Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A strange morning, all in all .. .

It was the strangest of mornings. What kind of alternative universe was this? Somehow familiar, yet weird.

I sat upon my couch, coffee cup in hand, and GMR sat upon his chair -- and we actually -- we actually - Talked . . . IN THE MORNING! Or, he talked while I sat there glazed-eyed and slack-jawed. He talked about the Thanksgiving menu and something else that is a blur.

I thought back to mornings, long back, months back, years back - - before twitter, before facebook, before blogs - before I was on email for longer than a few minutes a day. Long back I thought to the day I used to sit and drink my coffee without staring at a screen, and/or keys tapping under my fingers.

Oh how strange it was. But, a bit pleasant all the same.

How long has it been since you've not gone straight to your computer in the mornings, or perhaps that is what you do now? How long since one of the first things you thought of was turning on your computer and checking mail, blog(s), twitter, facebook--any or all combinations of those and/or any other networking sites? How long since you had a cup of coffee while talking to someone, or just sitting there, in the still and quiet, coffee or tea or juice or breakfast in hand and actually looked someone in the face as they talk to you (or tried to focus on their face if it was before you finished your first cup).

Here's the weird thing--when GMR first began talking as I held that first cup, I couldn't concentrate on him and didn't actually realize he was a human being talking to me . . . it was a bit surreal and dream-like. It felt so alien, I had to actually FOCUS my attention on him, turn my head, turn on my brain, awaken that part of me that usually is focused on my computer screen. Yes. So true. So sad really. A bit funny, too.

What about you and your family routine? Or if you live alone? Do you run to your computer first thing?

I am right now typing away on GMR's desktop. My laptop is in surgery - laid open with its guts hanging out. The Dell guy couldn't finish its surgery (he called my laptop "she" -teehee) so he will have to return with the other required part(s) later. So, last night, I did not use my computer! and this morning I held off using it because this desktop is older and doesn't have the memory and other doodly doo my laptop has. And so, there was a morning of coffee, and couch, and GMR, and . . . twas strange, but kind of nice, but kind of weird, and then there was that surreal feeling . . . huhn . . . which life is real? The Real One or the Other Real One.

Oh, but I know exactly what will happen. When my laptop is repaired, when its new brain is in and other whatevers, I'll be running back to it just as before . . . oh yes I will, won't I?
Now, on to my morning - which involves my mouth. I have a dental appoitment. And I've asked him if he can not deaden me, if we can try to do the dental work without the deadening in my gums. Oh we will see. For, I hate that deadening worse than I hate discomfort. I suppose if it's really horrid, if it's really painful, I can always chicken out and be numbed. But, maybe it won't be so bad, and I can leave the dentist's office without that drooling numbness...yeah. I'll let you all know.

What a strange morning this will be all in all . . .

google image of horse'smouth :
This photo I took from the Parkway - it just makes me laugh.


Brian, the old man said...

I know exactly what you mean. I am going away for 4 days this weekend and I won't have internet at my daughters and I'm thinking of all the things I am not going to be able to do on the net and what I will do for 4 days. Watch TV? I doubt it. I'm not much of a boob tube person, maybe a movie or two. I guess we will be talking, I hope my throat can handle all of the activity. LOL

Angie Ledbetter said...

Same wavelength again! :) I unplugged a lot the last two days, had kids/friends/girlfriend's mother over for supper, and then took a friend out for her birthday long overdue last night. It is all strange, isn't it?

I do come straight to my puter with my King Rufus usually sleeps about 5 hours longer than me, or is on the road working, or at the deer camp. Whatever would we talk about? LOL

Hugs and love you. PS A'OL is being an A'OL again and won't send out mail right now. Got 3 emails to you sitting in the "Waiting to be Sent" file. *grrrr*

Jennifer @ Conversion Diary said...

Wow, this is a great point. I recently did a week-long fast from my computer and it was really powerful. I also experienced that peace that comes with not rushing over to my computer first thing in the morning. Great points.

NCmountainwoman said...

I'm never sufficiently awake to hit the computer first thing. I cradle my coffee and watch the birds, pet the dogs, and slowly come to life.

Deb Shucka said...

I make myself wait until Walt leaves for work before I even come into this room. Does it count that I think about what's waiting for me here from the time I get up until he does leave? :-)

Titus said...

I have the internet on all day when I'm working from home, and just drop in and out as and when.
Do I miss it when away - yes, I think I do. And I do surf in the evening, but normally just read out the stuff to my nearby husband.

But luckily I have the permanent distraction of 6-old twins, so it's never going to be my morning's priority!

Jessica said...

LOL! My hubby wishes I would talk in the morning, but I'm too grumpy. Like my coffee first. Hehee.
Did you know I gave you an award? Just wanted to make sure. :-)

Cute story. I hope you have more sweet moments like that.

kanishk said...

I do come straight to my puter with my coffee.

Work From Home India

~JarieLyn~ said...

Ditto what Deb said.

Char said...

Sometimes I feel so guilty because of all the time I spend on my pc. I have now begun to....well...lie about it. If its early morning and I'm on (always) and someone calls and asks what I'm doing, I say "oh I'm reading". I say it like I am reading the encyclopedia -- not blogs. That's not really lying, is it?

Sheila Deeth said...

My mornings start with waking the family, then taking son to the station. I feel guilty on the rare occasions that I wake the computer before everyone's gone out.

Karen said...

Picture is crazy. There is actually a street like that? I wake to devo reading and coffee and feeding my hubbie and dog, then rush to the computer sometimes, before I have to go to work.

Marguerite said...

I have my first cup of Community coffee in bed, because without it, I can't read or even think! lol I usually use this time to pray and meditate, Then, I'm ready for my second cup of coffee and maybe I'll read the paper or a chapter in a good book that I'm reading. Then, I'm ready for the internet, and can read blogs, but can't comment yet. That requires a third cup and maybe some breakfast! You get the idea, cher? And as for the dentist, afternoons only, and give me as many needles as it takes, as long as I don't feel anything!

Michelle said...

I was trying to figure how I could take mine away with me.....maybe I just wont.

Although I may well only have me to talk to, I can be good company when I remember how :)


Linda Leschak said...

I'm just amazed that some of you have husbands who actually want to talk! There was a joke in the New Yorker once that showed a woman in a sports car pulled up to the curb while men in suits strolled the sidewalk like hookers. One of them was leaning up against her car saying "I'll talk to you baby, I'll talk to you all night long."

That's a tad "off topic" but I just had to share.

I spend entirely too much time doing this. This being what I'm doing right now, reading blogs, news, e-mail, whatever. I tell myself every morning, "don't go there, Linda, don't go there. You know it'll be hours before you emerge." But the damn thing sucks me toward it and before I know it, I'm sitting here, doing this. Again.

Debbie said...

It's a constant back and forth battle for us. We realize we are all on the computers too much and I issue a new "mandate" that we have to be off of them at certain times. Then slowly but surely, we creep back on. I'm going to keep fighting the good fight.

Judith Mercado said...

I honest to God was thinking of this post of yours when I decided to review a children's book Humberto the Bookworm Hamster, which I posted today. This new phenomenon [blog, that is] has taken over my life, and it has taken something like your comments and that book for kids to get me to screw my head on straight. In case you want to read it, here's the link: