Sunday, March 8, 2009

Somewhere over the rainbow, there's a Woman Doing What Needs to be Done

(Downtown Dallas, on the way to the hospital.)

When you live on a mountain in a little cove in a little town, the lights and buildings and people of The Big City can be overwhelming. Never mind that I lived in Baton Rouge for many years; it doesn't take long for one's body and brain and psyche to adjust to quiet mountain living, esp after a bit over 4 years. Big Cities frighten me just a little, and the noise and lights and crowds swarm across my body attacking nerve endings, and my brain that causes my synapses to fire off Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam! But! at least the headache is long gone. Funny those headaches I used to get long ago- I'd forgotten how they come mysteriously fast and just as mysteriously fast they leave.

All of your thoughts and prayers and vibes have helped Frank again! He is over the Hump! I did not stay at the hospital with Mom yesterday and last night - we didn't want to over-stimulate Frank, and he very much needed to Rest more than anything. So, I just talked to Mom and Frank is doing so much better. We were quite worried from Friday night until this morning. Thank you all!

Thank you for your words about my uncle--so true, yes. I will spend a few moments this morning with him on my mind and let my west virginia hillbilly blackfoot indian german italian celtic blood rage through the airwaves and straight to him.

Meanwhile, my 71 year old biological momma is Dating. She is giggly with Dating. She is in the flush of infatuation at 71. My biological momma is and was a beautiful woman. After her Coy died, I knew it wouldn't be long before Men were circling her like ...I was going to say vultures, but that isn't exactly what I meant *grin* She is in denial of her brother--it will be the third one she has lost. We cannot deny death -it always finds us. Always.

But, as for Life-- right now Life is all around. In Texasland it is spring - I took a photo, below, whilst going to my daddy's house yesterday. Spring! It's warm. Oh, but I miss my mountain at Killian Knob.

And, I am all a-blush with happy reading your emails about Tender Graces - so! Maybe I have sold more than four copies after all! *laugh* -- however, I have taken your message -- that the sales amount is not the thing to focus on. Thank you.

Now, my friends - I will sometime today go to the hospital with my brother Tommy. Yesterday I fiddled about my mom's house - making sure everything is neat and clean and sparkling. Bed linens freshened for when they return, dishes all done, plants watered, cats fed and etc. Mom won't have to do a thing when she returns. I will cook some things to put in the freezer, too. It is what we do - we Women -- it is how we control the uncontrollable: we clean and/or cook and/or fuss over and/or straighten and/or wash and dust and vacuum and launder. We bend over beds and kiss foreheads. We hold hands to warm them. We rub aches. We place bandaids on boo boos. We say, "you look good today" even if they do not. We say, "Everything will be okay" and then when we are away from them, that's when we have a cry or let the worry frowns settle - but not where they can see! We put steel in our backbones! We have electrical impulses firing into our marrow that keeps up moving moving moving as long as we need to move! We Women know what Has To Be Done and we do it - even when we are afraid or unsure it does not stop what Has To Be Done. I never thought of myself as this kind of woman - thinking myself as "self-indulgent chaotic reclusive writer" - but perhaps I have some of that inside me, as well? I know my mom does. I know many of you do, judging from your emails and comments. Women. Women. Proud to be a Woman, that I am.

(PS! - Some of you have asked about getting signed copies of Tender Graces - and if I will have a way to order them from the blog -- or my website -- I will be putting up a link or links for that - and as for signed copies, I would be so honored to sign your books---I guess we'll figure all that out as we get close to press date! *smiling* - thank you for your interest - it means a lot to me.)


Debbie said...

You can just sign my copy in person! After you get back home, I want to see me move up to a higher position on your priority list. We ARE going to meet and eat.

Barbara said...

Kathryn, You are doing a fine job there in Texas and I know you are making your mom's life much easier by being present and so giving. Angels do walk on earth and you are a wonderful example of one.

jinksy said...

The only way is up! x

Michelle said...

Oh that's good to hear.

Yes, we women are amazing are we not :0)

Maria-Thérèse said...

Glad to hear he's doing better and that love is in the air... Trees in bloom! It's not faaair!
We're all covered in snow, you can't see the road anywhere you go,
This is starting to sound like a poem-ette,
have you been home, did you get my letter yet?

colbymarshall said...

That's cool she is dating...we're only as old as we feel, I s'pose!

Lisa said...

yes to signed copy.yes please even........glad you are blogging regularly kat, it makes all the difference to log in and share xx

Sandra Leigh said...

Over the hump - oh, that's wonderful - and the news about your biological mother makes me feel ten years younger (probably does the same for her!) - I'm glad the headache is gone.

Jenn Johansson said...

So happy to hear about Frank. And your biological mother sounds adorable.

Angie Ledbetter said...

Whew! Woman's work truly is never done. And, BTW, YOU are the only one who never realized your own strength. :) So so so glad things are good in Tex-a$$. Now.....go home!

On the signed books, you can always sign book plates and mail them to those who want to attach them to the inside covers of TENDER GRACES. (Much cheaper than mailing the whole book...unless you're looking to spend more time at the P.O. with the strange post master. hehe).

One mo thing: Don't ever never say this to me again ~~~ "you look good today" LOL Love ya!