Monday, June 27, 2011

Random Photos, Five-Minute Fiction Guest Judge

view from porch - evening

Lake Junaluska walk about

GMR made grilled pizza -ummmmm

misty lake j
Hi Y'all! Tomorrow I will be a guest judge on Five Minute Fiction. It sounds like lots of fun. Stop on by if you like and join in or vote on the stories or read or whatever you wish! I've told Leah I'll be happy to offer one of my books (Tender Graces or Sweetie) to the winner. I know it's going to be difficult choosing and that's the part that makes me go "lawd!" But, luckily I can pick more than one and then readers get to choose the winner - so that's good! *whew* :-D

See you all Wednesday with a regular blog post. Have a wonderful day.


The Paper Whisperer said...

Can I pleeeeease find out how to make that pizza? WOWZERS!!!

Small Footprints said...

Ooooh ... that pizza looks yummy! I think it was a hubbys-cook-pizza kind of night ... that's what showed up on my table, too!

Great photos! We've had some awesome weather which just makes these beautiful mountains even more so.

Have a great time tomorrow!

Linda Hoye said...

That pizza looks delish!

Patience-please said...

Lovely view from your porch. Stunning! Happy judging to you :-)

Kerry said...

Beautiful photos! I suddenly and unexpectedly have a huge craving for grilled pizza.

Jessica Nelson said...

I've never heard of grilled pizza, but it looks cool!