Thursday, April 23, 2009

Oh, you gotta have la la la tee dah, you gotta have fireendss....

Yesterday was such a lovely day. Debbie from Suburb Sanity and I walked along the street of a tourist town and gawed at all the shops and places to eat. There was a haunted house hawker who slipped up behind her and scared the bee-jawses out of her and I laughed me arse off....teeheeehee....haw! We had lunch at an Italian place and yapped until our yap boxes were all worn out. I know this about Debbie: she is passionate about reading and books; and, she is passionate about her family -- I respected that and I respected her...she's fun to be around as she is on her blog. Our two regrets were that we forgot to take a photo, and that we didn't get our "gooey treat" we'd said we wanted. Ah well, another time! I feel fortunate to have met her
*big grin* We vowed to get together again as soon as we can.
Today a guest arrives. I'm keeping this one under my hat for now, but I am looking forward to the visit. Since my book signing on the 17th, this will be the third blogger I have met! What are the odds of that? I met Kathleen of Katsoup at the signing, then Debbie of Suburb Sanity yesterday, and now another blogger will be visiting my little log house. How fortunate I feel to come to know such beautiful women in person.
Oh! if you can stand another thing about Tender Graces (yes, I am sick of talking about myself and my stuff - but when something happens, I can't help but share it -- lawd!) - I was interviewed by our little mountain paper -it's a print publication, but they put it online as well. Here's the link to the Interview. It was fun.
Beginning Monday, I am burying my head in VK2 -- and that means "I mean business now, Kat!" to myself from myself. I'll come by probably in the morning to my blog to say "hi!" but, that will be about it -- I will be living and breathing VK2 -- it must be done and I can't play around any longer. The manuscript simply needs a lot of work and all my attention, but I'm excited to get back to work - that's the great thing!
I've finally stopped going to Amazon (like I said I would days ago and didn't listen to myself) to see if there are new reviews or check rankings - the rankings thing is too confusing to me - how an author goes from like a 40 or 50,000 ranking and two days later is 200,000 ranking makes absolutely no sense to someone who doesn't understand the process one whit - *shrug* - so since I don't understand it, why bother looking at it? >HAW< - and, frankly, I get embarrassed asking people, "would you go put up a review on Amazon for me? teeheehee...blush teeheehee..." Best thing I can ever do is just Write The Next Book, as BB has said. So, there you go.....

later gators! Gonna finish my cuppa deep creek blend coffee and fix up the guest room with some flowers and fresh linens.


DebraLSchubert said...

Kat, I'm happy you've gotten to meet three great blogging women. I met one, and it was a blast. (Vegas Linda Lou) We powerful women need to stick together and support each other!!! Now get back to work, already! (wink*wink*)

Hope your day is beautiful.;-)

Debbie said...

I am still smiling from yesterday. What a pleasure to get to meet you and talk at length - just not long enough! And when VK2 gets to the point where she needs a day off from you, we'll have our second rendezvous.
The interview and article in the paper were very well done. I enjoyed reading them last night and sharing with my hubby, who was thrilled we had such a great time. I think I was in a better mood than usual:)
Tell your guest hello. I hope you all have a great time.

Literary Nut said...

How wonderful to be able to get to spend time with blogging friends! I hope that you'll enjoy your next visit too! Have a wonderful day and try not to work too hard!!

smiles4u said...

How so very lovely that you have gotten to meet some of these blogging friends. That is a dream of mine that I hope to see fullfilled in my future. Kat I am just excited for you and all that has taken place and what is still in store for you. I am just so glad that I get to take part on this journey of yours. Happy day my friend!

Janna Qualman said...

We forgot to take pictures of our little group who recently met, too. I think we just get so caught up in the talking! Then again, I'm never a good one to remember and whip a camera out. :)

TheWritersPorch said... are just the girl of the hour! I'm gonna re-name you "Queen Bee". I wish you'd come hang out with me in Flat Rock next weekend! I think Missy from "Missy's Book Blog" is gonna be there too!

Jessica said...

I've heard the rating thing drives writers nuts. :-) Stay away from there.

Isn't it cool meeting fellow bloggers? I love it!

Sounds like you're having a wonderful life. :-)

Missy said...

I am soooooo haaaappppeee for you! I would love to be able to meet some of these wonderful blogger friends that we are in contact with each day...lucky you! I need a dose of your cheerfulness...I can be in a down mood and read one of blogs and I am laughing at the end with all of your tee hee's and haws. :)
You have a great day, now...enjoy the sunshine!

Jenn Johansson said...

Yay for visitors! :D I love this post, meeting other writers/bloggers is so fun! :) Hope you have a blast Kat!

Deb Shucka said...

What a grand time you're having! It's so cool to watch your life unfold right now.

Angie Ledbetter said...

Did that ol' Debbie give you a hug from me and vice versa? So glad it was a nice time.

We really really need to plan a bloggers get together. Maybe next year? Hmmm, who could host us and provide good enough vittles, massages, roof top pool, etc? The New Orleans Monteleone, you say?! :)

I bet your guest will love the mountains as much as I did. Hoping it's a wonderful time for all.