Saturday, March 28, 2009

A link link here and a link link there.....

This is a forehead butt. This is MY forehead butt. This is Olay Pro-X:

So forehead butt + Pro X = ??? ...Huhn. We will see in 28 days! ha! But, I will say this: I do notice my skin has been feeling and looking better since I've been trying a few things - the aforementioned splurge on ProX (I only bought that one tube and not the others, yet) has made some difference, and I've been using Olay Regenerist serum (not as expensive) and can tell a diff in my skin- so! who knows! There you go, Kat's beauty tips for the day...haw!

Since I've missed links day on Fridays for a while, I'll do it today.

First - Go vote for Angie! And if you haven't read the Guest Bloggers, scroll down below for Brian of Eazy Cheezy, Angie of Gumbo Writer, Kimmi of The Unbreakable Child, and Jessica Bern of Bernthis. Thank You to my Guest Bloggers!

Author Deborah Leblanc has blogged about Tender Graces; made me smile and feel really special, and very grateful. Angie Gumbo Writer, Mary Ann Ledbetter (who wrote the Book Group Reader's Guide for Tender Graces!), and I attended her P2P conference in 2008 and came away with some nuggets! Pen to Press will be back in 2010; read the reviews, watch the videos.
I thought this was a cool site: The New Author
And I like to go by the Best Sellers and Literature forum every now and then and say, "hi there!" and read or post: a friendly supportive bunch of folks!
My Tender Graces Trailer is still getting some hits. If you haven't been by there, go take a look - okay, I admit it: every morning (just once a day, though, so I don't skew the numbers!) I open it to see how many hits I have had...teeheehee. It was at 599 last I looked! Wow! Pre-orders for Tender Graces are still coming in and I'm so grateful, humbled, happy - THANKFUL...I have no way of knowing who orders unless someone tells me they've pre-ordered, so if you have and I've not thanked you, know that I just do not know (or if you emailed me and didn't hear back, it means I did not get that email!).
I was invited to join Universal Questions/Cold Coffee - and I did. I'm just getting to explore it, but seems the members of it ask questions and members go in and answer them. It's been fun so far!
And if you haven't signed up for the R&T newsletter, here's the link. I'm getting ready to go work on that right now!
Oh, I came back in because I forgot - I ordered some booksigning bookplates from A Friendly Spirit! Love them, and they got to me fast and accurate! Check them out. Now, I can sign some and mail them to BelleBooks for those pre-orders. I'm writing each one with a short sentence or two just for y'all *smiling* -- not all the same, either - although there's only so much I can say on a bookplate, so some are similar or the same, but, it's not just me signing my name and writing, all best.... I really am trying to make them personal!

tootles everyone -- going to take a mountain walk in the mists and fog first, then work work and work! MUWAH!


The Unbreakable Child said...

Morning, Kat. Okay , never knew what a forehead butt was. Hee. The Olay is good you say? Three days til launch!

Debbie said...

Say something real sweet on my bookplate. I'm sure those nice folks won't mind matching it up to my mailing address:)

jinksy said...

Do take a compass with you on your misty, foggy walk, so you will be able to find your way home to your blog!

JOY said...

Cool on the Olay products. I don't know how many times I've stood in the store reading all these products and then not trying them.

So excited about the bookplates! What a kind thoughtful idea! You will hear me whoop (all the way from Michigan) when it's in my mailbox. *laugh*

Sandra Leigh said...

A bookplate? Cool. I thought I would have to mail my copy of Tender Graces to you to have it signed.

Deborah LeBlanc's review is glowing! See? I told you! ;>)

Jessica said...

Sounds like fun stuff is happening your way! I'm getting lines by my eyes and have been wondering if that Regenerist was any good. Thanks for the tip! :-)

Small Footprints said...

Hi! You had some fabulous guest authors!! Thanks for the links and beauty tips. :)

Have a great weekend!

Small Footprints

Angie Ledbetter said...

Thanks for the linky love and I'm glad the bookplates turned out swell. :)

Hugs hugs hugs

Walker said...

Forehead butt + Pro X = greasy forehead butt :P

Lisa said...

a forehead butt?
a sign of a true auther i would imagine xx