Friday, November 6, 2009

Finding the center, the mystery, the child, the serene, in Yoga

Preparing to Yoga . . .

Before we are born, there is nothing but possibility. The entire world a mystery, and everything before us and after us a mystery, our lives stretching out into the unknown. Our mistakes not yet made. We have not touched or been touched, we have not experienced anything outside of that small world where we grew into what would be a little human being.

Little Norah Kathryn--you are now born. You are experiencing, tasting, touched and being touched. The whole world stretches out huge and wide and wonderous...of course, your world is still small, for now. You are the center of your universe and of your parents' universe, and of those who love and adore you.

Child's Pose . . .

It's hard to feel stress and worry when you are in child's pose, your back vulnerable and tender facing out to the world, your face hidden away where you can hide emotion if you so want, or you can release and let yourself be childlike again--an infant, an innocent and trusting being. Little Norah Kathryn lies innocent and trusting. Her parents and those who love her will cradle her, vulnerable and tender.

I bend and curl into child's pose, and let the stress and worry filter out from my toes, my fingertips, the top of my head, and I leave my back exposed and vulnerable--like my little Norah Kathryn, I know nothing but that moment pressed around me as atmosphere. I protect my organs, cradle my heart, liver, stomach, I lean my forehead to rest the heavy thoughts.

Rising up, I stretch my body - there is only the feel of my strength, my organs are soft but active as I rise, my face relaxed, my bones solid, my marrow holding secrets, my tendons stretching, my feet bare - toes spread, my arms and legs reaching reaching reaching.

And at last, I rest...finding a place, like Norah Kathryn does, where I feel safe. That calm and quiet place. The restive. The serene. The warm and tender place that feels like Home and Belonging. I rest . . .


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Tamika: said...

Kathryn she is breathtaking. A beautiful treasure.

Congratulations! And welcome Norah!

B.J. Anderson said...

Oh my goodness! She is soo beautiful! Awwwwe. I miss baby snuggles.

Angie Ledbetter said...

Gorgeous angel.

I wanna be a baby again...sucking my thumb, grasping my blankey, curled up in a ball. :)

Michelle H. said...

She looks absolutely precious, and a reminder of such peace and beauty in the world.

~JarieLyn~ said...

First, this is an excellent post. I really like your metaphor.

Second, I am completely thrown off balance and confused by the comments of the other bloggers. While I was reading and looking at the photos of the infant, I assumed that it was you as a baby, but now the comments made make me think you just had a baby?

I still don't believe it, but please set me straight so my visualization can be in alignment with your post.

I know, I'm just a little quirky.

Karen said...

Your granddaughter is beautiful! Now tell me do you really do all that yoga, too? :)

Barry said...

So you've already got your grand daughter going to work as a Yoga instructor?

Now that's initiative!!

And shes a natural at it!

Marguerite said...

Great analogy! I have been doing yoga for over 20 years and it is wonderful! Fantastic stress buster! Your little sha be'be' is adorable!