Friday, April 3, 2009

On the road again; just can't believe I'll get on the road again....

My friends - I am off to attend a writer's conference. My poor Good Man Roger is so wonderful and supportive; I am lucky and I know it (clap my hands!). I didn't think I could, or should, make this conference since I'd been in Texas so long and had emailed to say I'd not be there after all; however, I've decided that since I'd told people I'd be there, I should honor it, even though I know they'd understand if I couldn't - but....still *smiling*

So, look out for the Boop-mobile again! If you see it, give me a honk and a wave.
I'll be back to say hello and what's happening at the conference, and etc., later.

It's hard to leave my mountain so soon after I've arrived - when I see the mountains become distant, recede in my review or side mirrors, I always become sad and wistful; yes, every time. I always hate to leave my mountains. One day I'm going to be the country granny who never leaves. I'll have my books on the shelf and I"ll look at them and smile, and I'll fold my hands on my lap and I'll be very very very old and all my stories will have been told and all the pages will be filled, and I will be filled. I will be a very old mountain granny, sipping dark black coffee, remembering, smiling a small smile that smooths some wrinkles and makes others - and it is all well and fine. I will eat a tomato and let the juice stain my arm and no one cares, least of all me. My mountain will accept my ashes one day and I will settle in, right into the mountain soil I once walked on with joy. One day, yes, that's true, I will not leave ever again. This makes me smile as I write it.
But, there is the Right Now, the happy side: I will see friends that I love and adore. I will be around writers and readers - library and bookstore - yes...!
I'll leave this thought with you: Today do something for you and only for you. Let me know in the comments what you did ONLY FOR YOU....whether small or large, do something that is for You. Tell me about it so I can smile.
(ps - I wrote this last night to post at 9:AM knowing I was leaving quite early this morning, as I am - it's 4;30 AM -- I'm gathering to leave in a bit, to drive in the mountain dark, the curving roads unseen until I get to them in many cases - it's a strange and eerie beautiful thing - and I will see the sun tip and spill over the mountain ridges - but, I had a dream that this post was already posted and someone commented about what they did for themselves and it was so wonderful! It made an impression on me, enough that I note it, but I can't remember the details at all, darn it! I wonder who you are and what you did, for it brought happiness to more than the one who did for themself...smiling....namaste)


smiles4u said...

I can only imagine how beautiful it is to live in the mountains. The few times I have had the opportunity to partake of their beauty it was breath taking. I love what you wrote about growing old and never leaving the mountains...about all your books and being filled up. That is beautiful Kathryn!

As far as doing something for myself today and only for me...we will have to see what I can come up with. If I do, I will post back what I came up with!

Have a wonderful time at your writing sounds wonderful.

Jessica said...

I hope you have tons of fun! I love that sentence about the small smile smoothing wrinkles and making new ones. Awesome. :-)

Lisa said...

stay safe dear one xx

Angie Ledbetter said...

Yayyyyyyyyy!!! So excited. Traveling mercies to you (and any fool who cuts you off on the road today). LOL

Janna Qualman said...

We should all have such Granny aspirations! :D

Have a grand time at the conference.

Debbie said...

Good mercy. I am already 80% that granny you described. You can barely pry me out of my foothills with a crowbar.
I am subbing today but I snuck home (shhh! Don't tell) during lunch to check a few blogs. I guess that is what I did for myself:)
Be safe, dear friend.

Anonymous said...

Be safe, Kat! Roger is a keeper!
*grumbles* I wanna be with you and Angie! *flicks devil off shoulder*

Fantastic Forrest said...

It is wonderful living with mountains. Ours hide sometimes here and we wonder where they've gone; the big triangle peak of Mt. Hood and the rounded, sometimes-smouldering Mount St. Helens come out as clouds clear, and they take my breath away every time I see them.

I took the time to read your blog - that was a treat for me. I'm glad you're going to the writers conference - I'll be with you in spirit. :-)

Deb Shucka said...

Have a great and inspired time. I love the picture of you as an old lady on your mountain.

Barry said...

I was about to blast out a reply listing ten things I've done for my self, only to realize that, in one way or another, these have been things others have done for me. Or I have enjoyed doing for them.

I guess taking the time to catch up on my favourite bloggers this morning is the most important thing I've done just for me recently.

Patresa Hartman said...

a writers conference! i want to go to one someday. i shall.

may i visit you when you are an old old old woman with old stories who refuses to leave her mountain home?

and i am anxiously awaiting the arrival of tender graces. that will be a great mail day!

what i will do for myself today. hm. well, thursday i started my workout and then realized i wasn't into it, so i stopped, redressed, and took my laptop downtown to my favorite coffee shop where i wrote.

maybe i'll do that today (after i work).

Terri Tiffany said...

Say hi to angie!! For me?? I am writing my newest book--just for me and absolutely loving it!!

colbymarshall said...

Took a long hot bath! MM!