Friday, January 21, 2011

The Stuff of Life: Survival by paying attention & respecting life in all its forms

I am thinking of all those Science Fiction movies where the Blob or some Alien life form hurtles to our planet and then begins to destroy it; when instead, maybe these teeny little aliens came and were no more than the building blocks of life that led to Us and every living thing. These teeny aliens created instead of destroying.

If God or not-a-god had a hand in it, maybe God or not-a-god played a bit of marbles with the tiniest of a dot of bit of seemingly nothing that Exploded outward and beyond, and as debris and objects clanged one against the other, the Earth, and more, was formed, and out of that seeming Chaos was the Grand Design that is beautiful and awesome and should be protected and cherished. Keeping the Open Mind, that either Earth and the Heavens were formed by God the Great Scientist or Not-a-god-but-Science-Chaos Only—makes no matter to me for these purposes right here now, for I am here, typing this to You. I exist. I am a ball of energy – a scientific wonder, connected to You.

Who made me isn’t as important as, Will I Survive? Who made the earth isn’t as important as, Will Earth Survive Intact? But, then again, who made this, or what made this, or how it was made could be very important to survival, for all I know—since we could be going round and round and round back to our beginnings and then around again. If all of this is by Design, then what has the Design in mind for Earth and its inhabitants? Or, if Earth was formed out of some chaotic chance that became design, then what has Chaos of the Universe in store for us? For surely we must pay attention. And surely we must feel a sense of gratitude, yes, but also we must feel responsbility for our very existence now and into the future. Earth will find a way; humans must find respect for the earth and for themselves as a whole -- wonderful beautiful biological machines, and that responsbility should extend to other life and species upon this beautiful wild planet.

Think of this: we all come from the same thing; we are the same thing. We all were formed from the same Stuff of Life, and this is forgotten as we celebrate our differences. Well, differences are good; differences are what make the world interesting. The differences come not exactly organically, but through our thoughts and how and where we were raised, or what species we are. It is how we decide to react to those “differences” that will decide our future, perhaps? All I know is I am grateful to whomever or whatever or however our Earth became into being, and allowed for such wondrous beauty and ideals and the kaleidoscope that makes up Earth and its inhabitants.

Now, go outside and find something beautiful and then tell me about it.


rosaria said...

I've awaken to shining lights on the ocean, looking like suns sunsetting. They are crab boats, working all night, pulling up crab cages from the sandy bottom, emptying them and re-depositing them back into the sand for another round of catch.

Man and nature, supporting each other's lives.
Work both beautiful and cruel.
Life and death on the same plank.

Thanks for this wonderous post, K.

Marguerite said...

I took a walk along the Vermilion Bayou today, behind my Dad's house, and the sun was shining down on the bayou and it was so beautiful. And also the 20 Camellia bushes in full bloom and the orange trees, full of fruit, in the yard of my childhood home.

Kerry said...

Wow. OK. I will. This is easy. There is so much out there, every little raindrop or snowflake is a spectacle of its own.

I like your photos.

Kathryn1000 said...

Smiling as I read your lines
On my face soft sun shines.
Far too fast the day runs on.
Till my freedom is far gone.
Like my dreams at six am
where have all those images gone?

Walker said...

Differences are the spice of life.
How we became into being isn't important as much as what we do with what we have been gifted.
It is a gift because we didn’t ask for it.
I don’t care if it was divine intervention or E.T. knocking up a chimp in a banana tree I just think to many people spend so much time trying to sort out our differences that they have forgotten that you repay a kindness, with kindness.
Respect is the key to unlock the door to the future but to many believe it’s easier to kick the door in.
Who or whatever the creator is, they only made the clay.
We molded who and what we are.
That’s the bad new.
The good news is that the clay is still it’s still pliable and could still be shaped into something else.

Hmmmm, well, there’s a hooker on the corner but I wouldn’t call her beautiful.
It’s freaking cold and her skinny ass legs are rattling like an epileptic skeleton in leather bag.
OH wait, no
I thought some guy was helping an old lady across the street but she started whacking him with her cane.
Oh man
Huh, hold on
Now that’s that a beautiful sight.
She took his ipod and is limping off.
It’s ok, it’s her grandson……I think

Vicki Lane said...

...the forsythia -- dead-looking brown sticks when I cut them a few days ago -- now covered with golden bells and brightening my dining table.

Lovely, thoughtful post, Kat!

Doreen said...

very insightful post. well, today I finally got out of the house after two days in with two Grand kiddos. watching them as everyone else in their family is sick with the flu. bitterly cold out today. minus 10 below this morning. but sunny all day. with the snow so beautiful. getting out and about and driving around was heaven!! had to wear my sunglasses.

Anonymous said...

This is exactly what I used to be trying to find! Thank you!

Sandra Leigh said...

Me, I'm still basking in the beauty I saw a few weeks ago when I watched my brand-new grandson and his parents get to know each other. Seeing them reminded me of my wonder at the sight, the sound, the touch, the smell of my own new babies; of being able to watch them for hours, entranced. All these years later, I can still feel that joy, and it warms my heart to see it in the faces of people I love.

I chose a great day to sneak back in for a peek at your blog, Kat. Sorry to be absent for so long. It's time to catch up now!

Gaston Studio said...

Evocative post Kat!

Thank God or whom/whatever for the differences in us all.