Monday, June 15, 2009

All around me are familiar spaces....familiar faces, going all-where going all-whheerree

When our tea was emptied, the cookies nothing but crumbs on our laps, and Sophia Loren snored on a patch of clover, Miss Darla finally turned to me and said, “A frog jumped through my back door this morning. A dragonfly landed on my head. I heard three crow caws. All that happened at the same time.” She looked at me.

“What does it mean, Miss Darla?”
She turned and looked out at her garden, where things grew that didn’t even have names. She said, “It means sometimes life will just have its way, Girl. Sometimes it just does.” VK Book 2

I went a-visiting yesterday and so enjoyed seeing all of your "faces and places" - if you didn't see me, it is only because of a glitch. One blog I visited knocked me clean out of everything and I had to re log on and everything. And another one did that weird thing, again, where the blog keeps reproducing itself over and over and I had to completely shut down my computer to stop it! Who knows why that happens sometimes with some blogs on some days and not others!
I thought of you all the other day: guess what? I'm not obssessing about going to Amazon and seeing Tender Graces stats anymore! yay! I sometimes go by to see if anyone has written a review, but I finally do not pay attention to the rating number. I figured out how fickle those numbers can be. One can be at one end and then the other within a day. It's nice to "let go."
Looking around at the "nest" I've made around me where I do most of my writing, I wondered about your spaces - your writing space, or reading space, or painting space, or that space you go to when you want a quiet moment. What is your space? What surrounds you? Do you have a favorite chair? Do you have a ritual? A cup of tea or coffee beside you? I want to see it.
Now, go do the day . . . Namaste.


Debbie said...

I have a chair that is so nice and old - the seat cushion perfectly matches my backside:) Sadly, they are both showing signs of old age.

Angie Ledbetter said...

That Miss Darla is a sage! Loved this little peek.

The same thing happens to me sometimes with the blogs opening and multiplying over and over, and it makes me crazy! What IS that?

My office is a messy crazy place, but my ritual always includes coffee and blog hopping a bit for inspiration. You know where my preferred writing spot is...about an hour away right near a lake. :)

Hit 40 said...

You have published a book!! OUTSTANDING

If I lived closer, I would pop by for a visit.

My favorite spot is an old leather chair to snuggle up and read under a blanket.

Patty said...

I love that flower photo! I almost broke my nose trying to smell it.

My space? Cameras, camera parts, notes, more notes, notes that should have been thrown away weeks ago, assignment sheets, 2 months of tear sheets that need to be cut out, lots of computer wires creeping closer to me each time I sit down, business cards from people I don't even know, CDs that I have promised to deliver to people, and an assortment of cat hairs and dust bunnies.

And way across the room, in a studio that I share with my husband, is a nice clean art area. He is so neat, even when painting.

Willow would just die if she saw my work area.

Michelle said...

I have a space...but its too cold down there right now, so It sit in the middle of it all, by the fire and just do whatever....I like it like that :)


Missy said...

We have a small office in the house. The desktop computer is in favorite thing to do is get up early on Saturday and Sunday mornings, get a big cup of coffee, and read blogs. :) Usually one or more of my pets are in there with me, curled up on the chair snoozing. If hubby grumbles too much about me being holed up in there too long, I get out my laptop and spend some time with him in the livingroom. :)

Glynis said...

I have a space, with a desk that is untidy,I look out onto the vineyards. When it is hot, I sit under the shade in the garden looking towards the mountains, with pen and paper.