Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Book Release Party! WHOOP WHOOP!

It's a Book Release Party! whoop whoop!

I have been walking/posting/sitting/sleeping/eating/dreaming about T-Rex's chasing me/et cetera as if everything is as normal as normal can be.

Then . . . it struck me:


Have I already become so jaded that I can't see an opportunity to celebrate? What is WRONG with me *laughing!* I need to be jumping up and down and yelling YEEEEHAWW!

So, everyone - today I am CELEBRATING THE RELEASE OF SECRET GRACES! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY - I hope you'll celebrate with my by leaving me a nice encouraging happy note in the comments - *smiling*

Some of you have already emailed me to say you've ordered SG from Amazon or straight from Bellebooks and have asked your bookstore to order copy(ies) --THANK YOU! If SG isn't in your library or bookstore (yet), please ask them to order it. Sometimes that's what it takes to get it there.

I will be in South Louisiana at the Jubilee Writer's Conference this weekend - signing copies of Tender Graces -- I don't think the bookstore had time to get Secret Graces there. Then when I return, a few days later I'll have my first SG booksigning at Blue Ridge Books Osondu - if you are in the WNC area, please come say hello!

Part of this celebration is to announce the top winner of the promo contest Angie Ledbetter began. As I told you all in an earlier post, her mother has brain cancer and lately has been really not doing well at all, and then her good friend was diagnosed with cancer. Angie simply had to abandon her blog and twitter to take care of what's important. So, the contest slipped behind the scenes, of course!

BUT! From the promo ideas that I was able to accomplish, the most successful one was:

Titus's "Naked Reading" - or as I call it "Nekkid Reading" Titus will receive a signed copy of Secret Graces, plus a "basket" from me of things from and of my mountain. CONGRATS TITUS! What makes this so funny is Titus didn't think I'd do it, she just sort of tossed that suggestion out there...*laugh*


There were other fun and good ideas, and what I have decided is, since I can't figure out which to choose as the two "runners up" (the contest ended April 1), I am going to put the other names in a hat and when I see Angie Gumbo Writer this weekend, I will have her draw the two names to receive copies of signed Secret Graces. So, I will have those two winners announced when I return from the writer's conference in South Louisiana.

When I receive my own copies of Secret Graces, it will seem even more real! But, yes, this is happening. I have two books out now! Why haven't I been Hooping and Hollering!

Until I receive my copies of SG, I will remain on terrifed pins and needles - you all know how I obsssesseessessss about glitches and typos and errors OH MY! *laughing*

SO!! My question to you all is this: WHAT SHOULD I DO TODAY TO CELEBRATE?


Michelle H. said...

I would say scream out from your mountaintop in happiness, but I have the feeling you've done that already :-)

Congrats for the release!!! Many happy huggers!!!

ficwriter said...

Happy, happy, joy, joy. I pre-ordered, so it should be here any day, right? I hope so.

What you should do today is whatever you want to do. Eat what you want, stay in your pajamas if you want, go out to eat in you pajamas if you want. Have fun!

Walker said...

"I have been walking/posting/sitting/sleeping/eating/dreaming about T-Rex's chasing me/et cetera as if everything is as normal as normal can be".

But have you been regular?
Constapation only makes you cranky you know and we don't want you cra.... hold on here

OHHHHHHHH it says Naked reading

wait wait wait.........ok I'm nakked to now.
Well hell if you can read that way the least we can do is listen the same way

Damn cat...

Hey Roger throw an apple over her head and yell "catch this".

Damn cat...

The Unbreakable Child said...

C'mon down off that ceiling and go celebrate with a mani and pedi!!

Congrats, Kat, WHOOP--WHOOping it up with you soon,

Analisa said...

YEAH!!!!! I am so glad the book is out. Congrats Kat!!!

Analisa said...

Oh my goodness what to do to celebrate ummm paper yourself with a professional massage. I love those and then your favorite meal!!!!

Food is my favorite way to celebrate!

Karen said...

Hummm, after the yelling and dancing around the house and all the way outside, you could have your hubbie take you out to eat-I mean really splurge and then a movie. Go home and dance some more. (Sure hope Angie is okay. That's hard.)


Eryl Shields said...

Congratulations Kat. A second novel published, wow! The video's great.

What feels celebratory to you? If it were me I'd want to put on my favourite dress and go out dancing with my best friend.

Whatever you do I hope you have the best time, X

25BAR said...

Congratulations! I'm very happy for you!

Waterfall said...

Congratulations! We hope to make it to the Blue Ridge Osondu signing so we can congratulate you in person (and get a signed copy or two)!

Kathryn Magendie said...

Hi Y'all! Pass the drinks and the crudites and the sweets and WHEEHAW! *laugh*

GMR prepared pasta with vodka sauce- he didn't tell me it was vodka sauce and I guessed - hmm, makes me wonder- do I know my Ketel one or was it just a good guess *laugh*

I'm going to give myself a pedicure and GMR has said he'll paint my toenails *HAW* I know how to LIVE and PARTY don't I? *laughing*

I think I will get into the "stash" of chocolate and have a treat - already had the pasta, why not carry it all the way to the carb and sugar and fat goal-line - whoop whoop!

Seriously, though, thank you all for your support - *HUG HUG and MUWAH*

Titus said...

Yeehaw AND Hot Dang!
I cannot believe I'm going to become the owner of the hottest book on the internet; mind you, I'm still finding it hard to believe you did the naked reading in the first place, even though the magnificent video evidence is right before my very eyes!

I'm delighted and excited and very, very grateful, especially as Angie Gumbo Writer is having such a tough time at the moment - remarkable that in addition to everything else either of you had time for this.

Love to to both, so looking forward to the book and once again, my thanks.

Only one thing to do to celebrate properly. Big cake and Champagne.
Forget waistline and hangovers: today is Your Day!

P.S. I am now copyrighting my naked reading idea, in the hope that many more of my favourite authors will purchase it and pursue!

t i m said...

Woo-hoo, many congrats!, I’ll go check at my bookstore after work on Wednesday to see if they have it in store.

If not I'll demand one pronto or... in the end I’ll just order my copy online with Amazon like I did TG last time. ;)

Is there an audio book to complement SG or... a Nekkid audio book, now’s there’s a thought. :P

¬ I wasn’t aware about the sad news concerning Angie. I can only hope & pray for the best at this difficult time.

Marguerite said...

Woo hoo, let the good times roll, cher! Celebrate with champagne, South La. cookin', and maybe a week on a sunny island! In between book signings, that is!!! Congrats, mon amie, can't wait to read it!

Barry said...

I'm off to place my order. I wish I was down there celebrating with you!


Deb Shucka said...

Oh, Kat, I'm so happy for you, proud of you, and inspired by you! This is an amazing day - I remember when TG first came out, so I'm honored to be sharing this journey with you. I hope however you celebrate it's enough to hold you through the more challenging days ahead. I'm off to order SG now. Hooray!

Vodka Mom said...


My advice?

take a nap.

Diane said...

Congrats and super exciting! :O)


Glynis said...

*POP* Celebrating with you Kathryn. Off to order my copy now.