published book!) I'm reading it now for errors to be corrected before the final goes out. I'm so excited to hold my words and read them. Bellebooks is sending out review copies to their lists. I sent two out - one to Asheville Citizen Times Rob Neufeld and another to Baton Rouge Advocate Greg Langley - they did kind wonderful reviews of Tender Graces, keep your fingers crossed they will want to review SWEETIE and be as kind!


Diane said...

Not a run on sentence.... Ackkkkkkk! That's how a lot of us talk, so it's easy to slide one into our writing.

The cover is truly beautiful! :O)

Jenna Wallace said...

Your photographs are beautiful. BEAU-TI-FUL! Makes me want to get back to the Smokies and soon.

Thanks for the links. Hopping off now.

Carolyn V. said...

Run on sentences are the worst, especially since they are so easy to write! =)

Kittie Howard said...

The Smokies are a slice of heaven this time of the year!

I think you're very gracious and kind. I once dropped a polite suggestion about a grammatical error and got my teeth kicked in. So, don't go there anymore. (Taught high school English for years. Most common errors: your/you're; its/it's; there/their; between you and I; verb-subject agreement problems; me and him is going (oooh, pass the bourbon on this one) and the like.

Susan R. Mills said...

How exciting to a hold your book in your hands. The cover looks pretty darn good already!

Debbie said...

Lookie at the book! How exciting.
And I also think that isn't really a run-on sentence. That is just "girlfriend talk" which isn't supposed to be analyzed too critically.

Toyin O. said...

Run os sentences are the worst; I am guilty of the crime. Congratulations on your book.

Googlover/keishua said...

I am the queen of the run-on. I think I talk in run-ons. Those Amazon reviews make me laugh.

Marguerite said...

Woo hoo! I'm excited for you, sha! Of course, they'll be great reviews!

Eryl said...

I have no idea what you mean by a run on sentence. Is it just a sentence that goes on a bit too long for most people's liking? I need that Strunk and White!

Anonymous said...

Wow neat! This is a really great site! I am wondering if anyone else has come across something
similar in the past? Keep up the great work!

Walker said...

So a run on sentence is bad?
Is that like.....sexual assault at the work place.
You know, one sentence jumping on another sentence in the middle of the page.
Bad right?

Especially if an imperative sentence lands on a interrogative sentence which would probably end up as a exclamatory sentence.
Which would leave us in the end with a declarative sentence or at least a word, @#$&!!!!!

I know absolutly nothing about run on sentences.
Runs is stockings, well that something I keep an eye out for all the time. ;)

Anonymous said...

Sweet blog, I hadn't come across earlier during my searches!
Continue the superb work!

MT said...

Those are some interesting mispronunciations.

I remember when I was a girl, I thought people who were deaf were 'death'. HaHa.