Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ain't they sweet? Mini Me's and all...

This is my nephew's girlfriend, and my great neice and great nephew, and me . . . in Louisiana. Aren't the kids cute?

and what is this look on Norah Kathryn's face? Laughing!

Bed Head! This morning, GMR said "Now I know where Norah Kathryn gets her hair..." I said, Huhn? He laughed and said, "Your hair looks just like hers in that picture you showed me where she's in her stripped pj's . . ."

And upon inspection, it did *laugh*

The looks on Norah Kathryn's faces above -priceless!

I love love this photo of Norah Kathryn- it's like a mini-me!
Lil Boop! Just like her granny kat!



Elisabeth said...

Gorgeous photos here, Kathryn. I just read your comment on Happy Birthday Bob's post where you describe the most amazing dream: you covered in age spots of yellow and blues as I recall but your head remains the same as you are now.

What a dream is all I can say, what a dream. It's one to treasure.

I wonder whether they are connected in time, the dream and these photos here?

These photos are resplendent with youth and charm and beauty, age erodes all of that at least in our bodies but not in our minds.

Thanks on two counts, for here with these photos and there for your dream.

Judith Alef said...

OMG Norah Kate has the sweetest smiling eyes I've ever seen. And yes, she does have your hair! You and GMR must be soooo proud of your family. NK could launch a card company in PDX with that darling face.

TC said...

Beautiful pictures, Nora Kathryn is soooo sweet!!

prashant said...

Beautiful pictures
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Donna M. Kohlstrom said...

Adorable Nora!! Love the wild, windswept, wild child hairstyle!!

Karen said...

She certainly has a great head of hair! So cute, her expression to me is, of course I'm cute-what'd'ya expect?

Anonymous said...

Hey Lady! So great to connect with you again. Love the pics...all of them. Gave me a smile. :)

Debbie said...

She is just about the cutest thing ever! I love that last photo so much.

Analisa said...

The kids are adorable and Norah, oh my I love the first picture. Her eyes are so beautiful. She is a cutie pie!

jeannette said...

Catching up on your blog, Kathryn -when I've been a week away from the computer, it takes me another week to catch up with "everyone."

Norah! In her bath pic, she looks like a porcelain doll! She has a face one remembers:)