Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Book Clubs & Deadlines & Audio book thankyous & All kinda gratitudes . . .

I have a book club today I'll be visiting, here in our little mountain town, and I'm excited to meet with them. It's always a pleasure to be able to meet with book clubs in person; however finding creative ways to 'meet' with book clubs - any suggestions? Skype? phone? webcam? Teleportation?

Going to get to work this morning on the Secret Graces manuscript - have to get that off to the publishers soon. Thanks for asking that Tender Graces be placed on the list for audio books at (link below if you are going Huh?); I appreciate it and you. I have a couple of "traveling friends" who asked for it; my mom wrote and said she has had some of her quilting/sewing group ask her if Tender Graces was available on audio - there is the large-print out there, but some of them like audio, as well, so, I'm hoping it happens!

I appreciate all your support--your emails and thoughts and comments. I know I don't get by your places as much as I used to, but please know it's just the deadline for the next Virginia Kate novel, and my Rose & Thorn responsibilities. You all are the best! *muwah!*

I think I'll do the Community Coffee tasting starting Sunday (that's below too!)

[PS ....Is my blog loading slow for you? If so, could you let me know in the comments? GMR says my page loads slowly for him, but he has an old Dell desktop that needs more memory. Just want to be sure - I may have too many widgety things.]


Tamika: said...

Audio sounds exciting. Great way to spread your wings and widen your audience. I hope it goes through.

(It loads fine for me.)

Debbie said...

Your blog pops right up for me.
We had one author come to a meeting back when I was in a book club. It was so exciting for me. You are good to do that.

Deb@RGRamblings said...

Your site opens slow for me but my good computer crashed and the one I'm using is so short on memory and slow that it sounds like it's processing everything in morse code. :)

Patience-please said...

My computers are pretty fast, and it's opening a little slowly. I've noticed that blogs with slide shows are fairly slow to load.

We had a local author (Squire Babcock, The King of Gaheena) come and speak to a group of book clubs here in our town. It was GREAT! We had a pot luck of YUMMMMMMY finger foods, lots of wine for those who wanted, and such a lovely evening.

Any chance you'd like to come to Paducah???? :-) :-) :-D

Or the Skype idea is fantastic, I think.


Teresa said...

Howdy, ma'am, I've been slow a'visitin' too! ;-) Glad to see you're well and working hard on Secret Graces. We think of you even when we don't see you! ;-)


Walker said...

Loads fine with mine but I use a rocket but I borrowed mine from NASA when they were watching the lift off.
Hmmm I hope they don't need it to bring anyone back.

I saw book a courtroom one evening to have your book club meeting and try to get access to some of the other public buildings.
Maybe the morgue one night.

Suldog said...

Great comics - both of them.

Katrina Stonoff said...

Your blog loads extremely slow for me.

Fortunately, it's worth waiting for. :-)