Friday, April 2, 2010

Kat Before and After . . . Author Photo Angst

Why lookee there -it's an April Fool! (well, one day late that is *laugh*)

Since it's the Easter holiday weekend, I'll keep things light and get back to my thread I was writing from the other day next week - although part of next week I'll be on my way to South Louisiana for a conference (see below post!), where I am going to hug Angie Gumbo Writer with a big ole Hug!

So, my friends, let me ask you: Can you be a little bit envious of your own touched up photo? *laughing*

It wasn't until I put me and not-exactly-me side by side that I had a laugh at my own expense. It's almost depressing, except I can't find it in my heart to be depressed about it, but instead only amused!

From smooth and polished and almost sorta kinda cute-ish, to craggly and draggy and tired and not at all cute-ish *snork* Even my clothes are neater and smoother in the first one, and my hair is neater, too! Dang! I look as if I've been ironed.

Now, one could ask: Was this before and after a facelift and botox?

Is this top one a much younger cousin thrice removed?

Why, of course not! Those photos up there are the before and after the publisher's book jacket author photo artist became a little carried away with his smoothing and dewrinkling and de-faulting doodleedoo tool. The one top left is the official "Author Photo" that is on the back cover of TG and maybe SG and is one that is really not me but more of a posed airbrushed sort of serious ironed kind of "me."

There are many things writers do not have a say with their books: book covers, titles, and yes sometimes author photos. But as for my author photo, I think I will try to talk them into something else than the above posed airbrushed photo for SWEETIE in the fall. Something where when I walk into a room, people won't look at the jacket photo, look at me, at the photo, me, and then say, "What happened to you? This book biz messed you UP!" Laughing... A photo that says who I am: Mountain Kat, warts and wrinkles and exhaustion and all. Yeah!

Everyone - Have a wonderful Easter Holiday - I'll see you all on Monday. Eat a peep or some chocolate.

My questions to you is: What is your Favorite Easter candy? And, what do you eat for traditional Easter supper? Since I don't eat pork or lamb (and really don't eat much meat at all), we're doing seafood.

[PS- The Writer's Show radio program will be Sunday at 1:00 - I know that turns out to be Easter Sunday, but if you are near your computer and feel like it, you can listen. Otherwise, it should be available after that as well! ta ta y'all!]


Glynis said...

OMG, if they can do that for me, it will be worth getting the book published! *Laugh*

Easter food: Friday = Fish
Saturday = Salad and chocolate ;0
Sunday = Chicken, seasonal veg and oregano potatoes
Oh, and chocolate ;0
Monday = unknown BBQ food at friends for a chocolate egg hunt + wine :)))

Have fun and Khalo Pashka apo Kyprios...(Good Easter from Cyprus).
PS: The Cypriots do not do Chocolate, they end the Lenten fast with meat, more meat and a special cheese.

Susan R. Mills said...

I wish someone would do that to a picture of me! Anyway, my favorite Easter candy is Jelly Beans of course. Happy Easter!

Suldog said...

That's quite illuminating, Kat. I had no idea they did that much work on author photos.

(For what it's worth, I think you look swell in the 'real' one, too. The top photo is just a bit too perfect, like some sort of corporate icon; Betty Crocker or something.)

My favorite Easter Candy is sort of a weird one. There are these egg-shaped things, chewy sort of marshmallow on the inside, semi-hard colored-and-flavored shell on the outside. I don't rightly know what they're called, but I love them. Unfortunately, with my dental situation, I don't think I could do them justice this year.

Give Angie a big ol' hug for me, will you? Seriously.

t i m said...

i'm naturally photogenic... from left side ;)

i don't think we've a traditional easter supper in our fam, so i'll eat whatever is on the table, i'm unpicky...ish that way

happy easter :D

Rick said...

You look great in both pictures, Kathryn, but my favorite is the one at the bottom of the post!

Titus said...

Aw, I was going to say exactly what Rick has! That's the one to go for.

Traditional Easter Monday fare in my family was always a whole fresh salmon. With Jersey new potatoes and peas. I keep up the tradition.

I don't like chocolate much! Marzipan balls on the Simnel Cake for me.

Barry said...

I definitely think your photo has a lot more pizazz.

I'd stand in line to buy a book from that woman!

Deb Shucka said...

I definitely vote for the picture at the bottom of the post. Give Angie a hug for me - I hope your time there is terrific. Good luck with your radio show - not that you need luck. :-)

Eryl Shields said...

Why do publishers do that, I wonder, do paper smooth authors sell more books?
We don't have a traditional Easter supper, I still haven't thought about what I'll cook. My favourite Easter candy is L'Artisan du Chocolat's salted caramels, though available all year round at Easter you can get them with coloured shells in a chocolate egg.

Doreen said...

the photo at the bottom is a winner here too! shows your fun wacky side.

chocolate for me, white chocolate.

Terri Tiffany said...

I want them to do that to me!! WOW! We usually eat ham but since hubby had a golf tee time, we just ate sandwhiches and now I'm snacking:)) Love marshmellow bunnies too much!