Thursday, May 28, 2009

Spring breeze, makes me feel fine....

Tulip Poplar Tree bloom
Can you believe it is almost the end of May? Which means the book give-away deadline is days away. If you want to be in the drawing for your pick from the books above, just email me at kmtrain at hotmail dot com your email address -Note: your email address is sent to BelleBooks to become a part of their newsletter mailing. That's it!

Oh, and if you could be on my mountain this morning: Cool mountain air through the windows--not blowing, not drifting, not wandering, but permeating! And the creek sings loud and happy from all our rains (you can hear it in the video below); WNC is no longer in D4 drought conditions, and I believe no longer in any drought conditions. The birds call and the squirrels chitter - ...a quiet that is not absolute, since nature announces -- oh! It is a morning to write: I could tell about how the sun works its way over the ridges and splashes gold over the green, and as I sit on my porch it is as if I am in a treehouse--have you ever seen a hummingbird light? I never had, until moving here--I'd always seen them in motion...but, when they rest, they are not-quite-perfectly-still since their little heads turn turn turn turn turn lift lower turn, but with their wings folded they don't seem as fairy-ish although still very small. Magic in the mountains, there is magic and mystery and beauty and this is my Home.
In the post below I had a video of the red squirrels chattering on the walnut tree, which is next to our beautiful tulip poplar tree. I took a video last night of when they are silent and all you can hear is the creek, and you can see one little flying squirrel watching me. The mists were to the right, the clouds from the recent rain still hovering.


Debbie said...

I feel like I am in the middle of a nature preserve when I am on my screened porch! Love it.
And no, I think we are finally out of the drought. It's like the beach- raining every day.

Carol @ TheWritersPorch said... have to QUIT this!!
I cannot come back till September and you are causing me to have
" mountain withdrawl" :)

Sandra Leigh said...

A stream runs behind my house, too - just a few feet from my bedroom window. I love that sound.

Angie Ledbetter said...

I hear your creek singing and love its song!

Marcy said...

We live near a river but I can't hear it over the sounds of the pheasants (and many other birds). I can't believe how loud these birds can get!