Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Random Video (poor lonely author in a bookstore)/Random Links (R&T blog)/Randon Photos(crows)

It's raining raining raining - but, at least it's not snowing and arse-biting cold (yet?). So, Wednesdays and time for random photos/vids/links:

I've become facinated by crows - it's Virginia Kate's fault, she drew my attention to them. Yesterday, the crows were active and loud at Lake Junaluska - and some of them were chasing off the ducks, cawing loudly at them, running at them, and then fluffing out their wings and feathers when they "won." Sometimes they'll almost seem as if they are posing for me, turning to the camera, staying put even when I come closer. I need to sort through the photos I've been taking, but these were first, so I just grabbed them.

skating on ice

awww best buds or honeys

Two videos for you: One was taped when I was bored during an electrical outage- tee-hee (you can hear the rain and the creek sounds in background). The other made me laugh - when you get to the part where he says someone stood talking to him and asking him questions or whatever but didn't by his book and instead bought John Grisham's book; folks, this happens! *laughing*

And for our link today:

Rose & Thorn Blog, where R&T staffer, and our own blog friend, Janna Qualman has a post up: Quiet Enjoy!

And, GMR bought me an early birthday present (my birthday isn't until next month)- A Telescope! I am so excited! I can't wait for a clear night to use my Celestron Telecope. Ohhhh! Maybe Neil deGrasse Tyson will come over now . . . huh? You think? Maybe?


Catherine West said...

I hate crows!! They're big and ugly and loud. And I suppose watching The Birds didn't help make them endearing to anybody. Seagulls are my second least favorite bird for pretty much the same reasons. And what's with naming bands after birds??!

Jinksy said...

Rain and creek sounds - hmmm - not sure who's the daftest, you for recording them, or me for listening, but the fruit in he bowl was a little bit of beauty! LOL

Susan R. Mills said...

Great pics, but the videos wouldn't load for me. Have fun with your telescope. It's been a long time since I looked through one of those.

rosaria said...

Crows? Ouch! They bring up all kinds of portents.

Kathryn Magendie said...

VK says: "Outside the window, I heard a crow call and thought of how sleek they looked as if dipped in oil, how cunning their shiny black eyes were, how loud they cawed, how they were used in stories and movies to mean something evil or scary, but I thought they were beautiful."

Then later, before she's to marry Dylan, a crow comes round . . . :-D

*waving at y'all*

Terri Tiffany said...

A telescope sounds wonderful! I think from your mountain you should see some awesome sights!

Small Footprints said...

Lovely photos!

We were at Biltmore Estate the other day and the pond is frozen over ... it's lovely!

Snowing in Asheville so I'm betting, at this point, your rain has turned to snow. Schools out early ... big storm on the way! Brrr!

Ohhhh ... a telescope ... lucky you! That GMR must adore you! :-) Are you telling us which day your birthday falls on?

Take Care!

Diane said...

That tadaa video had me nervous until the very end. I was waiting for something to jump out at me the whole time.... :O)

Karen said...

The ice skating crow is great! Your orange on a plate made me smile and shake my head. You are too funny!!

Carolyn V. said...

Wow! Is that really a crow skating on the ice? hee hee. So cool.
Love the photos and the sounds of rain (although, a little scary with the lights out).

michiko said...

Woohoo! Lovely to look at the crows that she really enjoyed skating on the ice:-)
Telescope is a good idea to have one though you can spend time for watchs out side movement maybe a big bears?

Deb Shucka said...

Crows are among my favorite birds. These are great pics. So cool that you got a telescope. I might just be the teeniest bit envious. :-)