Saturday, August 22, 2009

Friends and Movies . . .

(Monday I'll begin the "cleaning up your manuscript" posts again. I figure we all need a break over the weekend.)

Last night GMR and I rented a couple of movies.

We picked "Knowing" to watch last night, and saved "The Soloist" for later. . . "Knowing" was interesting but there were holes in the story, some bad acting, and as well, they "cheated" -- what is "cheating?" - more on that later in the "cleaning up your manuscript" posts, but I know it when I see it. I'm not sure what I thought about this movie. There were a couple of scenes that were supposed to be dramatic and I burst out laughing and poked some fun --not good. The people on fire scene was most disturbing to me - I was afraid it'd bring back my horrific Fire Dreams, but luckily it did not.

But today I'm meeting some women friends to see Julie/Julia. Yes, I actually have a few women friends--although I rarely see them because I'm too reclusive - I do have a good excuse (lately anyway) - I need to complete the manuscript to Secret Graces and get it to my publishers!

I'm not sure what to expect with the movie, but I'm keeping an open mind. I wonder why Julia Child snubbed the author/blog/book. But, I suppose that kind of thing happens.

I'm going with Lauren, Christy, and Francis. We're all connnected through the Hart Theater. Lauren's husband plays drums in the orchestra/band, Christy and Francis are actors and singers, and as well Francis is directing "Walking Across Egypt"--GMR is in that play. Christy also has her own business called "Sugar Buzz," and she's a photographer (she took my author photo). Lauren and I were for a short time a part of "The Concierge Three..." They are fun and beautiful and I adore them.

Good Man Roger will stay home and miss me *haw* ... or maybe he'll kick back and say, "Ahhhhh...the house to myself....where's the bacon?" (since I do not eat pork or want it in my house! huhn.) I mean, look at the precious piggies!

What are your weekend plans? Seen any good movies recently - or rented any good movies? What do you recommend next time I am in Ingles Supermarket movie rentals?

Later gators! I'll be round to visit if I can today before I leave, but for sure tomorrow. I appreciate all of you stopping by, and my new Friends!


Ronda's Rants said...

I felt the same way about "Knowing" although I liked it better than the rest of my family who all hated it!
I haven't seen The Soloist...I will await you opinion :)

Angie Ledbetter said...

Love the new header with your feet, book & ms!

Have fun at the "picture show." :)

Lazy Writer said...

Unfortunately, I'll be cleaning all weekend. My house has become a disaster, and I can't think straight when it's like this! Have fun at the movie!

Kasie West said...

I wasn't a big fan of the Knowing either. I, too, laughed where I wasn't supposed to. I did like Jule/Julia though. I'm excited to read more about what you mean by "cheating". I'll have to check back.

Those pigs are adorable. They make me want to have some bacon for dinner tonight. LOL Just kidding.

Analisa said...

Time Traveler's Wife is on my want to see list.

Last visit to the movies was to see the new Terminator movie. Loved it.

Last rental I really enjoyed was FireProof with Kirk Cameron. Really loved that one.

I prefer to rent because we use the little kiosk in the grocery store it cost a dollar if you return it the next day.

Deb Shucka said...

We actually really enjoyed Section 9 - way more than I anticipated. I like The Soloist, but I'm in love with RDJ so that may have influenced my feelings. :-)

Great pictures! Enjoy your friends. Nothing feeds our souls quite like the company of women with history.

Barbara said...

No time for movies this weekend. Having an ART sale in the back yard. My mother-in-law had a gallery and left us her collection, which has cost us a small fortune to store. So tomorrow, we hope to unload some of it! I'm sweating, getting it ready. Saw "Knowing," and didn't like it either. Huge holes. Bad ending. All around wanted to yell at the screen. I restrained myself for the sake of my fellow watchers.:p) I look forward to hearing how you like J & J. I want to go next week with a GF.

Diane said...

Now isn't this the cutest picture?? LOVE IT!

Sandra Leigh said...

I haven't seen either of the movies that you rented. Today, though, I did go to see The Time Traveler's Wife. 6/10, I give it. The book is still much better. On my wish list is one I heard about - saw a trailer - today. I think it's called 9. It has Sophia Loren and Judi Dench in it, and it's directed - I think - by the same guy who directed Chicago. It looks fabulous.

Lori said...

It reminds me of how I miss the movies. Since my daughter was born we haven't been to see a serious movie in the theater. I miss the smells there, the darkness. But anyway, we do watch a lot at home, when the DVDs come out.

But friends and movies do make a great weekend.
Those piglets look so cute!

Glynis said...

I am finishing the order of service for son's wedding. We fly off in 2weeks to UK, having just recovered from DD1's.
I will also be re cross stitching their wedding gift. Their initials are D & V or V & D,both of which as a nurse had a whole new meaning. I am now frantically stitching their names in full with initials nowhere near each other LOL.
So I am a tad busy, enjoy your film you lucky thing. :)