Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I'm back home to my mountain cove at Killian Knob

Hi Y'all - or as we say here Hi You'uns (or y'uns)!

I'm back from my trip to South Looseeaner; pulled into my driveway at about 7:15 last night. The weather was beautiful, with the only bad weather coming on the trip down there.

I ate my shrimp poboy (and someone in the comments below called it a poo-boy and that made me laugh! Was that you, Analisa? *made me laugh - so cute!*)

I hope to be back tomorrow to tell about the conference. My brother Tommy gets here on Thursday. He'll be here for my first Secret Graces booksigning at Blue Ridge Osondu books in Waynesville - the first time I'll have a family member (other than GMR) at a signing!

Now, I will tell this: in the post below, I asked if anyone saw my Boopmobile on the highways to be sure and give me a wave and a honk . . . so . . .

Yesterday as the Boopmobile flew its way, windows open to the nice weather, an 18-wheeler slowed beside me, and a face peeked from the window, then a big ole burly paw came out the smaller side window, and the fingers of that big ole burly paw did that little cutsie finger wave *laughing* - then as I pulled away, he gave a couple of jaunty HOOOOONK HOOONNK HOOOONKs . . . but as I sped off, I thought, "Hmmm . . . surely that isn't a blog reader?" *laugh* - I further thought, could it be a husband or friend of a blog reader? . . . I don't know - doesn't seem likely, but then again, why not? So, if you are the trucker, or the friend/family/spouse of said trucker giving me the fingers wave and HONNNNKS, then I'm sorry I didn't wave and honk back. When I'm alone on the road, I'm extra extra careful. Teehee.

So . . . My charms must have extended to the next McDonald's stop to get coffee. I ordered one of those new Cafe Whatever coffees and asked for no sugar in it. Behind me I hear, "She doesn't need sugar because she's already so sweet . . . " I looked at the woman taking my order and she laughed . . . then behind me, the man repeated it but a bit louder. I turned, and there was this gentleman just a grinnin' at me, twinkly-eyed and all. I mumbled something I can't remember, my face all red. He then grinned some more, finally turned and headed to his table, while I just kind of gawked at him.


I did give Angie Gumbo Writer your hugs and good wishes - it helped her lot; thank you all!
(PS - I have my copies of Secret Graces - the cover is really lovely "in person" - I can't wait to put it by my bedside and read it as if it were someone else's novel . . . exciting!)


Susan R. Mills said...

You go girl! You hot thing you. :)

Titus said...

Good to have you back, and you're obviously "in the zone" right now!

Best of luck with the signing too.
Check for that rig outside!

Diane said...

So exciting! Celebrity status already !!!!! :O)


Sheila Deeth said...

Well, there you go. Good luck and good fun.

ficwriter said...

I'm glad your made it home safely. People are so friendly down here. :)

Teresa said...

Glad you're back! It was too quiet without you. ;-)

Glynis said...

Hey sugar it is sure great to have you back! LOL

I do think you should write, The Adventures of the Bloopmobile. *grin*