Sunday, August 9, 2009

How much is that dog on Sarge's website? arf arf!

My good friends, tomorrow I will be going down to the Sarge's pet adoption center in Haywood County, Waynesville, NC, to meet Maggy-Lou.

I told you all I scattered the ashes of my old girl Kayla one year after her death on July 28 (I wrote about it here). I didn't think I wanted another dog. Maggy-Lou just, well, just appeared before me in an unexpected way--just as someone said to me, "Your dog will find you . . . ."

I'll preface the rest by saying that months back I saw a dog with mottled fur and sweet face when we walked the Lake Junaluska. Her name was Maggie, too. I just loved her and thought if I ever found a dog who needed a home who was similar to the Maggie of Lake Junaluska, I would think of adopting her, but I just put it behind me as I wasn't ready for a new dog anyway.

Yesterday I was working on VK2 outside on a beautiful mountain day, and something prompted me to google "haywood county shelters." Up popped Sarge's in Waynesville. I clicked on it, oh so nonchallantly. I scrolled down the dogs up for adoption and my eyes lit on Maggy-Lou. It was an immediate "oh!" feeling. I stared at her, then brought my laptop into show Roger -"Look! look at Maggy Lou....isn't she sweet looking? She reminds me of Maggie of the Lake." I then called the number - left a message, and Roger and I drove down the mountain to see if she was at the center. No! They were closed! A note said they were on "downtown" Waynesville at the Sarge's dog walk. We hurried there - but, most of the dogs were already gone. Came home: no messages. I thought, "Well, I hope Maggy-Lou found a wonderful home."

However, a couple hours later, my phone rang, and it was someone from the shelter - I asked, "Did someone snatch up Maggy-Lou?" She said, "No they didn't." she told me she liked my online app I'd filled out, and would I like to meet Maggy-Lou on Monday. "Yes!" we talked a while about Maggy and then hung up.

Last night I opened up a brand new book of the Mossy Creek Series and the very first story was about a dog who needs a home - and the dog described sounded like Maggy-Lou! Oh! What a coincidence!

By the way, Maggy-Lou is not the Maggie of the Lake Junaluska walk- she has a good home with a very nice man.

So, wish me luck on Monday when I go down to meet Maggy-Lou, see if she is the right dog for our home, see how Fat Lazy Labrador Jake reacts to her, see if Maggy-Lou the Sarge's Shelter Dog will be a new member of the Magendie household. Wish us luck!

I'm sequestering myself to work on VK2 - my deadline fast approacheth - but, I am going to try to come round this morning to visit you.


Carol @ TheWritersPorch said...

Hey, Kat,
I do not believe in coincidence but rather destiny.It is more than likely your destiny to become Maggy Lou's savior!She is a beauty and does she have Blue Heeler in her? We are going to add a Blue Heeler to our gang when Patch gets a little older. Right now I'm knee deep in puppy training and they amaze me at how intellegent they are at 6& 1/2 weeks! I made my reservations yesterday to spend a week in the mountains and attend the Sylva Book Fair!! I can't wait to all of you and also meet a few authors I've read but never met!
We'll have to have dinner again!!

Teresa said...

When my Gypsy Rose died, I swore I'd never have another cat. Then Macavity walked into my yard at 5 weeks, too young to be away from mama, scrawny and the ugliest kitten I've ever seen. He followed me like a dog, talking all the way. My mid-afternoon he was sequestered until his trip to the vet and when he got a clean bill of health, we introduced him to Miss Kitty. He has been a little light in my life ever since.

I wish you just as much luck with your Maggie!


Rick said...

Serious luck to you, Kathryn. You seem like such a wonderful person, and I know just how much the loss of a beloved animal companion can hurt. So, again, good luck and do write about how this turns out, will you?

Sandra Leigh said...

Instead of just looking at Maggie (though I agree she is truly lovely), I browsed through Sarge's website this morning. I am now the proud companion of six dogs! (only in my dreams) There are certainly some lovely dogs pictured there.

Don't forget to tell us how your first meeting turns out. All appendages crossed.

B.J. Anderson said...

Good luck with Maggie! She looks like a very sweet friend just waiting patiently for you to come get her. Let us know how it turns out!

Doreen said...

she looks like a sweetie, hope it works out for you.

JOY said...

Kat - I love hearing about this sequence of events leading you to Maggie-Lou. Canine blessings to all. Maggie will be a lucky gal!

Terri Tiffany said...

I hope she is the perfect dog for you:)) I tried getting one at Christmas and it was a disaster!Ugh--but then I don't live in the mountains like you do with area to roam:)

Jessica said...

Yay! I hope she's wonderful. :-)

Michelle said...

Sounds like Maggie is already home...


Sharla said...

Hope that Maggie Lou has a new home! Sounds like she's found a new life!

Patty said...

What a sweet dog, and a sweet story. Makes me miss our dog. We lost her 4 years ago. Brandy was a Yellow Lab. She died shortly before we moved.

Brandy was 14, and had spent her whole life living on our 6 acres on the Chattahoochee River. We had her cremated and had her ashes put in a beautiful container. We so wanted to take her ashes with us when we moved. But she belonged on the Hooch and we scattered her ashes along the trails we had laid out over the years.

We burned her bed and all of her toys by the river, except for her favorite toy, a pink bear - my husband had been sewing up holes in it for years. It now sits by my desk.

Oh, and we still have a bone wrapped in a red ribbon stored in a box. It was to have been part of her Christmas present. She died 3 days before Christmas.

Before Brandy came into our lives, we had another dog who lived 13 years. We decided that after being tied down for almost 30 years with a dog we would not get another.

But we have always had house cats, and now have 5; ages 15, 13, 11, 4, and 2 - all strays who came into our lives when they were kittens.

Cats are not as time consuming but we sure miss having a dog. Maybe one day.

Good luck. I hope you two hit it off well.

Strange Fiction said...

Good luck with Maggie-Lou! And you're right--the right ones do come to us.

Deb Shucka said...

Maggie-Lou Magendie - it sure has a nice ring to it. It sure sounds like she's ready to come home.