Saturday, April 11, 2009

Exit light, enter to where-ever-land

I don't know why this Mongoose cartoon made me laugh so much, but it did! teeheehee

Friends, your books should soon be on their way. It's about that time, yes. I will get an exact date, but from what I understand, they will begin to ship next week; I think early next week. If you wanted one with a signed bookplate, be sure that you marked that -- if you get one that doesn't have one, I'll be happy to send you one if you email me (unless it's not too late to let BB know you want a signed copy). I tried to make the bookplates as special as I could.

I can't wait to get mine. I can't wait to hold one in my hands. I will smell the pages. I will put it on my bookshelf and step back and see how it looks and then take a photo of it. Oh, I hope I am never jaded and blaise about this!

I had the strangest dreams last night. I suppose they are "stress dreams." Anxiety. Along with all my happiness and excitement, I do have the anxiety -- it's all a big swirley mess in my pea-headed brain. One of my dreams was about this strange place I came upon. It was a community of what I thought were an isolated strange people. But, when I came close to the community, which turned out to be only indoors, never outdoors, I noticed the eyes of the "people" -- they were black and spacy. Seems some "mad scientist" type had made these people - grown them - or something - and there were a good many of them. It was creepy. What did he have planned with them, I don't know because the dream slid into something else (and if I were someone who wrote thrillers or supernatural books, this dream would facilitate a creepy creepy book)...

...the dream morphed into where I was in a house and there was a man who hated us (me and whomever else was with me)....he wanted to harm us....there was an explosion in one of the rooms of the house (and it is said that houses in dreams are representations of our minds?)- we got out in time, but then I walked back into the room where the explosion occurred and there was a HUGE statue that seemed made of dark dark wood and in the arms of this dark dark wood statue was an infant...and then the statue began cracking open some, the arms that held the infant became more human than wood, and the statue opened its arms out to give the child back to us -- it had protected the infant from harm and it was the most beautiful thing - so beautiful. I can see the statue so clearly this morning: a broad dark face, with a broad nose, strong features, strong arms, a solid body - female.

Strange strange dreams. I've always had vivid dreams, since I was a child - and I even remember some of my childhood dreams (the more terrifying ones). I was plagued with nightmares from childhood until we moved to these mountains....then suddenly, when we moved here, the nightmares pretty much stopped -isn't that something? Every so often I'll have a bad dream, but mostly when I'm really stressed or worried or something that facilitates it. The mountain cove has been magical for me - healing. My dreams are still vivid at times, but more gentle to me. So last night must be worry stress dreams!

Thing is, I'm filled with gratitude and happy feelings for my Dream of this novel coming to life in the pages of a book. I know my anxious thoughts are those where I heap expectation on myself to be "successful" - to not let anyone down - to be "perfect" - and no one can be all these things, not really - not in reality. But, I am like that - fall headlong into things with passion and then soon grow bored with them and the passion fades: EXCEPT!...except when it comes to literature, writing, books, and my writing life. That is the one area I have never grown bored with, the one where my passion flares hot and steady and true - my constant.

What about you? What did you dream last night, if you dreamed and remember it. Do you have "stress dreams?"

(PS - Update on TG orders - BB has said the books should start to be shipped out on you all should start receiving them soon! Oh! I'm so nervous.....! but excited too!)


Sandra Leigh said...

Wow. You have had a rough night. Did you drink coffee too late in the day, maybe? - though I know you've got a lot happening, and it's not surprising that you are anxious.

As for me, I dream, I know I do, but I can seldom remember my dreams. I find it very annoying and a little disturbing. How am I supposed to tap this supposedly deep well of ideas, if I can't remember anything other than a feeling of dread or euphoria?

A few times, though, there have been dreams that were so vivid, I can remember them even years later. I used to have flying dreams. They were fabulous.

Jessica said...

Man, you're like my mom. She's always having crazy vivid dreams. LOL

DebraLSchubert said...

I dream every night and almost always remember my dreams. I love dreaming - it's fascinating. Last night, friends from Colorado visited my sleeping psyche. I don't remember the details; all I know is someone was naked and it wasn't me. (Hah!) Stress dreams? Not too sure on that one.

Most importantly, I can't wait to get my signed copy of TG in the mail!!!!;-)

Stephen said...

Dear Kathryn, My dreams are as real as my life though sometimes the dreams carry me from point a to point b a bit faster. Smile! Wishing you and yours a very happy and meaningful Easter. As ever be well, dear friend, Stephen Craig Rowe

Barry said...

I've ordered mine Kathryn! And my wife is almost as excited about it as I am.

Terri Tiffany said...

I am so excited for you and have enjoyed watching this process take place in your life. Enjoy the touch and feel of your first book!

Barbara said...

I'm hoping for a signed copy, but I don't remember if I told them.