Monday, May 24, 2010

Beach Wedding I go go

Soon I'll be heading down to Florida for my brother Johnny's beach wedding. I've never been to a beach wedding, so this will be a nice experience. I have a cool summer dress, and barely there sandals (or bare feet! Those who know me know I look for any excuse to take off my shoes and go barefoot!).

I've asked Angie Gumbo Writer if she wants to meet me there - she needs some time away. She's trying to get her schedule fixed so perhaps she can and so we can find a place we hope overlooks the water. Otherwise, I'll be staying with another group in a cute beach house overlooking the sand and gulf.

I've not been to the beach in a while. Last beach I went to was in Oregon. It's been a very long time since I've been to any gulf beaches. I don't think the oil spill has reached where I am going . . . I hate to even think about that spill and what it's doing to the fisherman and shrimpers *sigh* Not to mention the environmental, the wildlife, the tender coastal grasses and the rest, and to the small towns and communities . . . *sigh again*

GMR has said he wants to stay home - no hot sandy beaches and weddings for him *laugh*

I'll be around the Panama City area - in one of the little beach towns in that area, so if any of my blogging buddies are near there, email me and let me know and perhaps there is a way we can meet to say hello.

I think I will take another blog header photo while there - with Tender Graces & Secret Graces at my feet, and as well, the Sweetie manuscript lying there.

Tender Graces (and SG) continues to do well on Kindle and as well on regular overall Amazon (I am not looking at ratings, but my publishers and some friends are sending me notes going WOW TG is at so and so ranking!whoop! and I am going Yayy! but keeping myself from going there to look and all that jazz. But, I do hope this will get the indie booksellers and other bookstores to start stocking it better than they have! I know it's a competitive business and brick and mortar bookstores, particular the indies, are having a hard time of it for the most part.

So, this week I pack and ready for the beach. I have a hat. I have a cute dress. I have sandals and bare feet. I have a fake tan going (laugh). The Boopmobile will be shined up and full of gas. I am going to consider this a vacation. Yes. That's what I'm going to do. Ahhhhh!

What are you doing for vacation? Any plans you are excited about this summer?


Jessica Nelson said...

Well, I'm already in FL, next to an amazing river, so I'm good to go!
I don't think I'm near Panama City, unfortunately. I'd love to meet you someday! Hope Angie can get down. I agree, she probably needs some time away.

I finally got TG in the mail! It's on my shelf, just waiting to be read. ;-)

Analisa said...

A beach wedding sounds wonderful! Congrats to your brother!

I have not been to the beach in forever. I have no plans for the summer....yet.

Susan R. Mills said...

I'll be spending most of my summer at little league baseball games. I wouldn't have it any other way. Have a great time at the wedding!

Marguerite said...

A beach wedding, how fabulous! Sounds like a great time coming up. Hope that you and Angie have a blast and that the oil waits till after the wedding to hit Florida. Bon voyage, sha!

Sandra Leigh said...

You will be live blogging the wedding, right? You and Angie together -- you could have dueling laptops.

Diane said...

Sounds like you're ready for the beach. Just need your bikini or are you going to do another "nekkid" stint????? :O)

Titus said...

Oh wow, have a fabulous time. I've never been to a beach wedding either, but that's hardly unusual considering the country I live in.
Very big article in the London Times about the enormous unseen damage the BP spill is doing to all the ocean layers, and how the dispersants are compounding things although making it "look" better. A true environmental disaster.

Holidays! Haven't started thinking about them yet, although we are French exchanging in July. Our little villages are twinned with some little French villages, so one year they visit us and the next we visit them, staying in each other's houses. Great foreign language practise!

Hope you have a great road-trip and that your brother's wedding is all he, and his intended, wish for!

Glynis said...

Have an amazing time. I look forward to seeing the pics.

I live 15mins from the sea. I was born by it, so have to have it close by. Enjoy your bare feet days on the sand. :)

Suldog said...

Well, see, I would have been excited about your plans, if maybe you had planned on going to the wedding dressed as you were in the video clip to the right of this post...

As it stands - and I'll forgo the possibilities for lewdness in that - I'm excited about softball (but you knew that.)

t i m said...

have a great time :)

my summer vacation will hopefully be italy ☼

Karen said...

Kathryn, Oh, my daughter had a beach wedding. The most fun and beautiful time. Right at sunset and we went barefoot. You're gonna love it. No oil slicks here,...yet.

Deb Shucka said...

Have a wonderful time. Looking forward to pictures of your adventure. Hoping Angie can join you for some healing time.

Anonymous said...

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colbymarshall said...

en route home from NYC and going to FL in July. One of the prettiest weddings I've ever been to was in FL on the beach (in Destin). It made me wish I'd done a beach wedding! Hope you have a good time!