Thursday, January 29, 2009

Work, work, now get to work, work, watch me work now...

I have been distracted the last few days, and for a bit longer I'll be distracted and busy as well. If I suddenly "disappear" just a little bit, there's good reason for it!

First, I took a few days to do some things around the little log house, for I know things are going to get crazy with the book (crazier?). We took the sofa from downstairs (it's like brand new as it's rarely used) and put it upstairs and took the one upstairs and put it downstairs - it's like having a new sofa! (I tell you, hauling a heavy-arse sofa up our stairs was no small feat - *huff puff errghhhhhh*) We bought a new chair made and sold by locals, and will get that today. I bought (ordered) a couple of new pillows and a throw from locals, and am waiting for them to arrive. So, our living room has a new look. Yay!
Then yesterday my friend (an executive chef and photographer) Christy Bishop came up to our place and snapped some "author photos" - she had a hard time getting me to stay still and to "look natural" - I detest photo-taking (as all my friends and family know - there are few pictures of me not making a face, or whatever). She finally told Good Man Roger - "give her some of that wine..." teehee...that helped...teehee. I'll see those today after she puts them on a disk.

Then! Bellebooks and I are going into the "line editing" phase of Tender Graces, so I will need to get very focused and get that done. My beautiful literary-goddess friend Mary Ann Ledbetter (yes, that name's familiar isn't it! She's Angie Gumbo Writer's sis in law!) wrote up a really intelligent, fun, beautiful intuitive Reader's Guide, and I need to look at that to get it to BB (and if you are an author who needs a Reader's Guide - she is one to think about - I am so pleased with what she did.) I have to write an acknowledgments page (eeeekk!) And, as well, I need to start thinking about the second book - which fortunately is already drafted out and has been sitting in the files just waiting - it tells the continued story of Virginia Kate.

I'm all a-dither and what all what not whatever *laugh*
Get your stories in today for the book give-a-way. You have until 8:00AM tomorrow, Friday, morning and then I will put them all up. Then, you can vote on your favorite from Friday until Monday - and Monday I'll announce the winner of BRIDA.

Okay - this must be the most boring rambling post in the history of boring rambling posts - I'll be round to visit you all today and then I'm knuckling down and getting to work!

Oh, PS -- I saw this pillow while looking for down-filled pillows online - um...LAUGHING! lawd...I don't know why it disturbed me -but ...hummmm...erk. It just seems ... wrong, somehow. There's a story here - someone tell it -- it begs to be told. The person who buys this pillow has a story!

A PEE ESS: I forgot to add: The Rose & Thorn Literary Ezine newsletter will be out in the next few days - I plan to have it ready to go by 2/1. If you haven't signed up for the R&T Newsletter, you can do so HERE. It's emailed to you, and we keep our subscriber emails safe!)

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Janna Qualman said...

Author pics, how exciting!! That pillow, on the other hand... not exciting. ;)

Anonymous said...

I actually enjoy the line editing process,in a way, although I'm always frightened I'll miss something that will then drive me nuts after it's too late.

Your re-decorating sounds great, and I, for one, am delighted you used local artisans -- fiber and otherwise!

Enjoy, and congrats on the upcoming book!

Nannette Croce said...

and Sotto Voce keeps promising to send out their edits!

Jessica said...

Congrats on the "new" living room! I love to rearrange things.
Have fun with the edits. :-)

JOY said...

Moving things around always gives us a new perspective, doesn't it? I love that kind of change.

I'm so excited for you on your new book.

You are so right! Pillow disturbia! He was half a man with no bottom who lounged in bed all day! He was a memory that wouldn't leave, his arm around my neck, his hand reaching for the hills. Fun!

I am posting my story today. It took me to that place of passion and stretch of the imagination and you got me writing (which I need to do more often). Thanks so much!!

amy said...

I didn't think this post was boring at all, Kat. I am highly excited about your upcoming book, and intensely fascinated at hearing about the processes authors go through to get their books published. I share it all with my first graders just in case they'd like to have a book published one day.

I'm trying to decide what the purpose of the arm/chest pillow is. It looks comforting, but in creepy way. Like, if you're in bed alone, it's something to snuggle up with...but then, why not just get a real person? Or a dog? Snuggling up with a half-person pillow seems like something a member of the Addams family would do. Like Wednesday--didn't she have a headless doll?

I think wine and picture taking is a fabulous idea. I know that's how my best shots are taken. :-)

L.C. Gant said...

*Can't breathe, laughing too hard* That pillow picture was the funniest thing I've seen all week (I have one silly toddler, so that's saying something)! I think I lost some calories just now.

Good luck with the editing work, and don't worry, I'm sure your picture turned out great. Now that I think about it, I bet some of my past pictures would've been better if they were wine-induced, too :-)

Walker said...

A little wine will always relax you.
Alot of wine well that pillow would have looked good around your neck.
Hmmm nd I bet that hand would rwch down far enough there a button you can press to make the hand open and close?

Angie Ledbetter said...

Isn't it exciting to be going 30 ways all at once? Mary Ann really is a genius, isn't she? Love ya/excited for you!

~Jamie said...

LOL I am like the QUEEN of distractions, it's amazing all the things that can distract you when you want them to, huh?